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Vol. 22, No 7.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 11 de marzo, 1969

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  • Student Leaders Rebuild
  • Play Opens On March 17
  • 43 To Receive Diplomas
  • Washboards Will Wail
  • Student Art Show Now at Institute

Pies de foto

  • LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA-Perfecting a scene from South Pacific are, left to right,. Ann Thomson, Nick Dodd, Dan Dockstader, Martha solder. Nisa Leydecker and Jorge Rodríguez. Photo by Don Harrigan.
  • PICKING A WINNER-Judges for the art show from left to right are Professors Fernando Belain, Merle Watcher, Marcella Slezack, Howard Crist, Mario Pérez and Toby Joysmith. Photo by Marilú Peace.
  • FUNKY FOLKS-Imperial Washboard Band members rehearse "Aztec Two-Step" a moving folk-spiritual. From left to right: Jim Day, home-made gut-bucket: Nancy Leichsenring, rhythm guitar: Jerry Nagle, freshlycaught leopard washboard: Dick Brune, banjo, and Paul Tierney, lead guitar. Photo by Don Harrigan.

Página 2

  • Are We 'Hasped Shut to Thought'?
  • LSD, Is Man Ready?
  • Into the Time Machine By Dede Fox

Pies de foto

  • UNCONVENTIONAL COLOR-This painting done in1959 by Frances Brand, former UA student, is in the style of the Fauves school. The Fauves school of art prevalent just prior to the cubist movement emphasized the use of bright colors and the elimination of blacks, browns or greys. Although a portrait, the emphasis in this painting is on color as subject matter.

Página 3

  • UA yearbook
  • Sales Begin
  • 'Pirate' Recalls Adventure By Jeff Curtis
  • Coed Escapes Reds, Now Studies at UA By Diane Root
  • Prexy Attends U.S. Metings
  • 'POT Tree' Says it All By Melinda Miles
  • To Offer New Anthro Course
  • School Seeks U.S. Character.
  • General Speaks To Rotarians

Pies de foto

  • RAW COURAGE- Brunhilde Adam escaped from East Germany, came to the U.S. and since has travelled extensively in Mexico, south Amercia and Western Europe. Photo by Marilú Peace
  • THE PIRATE- Phil Morgan has lunch, prepared in the galley of his uncle´s "borrowed" yacht somewhere in the Caribbean.
  • DELTA SIG QUEEN- Patricia Santibañes, UA coed from Lima,
    Peru, was named "Rose Queen" at the Delta Sigma Pi formal March 8.
  • THINKING-Student artist Micheljohn Horne sits by his "Tree of Thought," a wrought-iron composite of conflicting philosophies, ideologies and religions. Photo by Marilú Peace

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Pies de foto

  • FLAPPING THEIR WINGS- Matt Toth, team captain, holds his arms out for balance as he lands on the court afterr tossing two. Moving Matt proved himself an agile Ballbouncer throughout the season.
  • HOYLE HITS-Tom (the Bomb) Hoyle zeroes in on the basket and rifles a shot through the woven strings. Hoyle was the hallowed hero of the Vols throughout the entire season.
  • PAUSING FOR PLEASURE-Fred (the Rabbit) Hare, hardy hero of the Vols, throws a fake against a baffled oponent. Rabbit returned recently and spiced up the performance of the seasoned Vols.
  • Matt Toth, 6-3 forward, streaks down the court leaving his foes far behind. Toth ran the sneakers off his opponents with an amazing show of speed and style.
  • LUCKY ELEVEN- Tom Hoyle, 6-5 center of the Vols, releases for two during a recent game against Poli. Hoyle averaged better than 20 points per game during the regular season.
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