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Vol. 22, No 6.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 25 de febrero, 1969

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  • Dr. Greenleaf Resigns From University
  • Oaxaca Bulletin Presents New Facts on Old Tombs
  • Officers Face Problems
  • Cultural Group Invites Speakers
  • UAers Attend Local Carnival
  • Psych Students Hear Samuels

Pies de foto

  • OPERATIONS DISRUPTED-SAUA officers, left to right, Laurence Hool, vice president: Jerry Tennison, president; Raul Botifoll and Patty Barker are in the process of writing a constitution to be ratified by the administratio. Photo by Marilú Peace
  • UA ROCKETTES- Going through their paces for the University drama department´s production of the musical South Pacific, to be presented later this quarter, are UA coeds led by Mrs. Peggy Chilton. Left to rght are Mrs. Chilton, director: and dancers Martha Soler, Sylvia Wagers, Sue Herrah, Paulette Litz and Joan Rochford. Photo by Don Harrigan.

Página 2

  • Time To Rebuild
  • Individuals Key To Assembly's Success by Nancy Gurrola
  • Drop Out and Save
  • Wants Action, Not Talk
  • Students Cross Lengua Barrier

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  • Anthro Students Aid New Venture
  • Talent Scout At University
  • New Club Forms, Officers Chosen
  • Carnie Life Gives Kicks to UA Coed By Henry Kingswell
  • Traveler Pauses to Study
  • Students Plan Publication
  • Delta Sigma Pi Plans Formal

Pies de foto

  • ALAS, POOR YORICK- Expresing their concern are the new officers of the anthropology club. From left to right are Helmut Punl, Peggy McGinnis and Denis McAuliffe. Photo by Don Harrigan
  • COURTS DANGER-Carrie Nation Mallalieu, UA senior, has been a barker on the carnival circuit, peddled Good Humor ice cream, hitch-hiked across Europe, acted in the movies, and worked on a Yugoslav freighter. Photo by Don Harrigan
  • STUDYING THE SCRIPT- Alex Lalane- Teacher, student, wanderer, wine taster- tries his hand at acting, as he prepares for his role in the drama workshop's upcoming production of South Pacific. Photo by Don Harrigan

Página 4

  • Rodeo Cowboy Bulls His Way Through College By Bob Allen
  • UA Vols Downed By Poli's Boxing Team
  • Marble Lovers Unite On College Campus
  • Moraita's Men Mangle Mates
  • Spring Sports Court Sked
  • Safety First

Pies de foto

  • BUSTING BRONCS-Rodeo star Keith Maddox bursts out of the gates kissing his knees and riding on the back of "Devil´s Daughter" Maddox stayed on long after the necessary eight seconds and later tamed the horse for use on his father´s ranch.
  • BUSTING BEEF-Waving to the fans as he flies out of shoot number three, Keith Maddox hangs on to 1700 lbs. of mad meat in an attempt to stay on for the qualifying eight seconds. Maddox rides the rodeo circuit during the summer months.
  • MARBLE GOLF-Stiff competition waged between administrator William Swezey(L) and students Dede Fox and Tom Saucedo during a recent game of marble golf on the UA campus. After an hour and a half of furious action, Saucedo emerged with a hole-in-one. Photo by Don Harrigan
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