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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 11.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 2 de junio, 1960

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Página 1

  • Saloncito Show Tells Warm Tale
  • Jenkins Speaks At Graduation
  • Political Leaders Reply To Letters
  • Former MCCers Have World-Wide Positions

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  • Double role -- Marian Adams, showing some of the works of her young students, has combined astudying at the Art Cemter with a sincere desire to help others by giving weekly classes to the retarded children at the Pabellón de los Niños of the Manicomio Mixcoac.
  • Association President -- Dr. Harry Jenkins will highlight the graduation ceremonies next week as guest speaker.
  • Nixon answers -- Tom Gilmore and Massey Creamer discuss a letter from the Vice-President.

Página 2

  • Memories Of MCC Will Stay With Us
  • Free Will Battle Continues
  • Golding's Cubism Study Called Definitive Work
  • Association Head To Honor June Grads

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  • Dr. Murray
  • Kowalski

Página 3

  • Paper Retains Highest Rating
  • Prof Appointed To National Committee
  • Local Executives Attend Lunch
  • Promotional Trip Ends
  • Butterworth Awarded U.S. Government Study Fellowship

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  • Fete execs -- Shown chatting at the recent businessmen's luncheon are (left to right) Richard Henderson, a student host; Sra. María Luisa López Figuro de Gray, Board of Directors of Damas Publicistas; Sra. Magda C. de Sánchez Fogarty, of Publicidad Continental, S.A.; Mike Darley, former student here presenty with Cadena de Periódicos García Valseca; Miss Esperanza Salazar, also of the Cadena de Periódicos; and Frank B. Loretta, General Manager, Dupont, S.A. de C.V.
  • Efforts rewarded -- The prize winning Collegian staff, which for the twelfth consecutive time won an All-American rating by the Associated Collegiate Press.
  • Select job -- Fernando Horcasitas will be working as secretary-treasurer with a UNESCO and Mexican government committee which will select a team of archeologists to go to Egypt to salvage relics in the Nubian region.

Página 4 y 5

  • Graduation- The Blend Of End And Begin

Pies de Foto

  • "All right. You can have your Faulkner and I'll stick with Hemingway -- all the way!" argues Robert W. Sparks, (right) as he and Robert E. Dunbar leave the writing center and one of their last discussions on American Literature.
  • "If you really feel that strongly about the article, send in a reply. This is your last chance, you know," says Arnus A. Volavicius (standing) to Robert C. Story (far left) and State Congressman Carl Minette.
  • "Say, listen to this!" grins Salvador Uranga Castañeda (second from right), anxious to share the story with Sigma Pi members (left to right) LaVern B. Barber, Jr., Rubén Robles, Willoam M. K. Scott, and (far right) Francis J. Martínez.
  • "So there I was," relates anthropology major David B. Sánchez (center), "standing in a tomb, surrounded by Zapotec Indians..." Claudine Ann Lankton and Mott L. de Forest take part in their last "bull session" between classes on the sunbathed MCC campus.
  • "Nos vemos en los Estados Unidos," banter (left to right) Samuel C. Ormes, Jr., Richard E. Henderson, Stanley R. Clayton, and Thomas C. Chanfield outside the Spanish Department where they spent many hours learning the intricacies of the Spanish language.
  • "Stop the presses!" orders Douglas Butterworth over the phone. "Rudy Altenhoff (second from left) has a hot lead." The rest of the press room gang, James Bingham (bending over typewriter), Baron Levin (sitting), and Benjamin Travis (standing) preserve their calm as the deadline for the last issue of the Collegian draws near.
  • "It's been a long, hard struggle," agree Ed Galivez, left, Alice Craiglow Lins, and John Talbot, as they enjoy one of their last strolls on campus together.

Página 6

  • Report From Man In The Spotlight
  • Ritzmans Visit New Campus Site
  • Tuwaidan Combines Travel, Career

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  • The blues -- Music man Munn takes the stage.
  • Diplomatic mission -- Indonesian embassy employee Robert Tuwaidan who is a part-time student at MCC.
  • Some layout -- Chela and Marvin Ritzman during their recent visit marvel at changes in the college.

Página 7

  • Anthro Students Find Ancient Cave Glyphs
  • International Duplicity... Moral or Immoral?

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  • Mirror of the past: This is one of the photographs of the glyphs found in cave at Caballito Blanco.
  • A. Ingle
  • Blackwell

Página 8

  • Softballers Clinch Second Place: Freitag, Postert Lead Team
  • "Gerry" Again Saddles Up After Run In With Auto
  • Beaudry Is Top Tippler As Keglers Stagger Foes

Pies de Foto

  • Run Sammy run! -- Free-swinging Sammy Altobelli shows the swing that earned him the reputation of being one of the best long ball hitters in the Mexico City League.
  • Winning scowl -- This is the form and grimace that opposing batsmen learned to fear as Bill Freitag lets loose with a fast one.
  • Doc exhalts athletes -- Coach "Doc" Lindley, athletic director, says a few words concerning his players of the recent athletic awards dinner. Main speaker was Dr. Robert Young (left) and the honored guest was Dr. Henry L. Cain (center) MCC's President Emeritus.
  • From tinkers to evers? -- Maybe not. But it looks like a sure double play as Walt Charaszei executes a major league pivot after receiving the ball from "Country" Ken Postert.


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