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Vol. 22, No 5.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 11 de febrero, 1969

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  • Student Officers in Dog House
  • President Suspended For Mishandling Funds
  • Beginning
  • Cuajimalpa Invites UA To Carnival
  • Community Project Adopted
  • Dean´s List Selections Include 52
  • Artist Belain Gets International Kudos

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  • The University´s eight- million dollar campus begins to take shape as workmen lay foundation near Cholula in the state of Puebla. Looking west from the roof of the 200-year-old hacienda on campues, the famous Teocalli pyramid, with the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios chirch at its peak, can be seen beyond the concrete and steel skeletons of rising buildings. (See Page 4 for a special photo-feature on Cholula and its history.)

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  • SAUA Bookstore Offers Subscriptions, Services
  • WorId Threats Discussed
  • Betas Pledge 10 Members
  • Coed Digs Indian Ruins
  • Inter-Faith Center Opens for Students
  • Former Student Will Publish

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  • BROWSING-Students are attracted by the diverse selection of reading material at the new SA Bookstore. Used textbooks as well as paperbacks, magazines and newspapers are stocked. Photo by Marilú Peace
  • FELLOWSHIP-Students chat over beer and pretzels at Student Ecumenical Center´s recent open house. Photo by Marilú Peace
  • PUZZLE-Student anthropologist Mary Michele Fergoda examines pre-Columbian pottery fragments after a trip to the field. Photo by Marilú Peace

Página 3

  • Hero Hoyle Hands Above UNAM's Best
  • Motorcycle Maniac Maneuvers Massive Machine Miraculously
  • Rampaging Rugbyite Gives Game Details

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  • HANDS UP! Tom Hoyle, stellar stuntman of the UA Vols, launches the roundball for two at point blank range. UNAM just could not reach up to the 16m 1/2 km. men as the Vols triumphed 60-49 Photo by Don Harrigan
  • RACY ROADMAN- Hud Ingram, veteran of many hours of two-wheeled pleasure, sits cagerly on his big Kawasaki 650 Road Runner waiting for some action.

Página 4

  • New Campues Site Rich In History

Pies de foto

  • The church, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, looks down from a high perch. When Spain's soldiers first penetrated into the state of Puebla, this pagan pyramid doninated the Valley of Cholula. But, in their batlte to spread the faith, Spanish priests directed the church's construction on the bones of a dying civilization.
  • A glance confirms that Cholula has more than the average community's share of churches. Whith this vicinity has more religious edifices per square foot than our Town, U.S.A., it still carries on in the lively Mexican tradition. Street vendors sell pottery and handicrafts and there is always plenty of action around the corner pulqueria. For the person interested in peasant life, a short ride out of town will put him on a first person basis with rural Mexico.
  • The interior of the Royal Chapel, which boasts 47 domes, is esthetically pleasing to visitors today. But historians often contend that the Church-sponsored building effort during the colonial epoch could have been more profitably employed in developing industry and commerce. A phenomemal amount of resources, both human and material, was expended during the 16th and 17th centuries on religious buildings. The result was well over 4,000 church constructions in Mexico alone.
  • Triumphant conquistadores used the cross as their symbol throughout Latin America. Its mark has been left on the lenght and breadth of Mexico. the church which it represents initiated changes that reformed an old culture and still molds contemporary Latin American society. the cross above is in the atrium of the Royal Chapel. New archeological excavations on the south flank of the great pyramid are pictured at the left. Most of the structures served a ceremonial purpose. It may be that some of the outlying structures housed priests. Painted murals , stone friezes and burials ahve been uncovered. In the background the fields, still in use today, once supplied the corn, squash and beans tha fed pre-Columbian Cholula.
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