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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 11.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

jueves 16 de mayo, 1957

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  • Graduation Ball Scheduled for Tomorrow By Hideo Okanishi
  • Saved Open Tickets Eyes
  • Plan Unique Anthro Classes
  • Collegian Takes At Annual TIP A First Place Convention.
  • Six MCCers Return From Jungle Trip By Pierce Travis
  • Yanez and Porras Publish Book

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  • MAKING PLANS FOR tomorrow night's Graduation Boll are (left to right) Carole Fox, Marilú Pease Photo Carmen Correa, Emily Alexanderson, Sally Johnson, and Judy Edwards.
  • NICE WORK. The MCC Collegian is the number one newspaper in its division in the whole state of Texas. Looking over the Texas Intercollegiate Press Assn. trophy is Jim Monica, former sports editor who won a second place rating for sports coverage; Bob Stout, editor who brought home the award; Sandy Johnston, managing editor; and Jack Condon, feature editor.

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  • Qué Es Liberal Arts?
  • Fifer's Follies Plaudits Go to TV Show Steinbeck, New Comedy By Bill Pfeiffer
  • From the President's Desk
  • Holidays Show Nation's Spirit

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  • By Marilú Pease

Página 3

  • Mexico City Review Goes On Sale Soon
  • Six MCCers...
  • Policy on Medical Excuses Outlined By Bill Sherman
  • Lopez Reports On Conference
  • Wiley Choir Sings Here
  • Newman Club Plans Varied Excursions
  • VIP Addresses Grad Groups
  • Dillon Sends Peruvian Note
  • Library Receives Gift

Pies de foto

  • Dick DaPont Photo DISCUSSING THE COVER design for the Mexico City Review done by Bert Ramsay, grand prize winner of the recent MCC annual art show, are (left to right) Eric Floxenburg and Melbourne Lockey.
  • THE LAST TREE outside the campus gate falls and beauty temporarily suffers in the interest of safety. The Toluca highway rosd widening project marchs on.
  • ON THEIR VENEZUELAN jungle trip, Ralph Herr and John Nulty prepare to set off down the river.
  • Tay Maltzberger Photo

Página 4

  • Renaissance Comes to Campus

Pies de foto

  • Photography by Merle Wachter Copy and Layout by Mel Lockey
  • Jack Holley paints out one of the more subtle aspects of o mural by Dick Townsend to Nobuko Kimura.
  • The engineering patio combines a blend of Eastern and Western design in geometrics of stone and planted space
  • These racks, shown outside the metal work shop, will be placed in the lobby of the theater. They will hold student works of art, providing sn everchsnging exhibit.
  • Round cement slabs circle bench, tree, and Lost scaping predominates, and solitary letter reader near the main entrance.
  • Quetzalcoatl, Aztec god of Wisdom, sprawls on the lawn near the Engineering Building, regarding the modern activity of the campus with age old eyes.
  • The combined sculpture and mural studio, under the cafeteria terrace, nears completion.

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  • Know Your Faculty Xirau Believes Youth Seeking New Values By Hideo Okaishi
  • Lupita and Aurorita Have Studied Students for Years By Dale Young
  • Patrols Save Downs
  • Wilson Speaks
  • Robins Publishes 'Violet Violence'
  • Donahue Ordained

Pies de foto

  • A COLGATE SMILE indicates that Louis Winter, Jim Vance, and Bud O'Connel (seated left to right) speak enough Spanish to get what they ordered from Lupita (right, standing) and Aurorira. Marilú Pease Photo

Página 6

  • Berio Tells of Life As War Prisoner By Cedric Thomas
  • Prize Winner Gives His Concept of Art By Mel Lockey
  • Caps and Gowns To Be Distributed
  • Inquiring Reporter. Campus Snoop Reveals Student Tastes In ¿¿Modern?? Music Run The Gamut By Jack Condon

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  • AFTER MORE THAN TWENTY FIVE YEARS in the Navy, Alfred Serio studies at MCC. Bob Almanzo Photo
  • Dave Ramsay

Página 7

  • Drama in Frustration.

Página 8

  • Cagers Get Uplift: Win Two in Practice
  • Poised Jefecitas Bowl at Hot Pace By Ralph Johnson
  • In This Corner Umps, Judges, And Refs Have It Rough By Pierce Travis
  • Azteca Netters Seek First Top Season
  • Tennis Talk By Tim Spangler

Pies de foto

  • READY RACQUETEERS of the Azteca Varsity Tennis Team are out to win! Members (left to right) kneeling are Lorenzo Freccio, Fred Hoffstetter, and Don Leavitt; standing are Bruce Jackson, Bryce Thompson, Dr. Charlie Lindley, Tim Spangler, and Clayton Carlson.
  • DISPLAYING FORM he'll show in the coming MCC table tennis tournament is William Drevant. A large number of students have signed up for the tournament which will consist of on "A" and o "B" division.
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