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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 13, No 14.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 18 de agosto, 1960

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  • Thirty Seven To Receive Degrees
  • President's Annual Report To Highlight Commencement
  • 158 Colleges Represented
  • Hernandez' Exhibit Ends Tlacuilo Shows
  • Aids One-World Movement By Studying Here

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  • President Paul V. Murray -- will report on the progress of Mexico City College during the past year and outline future plans at the summer commencement ceremonies to be held on the college terrace at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, August 27.
  • Final exhibit -- of the one-man shows sponsored by the Tlacuilo Art Club this quarter is that of Manuel Hernández, currently on display in the Saloncito VII.
  • California convoy -- The University of California contingent on campus this quarter numbers among its smiling members: Judith Tipaldo, Ronald Burkart, Lana Chang, Beatrice Beggs, Tom Gilmore, Barbara Ceizler, Louise Finley, and Samuel Naro.
  • International supper -- Preparing to dig into a meal of churros and pan dulce with milk and fruit are the González-Angulo family and Ethelwyn Hrdino, of Illinois, whom they have "adopted" for the duration of her stay in Mexico.

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  • Mexican, U.S. Ties Are Unimpaired
  • Around The Galleries
  • Alexandrian Antics
  • Prof For Free Will
  • Fearsmind Manipulation
  • Old Madrid, Southern Spain Are Discussed

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  • Acapulco
  • Dr. Murray
  • Tom Gilmore

Página 3

  • Six-Weekers End Session With Ball
  • Segovia Honored By French Grant
  • Campusites Entertained
  • News Briefs

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  • Jarabe tapatío -- Accompanied by a marichi Nena carpenter and Louis de la Fleur demonstrate he Jarabe for those who attended the party ending the six-week Workshop in Latin American Culture.
  • Theory and classroom practice plus the opportunity to speak Spanish in a country where it is the native language make for real mastery of Español say Clyde Vernon Bell (left) and Robert Goetting, schlarship winners from K.U.
  • Fraternity pledges -- Delta Sigma Pi pledges George Montalvo, Rudy Manzo, Boris Cohen and Van Livingston, who have recently been pledged to the fraternity, discuss their chances of being accepted as members.

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  • Destinations Beckon To The Outward Bound

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  • Studying their last issue of the Collegian, graduating staffers stay on into the customary late afternoon hours.
  • One more final..Al Dana, Fred Fair and John Sarnoki share thoughts and books with undergraduate Judy Huddleson.
  • Degree candidate Mel Lockey intones poetic lines to fellow seniors Carol Ann Zetterberg, Kyle Podall and Paul Swetlik in the Creative Writing Center.
  • A game of chess...
  • Graduating seniors Jenny Reeves and Ron Haffkine relax with Swedich-born MCC student Soone Bjorckman to the fiesta rhythms of a marimba band during a party on the college terrace.
  • Stephen Wertz is putting on that final touch before entering into the outside world of art.

Página 6

  • Nomad Art Major To Extend Studies
  • Military Musician Pipes New Tune
  • On The Beach Review
  • MCC-Monmouth Swap

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  • Roaming memories -- Art History major Donna Jean Bannarn studied at several top European universities before arriving here.
  • Intermission -- Former Air Force band leader Lester Myers is seeking his M.A. here following a forty-two year break in studying.
  • Trading time -- Seemingly pleased with the inter-college exchange scholarship agreement between MCC and Monmouth College are Amy Amsbury (left), and Yolanda Ceballos.

Página 7

  • "My First Million By Forty" Says Creamer
  • World Of Diplomacy Charms Young Coed
  • Seeks To Better Methods For Teaching Children Languages
  • MCC Students Comment On The Free Will

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  • Kingfish -- Massey Creamer dreams of wealth and power while planning political platform for the future.
  • Diplomat or actress? -- With a handle like an actress and ability to go with it, Linda Tempest plans to forego the theater for a career in diplomacy.
  • Cop to language -- Ben Miller believes in a new approach to the teaching of language in the elementary schools.

Página 8

  • Three-Way Stalemate In Bowling League
  • "Doc" Bids Farewell To Coaching Career
  • "Avalanches, Spills-Just Part Of The Game" Says International Ski Competitor

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  • Canadian flash -- With the Matterhorn in the distance, Fred Fair dosplays the form that earned him a spot on the formed Canadian FSI Ski team.
  • Benched -- After 25 years of active sports participation, Coach Lindley has decided to voluntarily bench himself.




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