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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 12.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

jueves 30 de mayo, 1957

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  • William Richardson to Address June Grads
  • Eleven MCC Grad Students File For Degree of Master of Arts
  • Lie. Cabrera Back From Miami Visit
  • College Newspaper Awarded Sixth All-American Rating
  • Legionnaires Hold Raffle

Pies de foto

  • Dick DaPont Photo "WE WON ALL AMERICAN RATING AGAIN," says Asociate Editor Ira Lewis (with beard). "So what else is new"? Says Editor Bob Stout (with pipe). Modesty permitting, All American rating by the associated Collegiate Press is never routine -except for the Collegian (six consecutive times). In the MCC paper´s division, only three college periodicals in the United States were given the honor.
  • Dick DaPont Photo WITH A CIRCUMSPECT EYE, MCC Bursar María Elena Quijada makes last minute cop and gown fittings for June graduates (left to right) Gloria S. Fishkin, Elisabeth J. Leonard, and Tim Spangler.
  • William B. Richardson

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  • Collegian Bemoans Loss of Three Greats
  • Fifer's Follies Critic Gives Inside on Outsider, FBI, Arts
  • From The President's Desk
  • PRESEITlNG MEXICO By Marilú Pease

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  • Young Artist Baden Gives Views on Life By D. E. Renton
  • Forty-two Plan To Receive B.A. Degree
  • Cuevas To Leave For Brazil And PA Geography Meet
  • College Newspaper...
  • Large Summer
  • Crop Expected
  • Yamuni Studies Classical Arabic
  • Hester Will Join Anthro Project
  • Alumni Prexy Visits Campus

Pies de foto

  • Dick DaPont Photo BAREFOOT BADEN looks at world and man with eyes of both the philosopher and the artist
  • WHO IS IT? Complicating on already existing confusion the last issue of the Collegian ran a photo of' Bert Ramsay captioned DAVE Ramsey. to clarify: Bert Ramsay is o student here at MCC and winner of the recent MCC art show -Dave Ramsey is an associate professor of art here -the third is neither Ramsay nor Ramsey but ancient alumnus Ramses II King of Egypt 1203 B. C.

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  • What a President Emeritus Does. The Story of MCC's Co-founder a Pioneer in Mexican Education, Darn Nice Guy. BY

Pies de foto

  • SUPERINTENDENT CAIN his second year in Mexico, 1927.
  • FISHING IN ACAPULCO in 1954, Dr. Cain won second prize for the catch of the day. With him is Ralph Choplin (left), manager of Philco, S. A. de C. V. Cain spends much of his spare time fishing on both coasts, and considers Mexico the "fisherman´s Paradise".
  • VOLLENDAM, HOLLAND on Cain's trip to Europe in 1952. In Vollendam the townspeople still wear the native dress of their ancestors.
  • GRADUATION at Colegio Columbia in 1952. Behind Cain is Mrs. Mabel Rickards, then director of Colegio Columbia and now of Coleglo Rickards.
  • THE UNVEILING of this portrait of Dr. Cain took place at the graduation ceremony in 1955. At the left is Dr. Cain and at the right, Dr. Murray.
  • FAMILY PHOTO shows Dr. Cain, his sister Mrs. Jane Luttrell his wife Florence, and his other sister Mrs. Mary Hunt in the garden of the Cains' home in Lomas Hipódromo.
  • ON A DUCK HUNT in lake Texcoco, Dr. Cain bagged ten ducks. Shown with him and his guide are his two boxer dogs.
  • SHRINER CAIN, Potentate in 1944. Cain has been very active in Shriner activities and was Potentote when Mexico's ex-President Alemon was initiated into the local chapter.
  • THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS" with Charles Lindberg at the controls flew into Mexico on a good will trip in 1927, a few months after its famous flight to Paris. On the balcony of the American School are Arthur Shoenfeld, then Counselor of Embassy; Dr. Cain; Charles Lindberg; and S. Bolling Wright, President of the School Board. It was at the American Embassy that Lindberg met Anne Morrow, daughter of the Ambassodor, whom he later married.

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  • Vienna-horn Wenish Relates War Tales By J. R. Trujillo
  • Traveler Finds Home By Lucinda Alsobrook
  • Know Your Faculty: 'Little Neighbor' Now Teaches Embryology By Hideo Okanishi

Pies de foto

  • Dick DaPont Photo "ON GUARD"! challenges Monika Wenish.
  • SIZING UP SOME AMOEBAE under the watchful eye of instructor
    Samuel Mariel M., Fritz M. Heede (standing) awaits the verdict from Samuel M. Bower, Jr., and Padget Scholl who are manning two of the new microscopes recently acquired for MCC's rapidly growing laboratory. Dick DaPont Photo
  • Jacques Toledano

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  • Staniford Meets Old Rat In Death Valley By Cedric Thomas
  • Expiring Reporter Sings Farewell Song By Jack Condon
  • College's Red Ryder Rides In Equestrian Square Dance
  • Batista Pays Tribute To Training at MCC
  • Hoosier State Sends Group
  • Pease Tours U. S
  • Donna Gustafson Gets Stanford Assistanship
  • Former Footballer Don Goza Teaches in Texas
  • Students Offered Aid In Spanish Difficulties
  • Ex-Editor Impressed By Campus Changes

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  • Marilú Pease Photo is SHATTERING THE EARLY morning calm is Philip Staniford, MCC grad student and amateur whipper.
  • Sandy Johnston

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  • Azteca Athletes Feted at Sports Banquet
  • Cagers Finish Season Strong
  • Newman Club Finish Tough
  • Tennis Team Sparkles
  • Softball league Set

Pies de foto

  • Enrique Aguirre
  • Dick DaPont Photo
  • Dick DaPont Photo. GETTING AN EARLY start at the 2nd Annual Sports Banquet are some of the faculty and athletes who were honored. The dinner took on a "locker-room" nostalgia as speakers, College President Dr. Paul V. Murray and guest speaker Enrique Aguirre reminisced over previous sports activities.
  • Dick DaPont Photo
  • Dick DaPont Photo
  • Dick DaPont Photo
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