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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

miércoles 3 de julio, 1957

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  • Summer Enrollment to top 850 By Roy Wright
  • Dr. Murray Welcomes New Students to MCC By Bill Sherman
  • Alumni Exec At Conference
  • Richardson´s Address Cites Grad's Role By Saudy Johnston
  • Colorful Performances Mark Summer Patio Party
  • Ahumada Attends Washington Meet
  • Comerciales Set For Graduation
  • Artist Belkin Designs Mural In Cuernavaca

Pies de foto

  • Tere Murphy Photo "THIS IS THE DAY of the well-trained college graduate," stated William B. Richardson, President of MCC's Board of Trustees and commencement speaker for the June graduates. Seated to the left is Fraine Rhuberry, also a member of the MCC Board of Trustees.
  • Jeryl DaPont Photo EMILY ALEXANDERSON AND CARMEN CORREA do a lively Mexican folk dance to the accomponiment of the Mariachi band that entertained students at the recent Student Council Fiesta.
  • RESPRESENTING INDIANA UNIVERSITY here at MCC during the summer quarter are (bottom, left to right) Susan Roster, Marilyn Edmier, Janice Hattendorf, Marjorie Pickett, Ann Reynolds, Rhoda Seman, Marna Alexander, and Elinor Rossin. (top) Kay Hurst, Joan Hattendorf, Sally Anderson, Hal Hiatt, Pat McCord, Judy Robertson, Jane Cook, Charles Blandford, Francis Taylor, Denise Whitney, and Tobi Saperstein.

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  • Liberality in Moderation Many Times Ignored By M. L.
  • Fifer's Follies. History in A Modern Vein at Saloncito 7 By Bill Pfeiffer
  • From The President's Desk
  • Letter To Editor
  • Amazing New Novel Reflects Folk Quality

Página 3

  • New Course Features Study of Peronality
  • Company Job Openings for MCC Graduates
  • Wachter To Lecture During July Holiday
  • Thirty-One Indiana Hoosiers Study Here
  • Richardson's
  • Student Council Greets Students
  • Food Machinery & Chemical
  • Library Head Attends Texas Conference
  • Newman Club Bids Hearty Welcome
  • Two Ex-Campusites Hit Publishing Trail
  • Ex Editor Takes Job With Acapulco Hotel
  • Guy Seegall Graduates
  • Eddy Will Teach In San Diego School

Pies de foto

  • Tere Murphy Photo. CO-EDS FROM IMMACULATA COLLEGE, Magie Lyons and Rosanne M. Mills present a gift to president Murray. Other girls from Pennsylvania college who are studying at MCC this summer are Vonne Vecaro and Pat Lanahan.
  • Tere Murphy Photo. BRIGHTNING THE CAMPUS this term are these six young women from Fresno State College. From left to right, Nancy Aten, Marilyn Nikkel, Marilyn Maddy, Jo Anne Hansen, Sandra Sawtelle and Lois Maulsby.

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  • Graduate School Observes Tenth Anniversary. TEXT BY JERRY OLSON

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  • PHOTOS BY JERYL DAPORT AND TERE MURPHY THE ORAL BOARD, an ahen dreaded but important requirement af graduate work is shown questioning Donald L. Brockington on his thesis, " Piedra Parada: A Comparative Study of a Site in Jamiltepec, Oaxaca." He received his M. A. degree lost quarter in anthropology. The members of the board are: from left to right, Fernando Horcasitos, associate profes-
    sor of anthropology and history; Ignacio Bel'nol, professor of anthropology and director of Monumentos Prehispánicos; Eduardo Noguera, lecturer in anthropology and formerly director of the National Museum of Anthropology; and Robert J. Weitloner, associate professor of anthropology.
  • MAURICE L STAFFORD, Former First Secretary of Embassy and Consul General of the United States (retired) and LORNA LAVERY STAFFORD, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Studies at Mexico Cily College relax in their home, backed by souvenirs of many travels.
  • THE CROWNING MOMENT comes when Dr. Stafford places the hood on the candidate. Dorothy Lenz is being awarded her M. A. degree in international relations. Dr. Murray is shown at the left.
  • NEW GRAD STUDENT Dick W. Kuehl and his wife, an undergraduate, exchange greetings with Joseph T. Yalenicks as they walk up from the patio of the graduate office. Kuehl has a B. A. from the Stole University of Iowa and Yelenicks holding on M. A. from the University of Denver.

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  • ONE OF THE TOUGHEST requirements for the M. A. degree is the nine-hour comprehensive examinatin. Felix Ashinhurst and John M. Cole are shown here going through the ordeal.
  • MANY STUDENTS attend MCC's graduate school in order to do special research after they have their M. A. degree. Luke Pappas shown here looking over the bound theses in the library has his Master's degree in Spanish and French from Louisiana State University. He is working on modern lyric poetry and studying advanced Spanish at MCC (below).
  • ONE CORNER OF THE GRADUATE office is of paned windows which offer an inspiring view of trees and mountains (above).
  • HELP TO THE STUDENT is the by-word of the graduate school. Robert B. Young, Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School (left) and Lie. Alfredo Ramos, Counselor for the Department of Economics advise Joseph A. Hill (center) who received his B. A. degree in Economics here in June and is now studying in the graduate school.

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  • Know Your Faculty. Author-Lecturer at MCC Writing Center By Dale Young
  • Rash Pool, Reporter finds That Poultry and Parties Titillate Novatos By Don Renton
  • Parsons and Gordillo Write of Book Fair
  • Student Life in Europe Recalled by MCCer By Bill Sherman
  • Explorers´ Club Leaves for Oaxaca

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  • Tere Murphy Photo ANN LANE AND JIM BOOTHBY appear intent over a certain phase of the poetry class being taught by visiting lecturer Robert Collins (right).
  • Louise Roberson

Página 7

  • Romantic Mexican Charros Uphold Ancestoral Traditions By Lucinde Alsobrook
  • Four Scholarships Given To Librarians
  • Work-Anxious Paddock Returns to Paddock
  • Many Factory Trips Are Being Planned by LAES
  • Amazing New Novel
  • Psychology Professor Married In Morelos
  • Van Houten in Grad School at Princenton

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  • PROCESSION OF CHARROS in galla regalia at exhibition at the rancho La Tapatia on Calzada del Molino del Rey
  • John Paddock
  • OBSERVING ASSEMBLY LINE techniques during a recent tour of Fabrica Auto-Mex are members of the Latin American Economics Society.

Página 8

  • Green Waves, Aztecas Win One, Drop Two
  • Army Boxing Coach Put Out to Pasture By Pierce Travis
  • City's Swimming Facilities Available to Aqua-Lovers
  • Basketballers To See Action
  • Alley Cats Grab Four
  • This Quarter's Tours
  • In This Corner Viewing Things with a Once-Jaundiced Eye Ry Pierce Travis

Pies de foto

  • Nelson Schwarz demonstrating an en garde position. Any students interested in getting expert instruction in fencing can join the group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 o'clock
  • Kuns of the Green Wave didn't quite make it to home as the empire starts the sweep of his hand signaling the out. The play was in a game against the Embassy. Terry Everett stands waiting, bats in hand.
  • Ray Wright
  • Jim Walsh


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