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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 22, No 8.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 22 de abril, 1969

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  • New Campus To Have Coliseum
  • Seating Capacity Estilllated at 5000
  • UA Talent Acclaimed In Exhibit
  • Grad Students Leading Prep Schools
  • Anthro Majors Host Meetings
  • US. Senator Lauds University Goals
  • Administration At Convention

Pies de foto

  • Construction at UA´s new campus near Cholula is rapidly going ahead. What was once an empty space in the Valley of Puebla is turning into a university city. In the photograph a Mexican labor crew is shown working on the new arts and science building. The campus, which will cost eight million dollars, is scheduled for completion in April, 1970. Photo by Roy Grimse.
  • SENATOR IN THE HOUSE- Senator Thomas Dodd, far right, bids farewell to dr. Otto Nielsen, UA executive vice president, as Mrs. Dodd and the Dodds' son, Nick, look on. Photo by John O´Leary
  • CAMPAIGN STRATEGY- Ron Hall, at the left, and Gerry Grieg discuss plans for a recruiting trip to the United States. Photo by John O´Leary

Página 2

  • What Do Hippies Do If The Money Stops?
  • Psychedelic Drugs Open to Controversy
  • What's UA's Allure? By Dede Fox
  • Camera Neophytes Shoot Films

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  • LOOKING FOR AN OSCAR- Sam Mills mans the camera as Waconda Clayworth directs takes of a movie being filmed by the cinema workshop. Photo by John O´Leary
  • Stimson
  • Morayta
  • Chadwick

Página 3

  • Enrollment Up Over Spring '68
  • Robins Brings His Experience To Bear in Helping Writers By Don Bloom
  • UA Europe Tour
  • Ecumenical Center To Host Relaxation Sing-out Friday
  • Flamenco Connoisseur Believes Factory-made Guitars Inferior By Bob Allen
  • UA Housing Director Clarifies Regulations By Dede Fox
  • News Briefs

Pies de foto

  • HOPEFULL HELPER- Proffesor Edumnd Robins, chairman of creative writing, brings his diverse experiences in to help would-be writers learn techniques and expand their reading incisiveness. Photo by Don Harrigan.
  • MUSICIAN- Flamenco artist and guitar builder Dick Brune tries out one of his own instruments in his apartment near the university. Photo by Don Harrigan.
  • HOUSING NEEDS-Mrs. Yolanda Garcia, UA housing director, works at her job of getting places to live for university students. Photo by Marilú Peace.

Página 4

  • UA Sports Editor Competes In Acapulco Yachting Race
  • Volunteers Extinguish Leon Geras
  • UA Alpine Club Conquers Ixta
  • Film Schedule Announced

Pies de foto

  • SLACKING OFF THE SHEET-Bob Kemp, captain of spindrift III, checks the spinnaker sail for any signs of a luff. Sitting at the helm is Jon Schmuecker, sports editor of the UA Collegian.
  • OLD FRIENDS- During General Dwight D Eisenhower's visit to Mexico in August ., 1946, the Mexican Federal Government appointed Carlos R. Berzunza, then a Lt. Commander, as his naval aid. Berzunza (standing), an associate professor of geography at UA, is now a secretary of the Mexican Navy.
  • GETTING READY-Four members of the Alpine Club emerge from the third "refugio" after a brief rest on their way to the summit og ixtaccihuatl. The group includes from left to right, Steve Smith, bob Betts, Dominic Brucci and barbara Manz.
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