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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 15.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

jueves 15 de agosto, 1957

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  • MCC To Open Research Center In Oaxaca
  • Living Conditions Spark Charity Drive By Dale Young
  • Dr. Murray To Give Address at Commencement
  • Twelve Graduate Students Will Receive MA Degrees

Pies de foto

  • Ted Grayno Photo GRADUATION TIME IS JOB-hunting time. These candidates for the B. A. degree busily scanning the want ads are (left to right) Max Pena, Tom Holdsworth, and David Childs.
  • Ted Grayno Photo SHOWN WITH A GROUP OF YOUNGSTERS who will benefit from the proceeds of the MCC roffle are (back row, left to right) Carmen Correa, Luis Juarez and Emily Alexanderson.
  • Marilú Pease Photo REPAIRING A PREHISPANIC skull is J. E. Vincent who will preside over MCC´s new Oaxaca plant.
  • Marilú Pease Photo IN THE MCC ANTHRO lab, John Paddock, co-counselor with Dr. Ignacio Berna of the Anthropology Department, explains a stone figure to Lois Zimmerman. Pieces in the background date from the pre-Hispanic period.

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  • Policies Junked For Sales
  • From The President's Desk
  • What's The Big Fuss?
  • Welcome Ambassador
  • Research Plan Offered

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  • Mesoamerican Notes Read All OverWorld
  • St. Louis Students Study At MCC Another Summer
  • Fernando Belain Drawings Now On Exhibit at Galería Diana By Dale Young
  • MCC To Open...
  • Profs Speak at Round Table
  • Hernández Elected to Country Club Board

Pies de foto

  • Ted Grayno Photo FERNANDO BELAIN, assistant professor of pointing is presently exhibiting his drawings at the Galeria Diana in Mexico City
  • Ted Grayno BEING GREETED BY DEAN ELIZABETH LOPEZ and Dr. Tradfford P. Maher as hey arrive on campus for their third annual Workshop in Human Relations are members of the groups who will study here until August 30. Shown from left to right are Jane Lambert, Agnese Dunn, Anna Braunstein, Eleanor Wilson, Shirleym Harshany, Lavern Hackman, Eva Rice, Ora Pyburn, Mrs. López and Dr. Maher.
  • Ted Grayno Photo THREE REPRESENTATIVES OF NOTRE DAME University (left to right) Daniel Bowling, Rivers Patout, and Craig Hillyer make their way up the hill to classes in the engineering building. Lester Murphy, also from Notre Dame, is not shown.
  • Marilú Pease Photo PASSING THROUGH THE portals of chapultepec castle to make a tour of the historic building are students from Hiram College (left to right) Jane Keck, Carolyn Gayer, Barbara Way, Anne Robinson, Carolyn McNeal, Linda Street, Esther Reed, and Phylis williams.

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  • "See México" is Workshopers Theme Text by Ira Lewis Layout by Bob Stout Photos by John Paddock and Marilu Pease

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  • OUTSIDE CHAPULTEPEC CASTLE, Ann Bradgley photographs Joan Becker and Edith Bailey.
  • COMPLETE WITH camaras and raincoats, workshoppers tour the pyramids.
  • WORKSHOPPERS SIGHTSEE in the Convent of Huejotzingo which was once forbidden to visitors.
  • SAN AUGUSTINE ACOLMAN of Puebla is a stop one of the many tours that the workshoppers take.
  • HISTORY LIVES for workshop students as they float lazily through the flower-lined canals of Xochimilco.

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  • FOUR PERT MISSES, Nancy Rosenfeld, Jeanne Celle, Janet Cirimele and Diane Dunlap, take notes under a Diego Rivera mural while on a visit to the Ministry of Education.
  • VIRGINIA AND ISABEL JACKSON from Laredo, Texas are impressed by the ornately decorated coach which once belonged to Emperor Maximilian.
  • ON A TOUR OF THE CITY, Anne Robison and Carolyn Gayer emerge from the National Cathedral.
  • A STUDY OF PRE-COLUMBIAN times is vividly illustrated by climbing the massive pyramids.
  • IT'S A LONG CLIMB, but some of the students ascend to the summit of the Pyramid of the Sun.
  • A MODEL OF A GALLEON in the Chapultepec Museum brings to mind the long arduous trips that were once made in these vessels. Shown are Barbara Mead, Thomas Sarac and Carol Driscoll.

Página 6

  • Ambassador's Daughter Cites Chinese Customs By Sandy Johnston
  • Know Your Faculty Kling's Technique Crams Blackboard
  • Anthro Class Goes on Tour
  • Elmendorf Outlines U. S., Foreign Scholarship Program
  • Living Conditions...
  • Profs Speak...

Pies de foto

  • Ted Grayno Photo PROFESSOR KLING, backed by figures, lectures an Latin American Government.
  • Ted Grayno Photo LILLIAN LIU, daughter of the Chinese Ambassador, relaxes between classes.

Página 7

  • Former Grad, Donnci Dons New MCC Role
  • Inquiring Reporter Customs Create Campus Comment By Bill Sherman
  • Teacher-Artist-Advertiser Is Good Neighbor Scholar
  • Adventurous Trio Retreats By Cedric Thomas
  • Faith Ryan Takes Leave of Absence

Pies de foto

  • Donna Gustafson
  • Ted Grayno PhotoWITH MCC´S HEAD LIBRARIAN Mary Parsons (center), are library scholarship winners (left to right) William Berges, Ruth Binz, Joan Shinew, and Wendel Wray. Having positions in libraries in the States, they are here on leave for 15 weeks to study at MMCC and work in the library. In return they recieve tuition and living expenses. They were chosen from a long list of scholarship applicants.
  • Ted Grayno Photo FROM HOUSTON, Texas, Bob Flower faculty, member of the sacred heart Dominican College, is here for the summer.
  • Ted Grayno Photo THEIR RANCH IN the Desierto de los Leones is the present topic for discussion of (left to right) Wallace Fouts, Fred Beemon, and Hugo Maynard.

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  • Aztecas Beat Banco
  • Jefes in Small Lead
  • About a Gal Named Nancy By Pierce Travis
  • In This Corner The Moment of Truth By Pierce Travis
  • Change The Oil Too?

Pies de foto

  • Ted Grayno Photo Showing relaxed form, Nancy Aten keeps her eye on that ball as she prepares to send it back to the other side of the table.
  • Ted Grayno Photo Looking more like a bunch of de-uniformed front line troopers than softball players, a combined aggregation of the Green Wave and Azteca softball teams make like students for the cameraman. Back row, left to right, Toy Maltsberger, Pete Schnabl, Bob Kreiss, Bill Wood, Vic Webb, Chuck Muse, Gus Solazar, and Don Morgon. Front row, left to right, Joe Picorino, Kurt Egel hoof, John Nulty, Jim Carmody, Bill Hornaday, and Del Theosmeyer. Not shown are Ben Travis, Jack Scully, Jerry Jenkins, Lee Chompol, Gene Bebon, Bob Kuns, Terry Evert, and Dave Childs.
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