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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 22, No 4.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 28 de enero, 1969

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Página 1

  • Students, Faculty Plan UA Assembly
  • Black History Class Now Offered at UA
  • Greenleaf Wins Prize
  • Faculty Favors Move to Puebla
  • Ohio State Enrollment Takes Dip
  • Land Purchase Explained

Pies de foto

  • FORMING-Members of the committee drew up the proposed University Assembly constitution are shown with some of the initial nominees for Assembly seats. Left to right: Carlos Torres, Herlinda Hernández, Becky Chidster, Mrs. Jane Swexey, Jerry Greig, Dr. Rafael Núñez, Mrs. Nancy Gurrola, Mother Miches Guerin, Paul Reilly, Peter Hancy, Lic. María Sola de Sellares, Dr. Manuel de Ezcudia, Margarita Cueto, william swezey, Lic. Enrique Anzures. Photo by Marilú Peace
  • DR. RICHARD E. GREEN LEAF. Photo by Marilú Peace

Página 2

  • U.S. Students And The Ugly Paradox
  • The Positive Side
  • 'Janus' Doesn't Get It
  • What Would You Change?
  • Open Letter From SAUA

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Página 3

  • All Students May Enter UA Art Show
  • Dean of Admissions Awarded Citation
  • UA Mother Urges Women's Liberation By Don Bloom
  • Californians See
  • New Trustees Are Elected
  • Student Discovers Identity In Mexico
  • Chardinians Form Group
  • Graduate Has Art Student Exhibit
  • Delta Sigma Pi To Make Tours
  • UA Professor Displays Art

Pies de foto

  • ADMINISTRATOR AWARDED- Elizabeth T. de López displays the distinguished Service Award, wich she recieved from the southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
  • A BLACK SPEAKS-Tom Hoyle, who felt he was treated as a second class citizen in the United States, sees the possibility of determining his destiny in México. Photo by don Harrigan.
  • A MOTHER REBELS-Mrs. de Fierro, wife, mother, and student, has broken tradition by continuing her studies in medicine. Her goal is to become a psychoanalyst. Photo by Marilú Peace

Página 4

  • Ua Vols Vandalize Two Teams
  • Short Sport Show
  • Third Degree Black Belt Describes Oriental Arts By Robert Jacobi
  • Ping Pong's Progress Poignantly Portrayed

Pies de foto

  • PERFECT FORM- Matt Toth, 6'3'' forward of the aztec-vols, displays the form and presicion that defeated two of Mexico's top-ranked college teams. toth added the final two points that pushed the Vols into their first game over 100 points. Photo by don Harrigan.
  • KI-AY-Demonstrating for their students, UA karate instructor Don Geraldi blocks side kick to the face by his fellow karate instructor, Ken del Valle. Photo by Marilú Peace.
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