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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 10.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

viernes 3 de mayo, 1957

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  • Ramsay Awarded Grand Prize in Show By Melbourne Lockey
  • MariachisWill Be Feature of Free Student Mixer on Patio
  • Graduation Ball Set For May 17
  • Publicity Coming OFF U.S. Presses
  • Academic Prowess Puts 50 on Honor List
  • Explorers at Jaina Make Important finds
  • Offer Scholarships To Grad Librarians

Pies de foto

  • MCC ARTISTS (left to right) Bert Ramsay, Doug Nelson and Gene De Smet contemplate two of the Eighth Annual Student Art Exhibition prize winners: Ramsay's rugged "And It Vomited Out Jonah Upon the Dry Land" and Gene De Smet's "Still Life.'
  • IN THE CONTINENTAL HILTON HOTEL beside one of their collages, made of hundreds of small bits of colored paper of various textures, are Robert David Ramsey, Assistant Professor of Design and Pointing at MCC, and his wife, Theo. Elsa Wachter, wife of MCC's Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Merle Wachter, also helped with the decorations for the exclusive, new hotel. The trio constructed sixteen collage murals (a technique used and popularized by Picasso) for the halls and suites. They depict the cavalcade of Mexican history from pre-Columbian to Colonial times and make major use of gold and prown colors.

Página 2

  • Can We Rationalize Laws?
  • Man Does Not Exist Alone M. L.
  • From the President's Desk
  • Chagrined Students Attempt Spanish By Jack Condon
  • Letters To The Editor

Página 3

  • Newman Club Plans Big Activity Schedule
  • New Art Classroom Fulfills Many Needs
  • Johnston Elected Press Club Head
  • Spanish Review Courses Are Now Being Offered
  • Extension Division Holds Commencement Exercises
  • Dale Lee Now in Japan
  • Larry Gara Publishes 'Westernized Yankee'
  • Faculty Forms A New Society

Pies de foto

  • NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS of the Press Club are Sandra Johnston, president; and (standing, left to right) Ira Lewis, secretary-treasurer; and Tom Held, vice president. Dick DaPont Photo
  • RECENT VISITORS to the Mexico City College campus were the student teachers from WILLIMANTIC STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE in Willimantic, Connecticut. The group is currently visiting Mexico. After an extensive tour of the Km. 16 campus, the group posed on the MCC terrace for this picture. Seated are Dr. C. Francis Willey, Associate Professor at Social Science; Noey Geno, Program Chairman for the Mexican trip; Agnes Hetu, co-chairman of the Mexico tour; Gerry Joyce, co-chairman of the Mexican Tour; and Mrs. Mertelle Larcombe supervising teacher at Willimantic State Teachers College. Dick DaPont Photo

Página 4

  • Priest Tells of Three Years Spent in Russia By Lucinda Alsobrook By Lucinda Alsobrook
  • Grad of the Week. Oregon-Born Schade Sightsees at MCC By Henry Trujillo
  • Combined Musician and Creative Writer Traces Development of Modern Jazz By Cedric Thomas.
  • Improvements Made in Restaurant Menus
  • Repair Hut for Use In Student Gatherings
  • Mata Marries
  • Alumni Notes

Pies de foto

  • FATHER JOHN O. BRASSARD, a student of Spanish at MCC, spent
    three years as an American priest assigned to a parish in Moscow. Dick DaPont Photo
  • FORMER MUSICIAN WILLIAM BURWIG, who still has the air of an alto saxophonist contemplates his newly begun creative writing career at MCC.

Página 5

  • Know Your Faculty: Art Prof Restores Colonial Buildings By Frances Brad
  • Mexico City Alumni Association Forming
  • McRoberts Flies to School

Pies de foto

  • Jim Dupuis
  • Alexander von Wuthenau

Página 6

  • MCC Auto Racer Wins Trophy, Pesos
  • Varsity Keglers Drop Three Close Games By Ralph Johnson
  • Being A Joiner Can Be Dangerous By Pierce Travis
  • Tennis Talk
  • Ex-Aztecas Visit Campus
  • Athletic Committee Meets

Pies de foto

  • NELSON SCHWARZ'S winning a sober match recently enabled him to compete in a national tournament that will determine the participants for the Central American go1nes.
  • CHUCK BALDWIN, young MCC auto racing enthusiast, gets ready to start the Avándaro sports car race in which he won 2,500 pesos. Dick DaPont Photo
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