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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 4 de agosto, 1960

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  • Open Conference To Cap Free Will Controversy
  • Prof Works On New Process Belkin To Start Prison Mural
  • Studiousness Brings Honors To Fifty-Nine

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  • Calm before storm -- Preparing for their forthcoming roundtable debate on the long ranging free will controversy are, from left to right: Tom Gilmore, Ramón Xirau, Ángel González, Ed Kowalski and George Sidney.
  • Scientific stepping stone -- Dr. Donovan Clark examines sliver obsidian for microscopic analysis, a process which is expected to be of great value in archeological research.
  • Prison commission -- Arnold Belkin has receiven a commission from the Mexican government to paint a mural at the Federal Penitentiary.

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  • Shopper's Guide
  • Anthropology Professor Pays Tribute To Gamio
  • Sidney Makes Comment Concerning Free Will Bout
  • Around The Galleries
  • Murray's Reactions Mixed On European Jaunt

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  • Dr. Murray
  • Abramovich
  • Sidney

Página 3

  • Tlacuilo Art Club Sponsors Perez' First One-Man Show
  • Oaxaca Glyphs May Be Key To Ancient Script
  • Open Student Music Room
  • Whiteaker To Publicize New Breathing Method

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  • Finished product -- Shown contemplating his work, which is currently being exhibited in Saloncito VII, is painter Mario Pérez.
  • Takes a breather -- Stafford Whiteaker is writing a book on a new breathing method.
  • Really tops -- Among the 59 MCCers to appear on the latest Dean's Honor List are, from right, Victor Calderón, Carmen Hellinger, Linda Tempest, and Philip Cox.
  • Anthropology on the rocks -- Barely visible at the top of the picture is the faded painting called Caballito Blanco.

Páginas 4 y 5

  • College Trips Reach Popularity Peak

Pies de Foto

  • Studying the fidure of a danzante at Monte Albán are Paul Radde, Bernice Buresh, and James Radde -- members of a college-sponsored tour to the Oaxaca area.
  • After a stroll through the Frissell Museum of Zapotecan Art, Paul Radde, Pattie Sims, and Brian Bessert discuss the collection they have just seen.
  • A trajinera takes a group of students through Xoxhimilco on one of the college's day-long tours.
  • Wyn Hrdina, Judy Kirby, Jeanine Miller, Kathy Miler, and Eileen Coughlin atop the belfry of the Monastery of San Agustin Acolman -- a stop on the Pyramid trip.
  • Frank Patout, Don Dietz and Jim Radde promenade with three Mexican señoritas during the Sunday band concert in the plaza of Oaxaca.
  • A column on Mexico City College explorers passes through the ruins of an ancient palace as they approach the stairway up to the Pyramid of the Sun.
  • Timeless clouds add to the ancient atmosphere of Monte Albán for (left to right) Don Dietz, Judy Eix, Arleene Queenen, John van Willigen, and Geraldine Steinfont.
  • On one of the college-sponsored trips to the Oaxaca area, John Becker, Cornelia May, Jerry Durlak, Elizabeth Tuinstra and Pixie Cram gather after a walk through the Hall of Columns at Mitla.
  • Carol Drover and Sandy Wilson baster for a hand-woven fajera in a Oaxaca Indian market.
  • In the Mitla Museum, Patti Sims, Al Sievers, Brian Bessert and Gail White respond to the zany mood of this Zapotecan figure.

Página 6

  • Teacher Here On Miami Award
  • Prison Mural
  • Alumnus Lauds Junior
  • Commercial Artist Pursues Free Form

Pies de Foto

  • Mandatory -- Because Spanish is recquired ni Miami elementary schools, Gladys Valley is at MCC to perfect her knowledge of the language.
  • Intent on creating -- Kenneth Kral, visiting California artist, enjoys luxury of personal expression while studying at MCC.
  • From Yakima -- Derrald Livingston, his wife June, and daughter Cindy visit MCC where Livingston was awarded his Master's degree three years ago.

Página 7

  • Royalty, Celebs Receive Leahy
  • King Barks But Doesn't Bite
  • Writers' Talents Blossom In Oaxaca's Inspiration Laden Air

Pies de Foto

  • Newshound -- Fred Leahy will probably never suffer from "jitters" to interviewing a celebrity. The son of a Walt Disney producer has met royalty, Hollywood stars, and leading politics since childhood.
  • Mexican barbecue -- At the outskirts of Oaxaca, Writing Center students observe a cazuela of butchered lamb covered with avocado leaves being put into a pit in which stones have been heated for eight hours.
  • Prominent pair -- Around the campus are much-travelled Spanish major Bob Sepic, and his faithful German shepderd, King.

Página 8

  • New Headgear For California Halfback
  • Cigar Chewing Hunter Shoots Up Everglades
  • Murray's Reactions
  • Ladrones, Boppers Tied For Keg ead

Pies de Foto

  • Now tackles books -- Don Nichols, former halfback for El Camino Junior College and participant in the 1965 Junior Rose Bowl game, has temporarily swapped the head-banging of football for a period of hitting the books.
  • He's a bird dog -- Ready for a day of hunting, Bruce Wilson and a friend pause for short break before continuing their search for game.
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