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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 9.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D.F

viernes 12 de abril, 1957

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  • Eight Annual Student Art Show Will Open on April 25
  • PAA Selects Six For Training
  • Administrators To Visit U.S. at Easter Time
  • Spring Registration figures Total over 750
  • Cortines Honors MCC Lawyer
  • Murray Attends ATC Conference
  • Elmendorf Elected to Local School Board
  • Literary Magazine Goes on Sale Soon

Pies de foto

  • NICE! The artists seem to be in agreement as they discuss a critique on an exhibition for the Eighth Annual Student Art Show. From left to right are Dove Ramsey, instructor; Fred Marvin, Jeryl DaPont, Carol Friedman, Don Rowan, and Frank Hursh. Dick DaPont Photo
  • "KEEP SMILING" seems to be the motto of the Spring Quarter Student Council officers. The recently elected executive council includes: seated Shirley Patton, corresponsing secretary; Tom LaCascia, president. Standing are Jack Condon' vice president; Charley Stidham, treasurer. Not shown is Sally Johnson, recording secretary.

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  • Some Liberal Arts Colleges Are Strictly Play... Not MCC
  • From The President's Desk
  • Erich Remarque Works Probe Effects of War By Bob Stoul
  • Drama Production Receives Applause By John Bryan

Página 3

  • Elsa Wachter Opens New Type of School
  • Colorful Ceremonies Mark Easter Here By W. L Sherman
  • Cuevas Has Sell-out Show In New York Art Gallery By Willard B. Bennett
  • Ebersole Appointed To Illinois Univ. Staff
  • Former Students Sell Stories
  • More Magazines For MCC Library
  • Anthro Students Work on Island
  • Gets OSU M. A.
  • Cafeteria Contemplates Changes in Menus

Pies de foto

  • IN THIS SCENE from The Passion Play at lxtapalapa, Christ is being led to His trial. The Passion Play .is. given throughout Mexico during the Easter season and is similar to the presentations at Oberommergau. Marilú Peace Photo
  • ELSA HOLDEN DE WACHTER is pictured with her daughters the two most important distractions to her work of directing her newly formed school of floral arranging. The distractions are Thalia Marie and Tatzyana Sue.
  • WITH A SUDDEN EXPLOSION, "Judas" is blown apart and the people rejoice at the destruction of evil.

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  • Suburb Observes Resurrection Text and Photos by Marilu Pease

Pies de foto

  • Dressed in native costumes, their arms loaded with flowers, these children line up for the start of the procession.
  • Flower vendors in the churchyard make a sole to two MCC coeds.
  • On El Jueves de las Amapolas the altar is arranged to represent the garden where Jesus Christ appeared to Mary Magdalene.
  • All of the village household birds in their flower and ribbon trimmed cages are hung inside the church to further enhance the feeling of being in a garden.
  • One of the outdoor altars erected in the four corners of the churchyard (above).
  • The overflow from the church listen to High Mass while kneeling in churchyard (left).
  • Three MCC students admire the China Poblana and Charro costumes worn by these Mexican children (below) .
  • All dressed up in INDITO costumes, the children wait for the procession to start

Página 6

  • College Clarified Probation Policies by Administration By Dale Young
  • Monkey Business
  • Reunion Picnic Planned by SLU
  • Teaching Oportunities Available in Latin America J. R. Trujillo
  • Tourists Warned Of Pronunciation

Pies de foto

  • "Well, according to Darwin..."
  • "But i only cut class 17 times"
  • "Perhaps not, but in 'The Collegian' it said..."
  • "But i like Mexican beer"
  • "Iwonder just how may Entamoeba histolytica this has?"
  • "¡Qué Monita!"
  • RADCLIFFE VISITORS touring the MCC campus are Mrs. Clinch trustee at Radcliffe College (second from left); Mildred Sherman (fourth from left), Dean of Humon Relations; and a friend of the visitors, Mrs. Lloyd Harris (far right). Also shown are Fred Lauerman, Student Alumni Director (extreme left}; Dr. John Elmendorf, Vice President and Dean of Faculty at MCC (center); and Ana Elena Ogarrio, who holds an M. A. degree from Radcliffe College and is assistant professor of history at MCC (second from right). Dick DaPont

Página 7

  • Campus Probe Reveals Modern Art Critics By jack Condon
  • New Program Aims At Aiding Grads
  • Grad Of the Week: Kemp Working in Sao Paulo By Sandy johnston
  • New York Alumni Chapter Holds First Meeting of Former MCCers
  • Hayman Takes OFF For Madrid
  • Alumni Secretary Weds

Pies de foto

  • FRED ERNEST KEMP, III, a Mexico City College M. A. graduate in Latin American Studies, takes a long look at the Campus before he leaves for Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is employed by the Masey-Harris Ferguson of Toronto, Canada. Marilú Peace Photo

Página 8

  • In This Corner... By Pierce Travis
  • Sports Program Gets Underway By Ralph Johnson
  • Tennis Talk By Tim Spangler

Pies de foto

  • DR. C. A. LINDLEY, College Sports Director, proves why bowling is one of the college's most
    popular sports. Dr. Lindley plays with the Faculty team in the intra-mural league.
  • LES KOENNING, during the days when he was pitching for the champion College Aztecas. Les weds in May
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