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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 14.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

jueves 25 de julio, 1957

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  • Gala Picnic Will Offer Sports, Refreshments
  • Lopez Named Of Registrars' to Staff Journal
  • Living LA Seminar Group Studies Mexican Culture By Dale Young
  • Weird Mysteries To be Unveiled in MCC Theatre
  • Belain Art Work Goes To Tel Aviv
  • Elmendorf Lectures At Rancho San Felipe
  • Eighty Named To Spring Honor List

Pies de foto

  • GLEEFULLY CONCOCTING DYNAMIC potions to be demonstrated at the MCC theater is Dr. Hubert Alyea, professor at Princeton University
  • Dean Elizabeth Lopez
  • STANFORD UNIVERSITY students on the campus this summer with the Living Latin America group, under the direction of Dr. Ronald Halton, include (first row, left to right) Mary Dunn, Nancy Harrington, Mary Randol, Betty Porter, Garnet Barber, Sandra Elder, Kathy Glenn, Florence Weston, Ann Lyon; (second row) Elfie Ann Tiegel, Bernice Poulson, Libby Ann Arnold, Marjorie Waite, James Ward, Arturo Nieto, Ronald Stone, Larry Powell, Sterling Smith, Dewey Anderson, Daniel Loya, Dotsy Lyos, Norman Palmer; (back row) John Heins, Daniel Hagar, Fred Fry, Julius Manrique and David Oppermann.

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  • Yesses Aren't Best
  • President's Desk Highways Cause Disorganization
  • Fifer's Follia Henry Miller Protests Against Conventions
  • Gibran Gives Simple, Poetic Views of Life By Sandy Johnston
  • Letter To Editor

Página 3

  • New Students Have Spanish Difficulties
  • Library Ranked Higest By National Convention
  • Dan Leavitt Interest with Exhibit Its Arouses Versatility
  • Queynte Clobbe Boldely Discurses Meryts OF Olde Geoffrey's Middle Englyshe
  • Sr. Dume Interprets Classic World Poetry
  • Lauerman Returns From AAC Conference

Pies de foto

  • SEATED ON THE TERRACE are delegates of the Library Convention during a luncheon offered by MCC. Leading notables who aided in the analysis that resulted in MCC's high rating are (fourth from left) Roberto Gordillo, Associate Librarian here and Miss Rosario Dominguez Andia of the Banco de Guatemala (extreme right) and Dr. Manuel Alcala Anaya, Director of the National Library of Mexico (seated next to her).
  • Lee Pratt Photo DAN LEAVITT POSES in front of one of his paintings during
    the hanging of his recently opened one-man show.
  • Elizabeth Leonard
  • WILLIS AUSTIN, Assistant Professor of English, presides at the first meeting of the newly formed Chaucer Club. The club studies Chaucer and his contemporaries.
  • John Hill Photo STANDING AT THE BASE of an ancient pyramid at Monte Alban, near the city of Oaxaca, a number of Explorer's Club members listen to a guide tell of the ancient civilization that erected these magnificant monuments.

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  • MMCers Catalog Mitla Artifacts By Chuck Mann

Pies de foto

  • Ruth Vincent Photo) E. R. Frissell (left) accepts an "Order of the Tepalcate" certificate presented to him by Maj. Vincent (right) on behalf of the Anthropology Department of Mexico City College. The certificate is in recognition of Frissell's contribution to the field of archeology. Mrs. Frissell is also shown.
  • Gertrude Frisaell Photo A vessel carved from alabaster in the form of a turkey. The place exemplifies the Mesoamerican tendency toward stylization in art.
  • Ruth Vincent Photo) Nearly three feet tall, this Zopotec rain god is one of the finest urns in the Leigh collection. A twin to this one is in the Frissell collection.
  • Paddock Photo A small portion of the extensive Frissell collection. These Zapotec pieces are of the Monte Alban period lll.A (right end) and of Monte Alban period IV (left end).

Página 5

  • Languages Enrich Zette's Life By Vincent Ashton
  • By Special Invitation LAES Members Tour IEM Plant
  • Steel Drums Drive Maynard to Mexico By Dale Young
  • Highways Cause...

Pies de foto

  • Zette Pierre Bleecker
  • "STUDY ALL DAY and study all night" is the tune that sets the pace for Hugo Maynard who finds MCC a serene seclusion from Trinidad's Calypso Wars. Ted Grayno Photo
  • DRAWING THE LUCKY NUMBER is Dominie Kozutoff of Tarzana, California. Miss Kozutoff previously attended Standford University.
  • SEATED AT THE SPEAKERS' TABLE are (left to right) Henry A. Shute, Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce; Douglas Danforth, General Manager of IEM; H. M. Hjerpe, President of the American Chamber of Commerce; William H. Denker, of Dupont Chemical; John Ordway, Economic Advisor to the American Ernbassy; Fred Orleans, industrial lawyer; William Rogers, Director of the MCC Foreign Trade Center; and Jack Perrin, President of the LAES.
  • STOPPING TO REST after the tour several of the students find time to smile (left to right) Morris Davis, Jack Perrin, Professor. Rodgers, Barbaro Kelly, Bill Pfeiffer, Donald Koch, Harriet Barber, George Miller, Joe Hill, Brll Jagoda and Thomas Heck. Ted Grayno Photo

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  • Ambassador's Son Studies Painting By Dale Young
  • MCC Helps Observe Independence Day
  • Living LA...
  • O' Malley's Toward Fame Big Feet Walk and Education By Vincent Ashton

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  • Jeryl Dapont Photo FUGIO KUBOTA, son of the Japanese Ambassador to Mexico, is being shown a typical Mexican dance, Lo Raspa, by Carmen Correa, secretary to MCC's Recorder.
  • Jean O'Malley poses for a perfume ad.
  • Chic day time effect
  • Toreador ensemble

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  • Zaldivar Recounts Philippine Culture By Cedric Thomas
  • Gibran Gives...
  • Carmen Correa Leads Mexican Dance Class
  • Know Your Faculty Spats and Fedora Hat Characterize Professor
  • Eighly Named
  • Bill Fett Lectures
  • Cuevas Returns From Meeting

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  • John Bryan Photo AUTHOR, TEACHER, AND WIT, Pablo Mortinez del Rio, Professor of Anthropology and History, entertains while he teaches during a course in Mexican history.
  • THIS IS THE SCENE on the MCC terrace every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during the class in Mexican dancing. From left to right ore June Mills, Charles Stohl, Xavier Fent, Suzanne Reed, Bonnie McPherson, Carol Ivon Boice, Elizabeth Humm, Vivian Moss, and Jo Ann Hansen. Jeryl Dapont Photo
  • Enroli Zoldivor

Página 8

  • In Thia Corner Bet a Bandy-legged Rooster By Pierce Travis
  • What Makes Del Run? By Pierce Travis
  • Aztecas Lead League
  • Gony Birds Lead by Game
  • Oaxaca Tour Scheduled
  • Lost Their Marbles

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  • SHORTSTOP ROBERT KUNS of the Green Wave definitely has the ball but left fielder William Wood runs in anyway, just in case.
  • Del Theosmeyer


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