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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 12.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 21 de julio, 1960

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  • Poets Set Reading For Today
  • Archeology Grant Awarded To Ten
  • Elmendorf Back From Convention
  • High Female Enrollment Boosts Summer Total

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  • Representative -- of the local council of Americans Abroad, Dr. John Elmendorf, attended the recent Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.
  • Happy diggings -- are on tap for ten MCC archaeology students this summer. The smiling members of the group shown here have been awarded scholarships by the National Science Foundation. They are, from left to right: Tom Harding, Alan Dessaint, Clark Taylor, Dave Lynn, Bill Douglas, Charles Pyne, Dan Wolfman, Dick Moore, Louis Marmor, and Dick Hackett. The grants mark the first active support to the college and its program by a major foundation.
  • Launching careers -- at MCC this quarter are from left to right: Kay Camp, Cameron, Texas; John Stein, Roslyn, New York; and Susan Hammon, San Antonio, Texas. A total of 898 students went through the registration procedures pictured above.

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  • Help Sought For Retarded Children
  • Free Will Bout Rages On
  • 'Marble Everywhere,' Says Dr. Murray

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  • Dr. Murray
  • Lockey

Página 3

  • Art Prof Travels
  • Lecturers Return For Summer Team
  • Tlacuilo Club Inaugurates Series Of One Man Art Shows In Saloncito
  • Gala Fiesta Planned

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  • How about marimbas? -- The student Council Steering Committee plans entertainment for the farewell program for six-week summer students. Left to right are: Andy Esquivel, Sal Uranga, Victor Calderón and Bill Hopkins.
  • Familiar faces -- Among the six visiting lecturers here for the summer quarter are, from left to right: Robert Bidwell, former MCC history instructor now teaching at East Texas State; Hilda Dierker, ex-music instructor here; and Donovan Clark, formerly of the Stanford University Anthropology Department.
  • Pensive painter -- Carl Swallow, seated beneath two of his more representative works, was the first to exhibit his paintings in the series of one-man shows currently on display in the Saloncito VII. The exhibitions are sponsored by the Tlacuilo Art Club.

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  • Mammoths, Giants, And Pyramids

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  • Astride in their hired horses, the members of the MCC field trip expedition pass through the town of San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlan, Puebla.
  • High from the meseta known as La Casa del Rey Tenamaxcuicuitl we are looking across a broad valley at the regal Sierra Norte de Puebla.
  • Another rumor tracked down! Round pyramids really do exist in this part of the Totonac country, discovered the MCCers. This is atop El Cerro de Colgua.
  • Leaving Kathleen Domínguez' home at San Alfonso, where the MCC group stayed during their field trip, are (left to right) Paco Belloc, Carul Chase, Dave Barrell, Tony Domínguez, Mike Jewell, Vicki Weinstein, and the hostess, Kathleen Domínguez.
  • These ancient figures, found atop the meseta La Casa del Rey Tenamaxcuicuitl, are now in possession of the priest at San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlan.
  • Francisco Belloc, MCC geology student, examines part of the mammoth tusk found on the field trip. It is thought that more of the tusk is embedded in the arid Puebla soil.
  • This close-up view of one of the mounds or "pyramids" atop the meseta known as El Cerro del Colgua, legendary home of the King Tenamaxcuilquil, shows how the faced stones were placed around the dirt foundation of the mound.
  • Isaías López, guide for the college adventurers and owner of the land where the mammoth bones were discovered, leads the caravan across the arid plains of this region of Puebla.

  • Página 6

  • Early Retirement, Frigid Arctic Bring Army Major To Mexico
  • Belgian Newcomer Launches Career
  • Dr. Braenburg Advocates Change In Nation's Latin American Policy
  • New Magazine Publicizes Anthropology Activities

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  • Next move -- Soldier, photographer, world traveller, and student, retired Major, E. W. Bowinghton plans a career in foreign trade.
  • Globe trotter -- Anita Dekcock's list of "hometowns" reads something like a World Atlas. The attractive freshman plans a career in journalism.
  • Iowans on campus -- Students from Central College, Pella, at MCC for the summer confer with their group leader, Dr. William Wing (extreme left) who is head of the Humanities Division at Central and professor of French.
  • Airs views -- Dr. Frank Brandenburg of the economics department senses a definite need for revisal of the U.S. policy towards Latin America.

Página 7

  • Library Scholarship Winners Study Here
  • White House Choice Voiced By Students
  • Yucatan Jungle Trip Full Of Adventurous Experience

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  • Bookish benefits -- for this year's library scholarships winners, include full tuition, plus a stipend for living expenses.
  • Clutching chain -- Joe Cserhat descends the almost vertical pyramid, El Adivino, Uxmal, Yucatán.
  • McLaughlin
  • Douglas

Página 8

  • Maestros, Italianos Vie For First Place
  • Cagers Cop Opener, Rout Banxico 49-33
  • Rodriguez, Huerta, Silvetti, And Moro Top Toreros Of Plaza Mexico Season
  • Godger Star, Carl Furillo Sent To Baseball's Pasture

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  • Triumph or tragedy -- vowed Luis Procuna, would mark his final appearance of the season at Plaza México.
  • The big three -- Returning veterans, (left to right) Don Brazil, Frank Iaquinto, and Sam Altobelli are expected to form the nucleus of this summer's softball team.


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