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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 6, No 11.

México, D. F.

jueves 9 de julio, 1953

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  • Club Riviera Dance Features Style Show
  • Weckmann Work Off Paris Press
  • Mowery To Judge T.I.P.A. Entries
  • June Grad Wins Smith Scholarship
  • Ellison Show At Galería Saloncito
  • Many Nations On Summer Roster
  • Parmley Heads Workshop Group

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: A dolazo is being performed by novillero Juan Maldonado (with the cape) while another novillero, Julio Ortiz makes a charge with the training horns. This was part of a demonstration of bullfighting techniques that was held recently in the Patio. Sixty-two visiting students and teachers from William Crisman High School, Independence, Missouri, were also present at this afternoon display of bullfighting talent.
  • Foto 2: J. Milford Ellison painting the famous cathedral in Tasco.

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  • President's Desk
  • Music In Mexico

Página 3

  • Varied Fields Of Study Bring T. C. U. Group Here
  • Press Club Meets, Elects Officers
  • News From The Graduate Office
  • Faculty Increases With Increased Enrollments
  • College Librarians Attend Convention

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: First day of school for the theachers workshop and some of the guests at the opening day lunch gather in the patio. They are, left to right, front row, Betsy Shaw, Oberlin, Ohio; Inez Ashley, Byron, Mich.; Jeanne Evans, Nashville, Tenn.; Evelyn Wilson, Rural Retreat, Va.; Kay Rainwater, San Diego, Cal.; Gladys Bryant, Chickasaw, Ala.; Gladys Gooch, Smyrna, Tenn.; Sarah Whitten, Lewisburg, Tenn.; Ruth Davis, Stephenville, Tex.; Velma Smith, Banning, Calif.; Ofelia Byars, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mary Godfrey, Wichita Falls, Tex.; and Frances Frane, Portland, Oreg. Back row members of the first workshop session this summer are, left to right, Don Saba, Tucson, Ariz.; Michaele Mitchell, San Diego, Cal.; Cathetine Winter, West Berlin, N.J.; Iris Schreiber, Leaf River, Ill.; Anne Dirksmeir, San Diego, Cal.; Doris Norian, Flushing, N.Y.; Barbara Prouty, San Diego, Cal.; Doris Sutton, Sheridan, Wyo.; Margaret Holmes, Ord, Neb.; Irma Luethe, Portland, Oreg.; Bruce Keim, Berkeley, Cal.; Louis Hogan, Kerrick, Minn.; A.D. Weier, Monahans, Tex.; Rosa Maloney, Milwaukee, Wis.; Eleanor García, San Antonio, Tex.; Katherine Frane, Portland, Oreg.; and Nell Parmley, director of the entire workshop program.
  • Foto 2: A few of the members of the T.C.U. group directed by Dr. John Hammond. Seated left to right: Bill Thompson, Eugene McCluney, David Howell, Dorothy Eddins – all from T.C.U. – Beverly Lebman, Trinity University. Standing, Johnny Holland, T.C.U.; Lionel Sehlank, Dartmouth; Luois Fox, T.C.U. and Dr. John Hammond. Eleven others are included in the group.

Página 4

  • Explorers Lap Of Five

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Members of the New World Archeological Foundation expedition to the jungles of Tabasco pose here for the inevitable portrait before returning to civilization. Left to right, they are John Sorenson, of Brigham Young University; Paul Finninfer of MCC; Gareth Lowe, Brigham Young; Román Piña Chan of the Museo Nacional de Antropología; Bill Sanders, assistant director of Harvard; and Pedro Armillas, director of MCC and the Escuela Nacional de Antropología.
  • Foto 2: This low mound rising out of the tropical vegetation near Sigero, south of Huimanguillo, Tabasco, conceals the remains of an ancient pyramid upon which religious rites were celebrated before the white man ever came to America. According to Pedro Armillas, who in the first six months of this year saw enough of them to make him an authority, this picture could be used as an illustration of any one of hundreds such mounds found by his expedition. Most, however, are nearly concealed by vegetation, which is why this one was photographed.

Página 5

  • Finish First Year Project

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: The ancient ball court at Siguero, Tabasco, is explored by means of a stepped trench. Paul Finninger, MCC graduate student of anthropology, stands at right of trench supervising the work. The explorer's beard is now just a memory and Paul has fled from the jungle heat to the fresh summer breezes of Topeka, Kansas.
  • Foto 2: Both this year's and next year's excavations are centered upon the Grijalva river. The expedition is seen here making a difficult bit of headway upriver through the rapids of Cartagena, with everyone out for towing and pushing. Jungle growth in the background gives some idea of the difficulty faced by archeologists searching for ancient habitation sites now abandoned for centuries to the rank forest.

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  • Dr. Hammond Joins Staff
  • Dr. Murray Becomes MCC President At June Ceremony

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Shown receiving gold key from Dr. Murray for outstanding leadership and citizenship in the school is Hertercene Turner, now in the graduate school and President of the Student Council. Left to right, looking on are: the Honorable Francis White, Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, Dean Elizabeth López, Dr. Henry L. Cain and Lic. Germán Fernández del Castillo.

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  • Swiss Designer At Art Center
  • Versatile Canadian Finds Contrasts Here

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Georgetown School of Foreign Service students attending the summer session at MCC are shown leaving the orientation assembly held during the first week of classes. Among the twenty-three enrolled are shown from left to right, Wendell Gingrich, Robert Di Ciero, John C. Zielinski, Harold P. Stephens, Kevin Digan, Howard Sweeney, Alfred Alden, Carroll Thompson, Albert Zimmerman, Roberto Fernández, Jacques Lemoine-Fauteux, Peter Hanagan and Michael Whelan.
  • Foto 2: Katie Muse

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  • Professor de Galindez Jonis MCC Faculty

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Lic. Jesús de Galindez, lecturer in government and political science at Columbia University, joins the MCC department of government and interamerican relations as visiting professor for the summer quarter.
  • Foto 2: Hon. Charles Pierre Herbert, Canadian Ambassador, receives MCC students whose homes are in Canada and students who have attended school there. Left to right, Constance Parsons, St. John's Newfoundland; Annie Smallman, Vancouver, British Columbia; Lila Schmidt, Vancouver, B.C.; Ambassador Herbert Donlon Havener, who attended the University of Toronto; Jacques L. Fauteux, Nont-Rolland, Quebec; Noble Power, Montreal, Quebec; Carolyn Harder, Westmont, Quebec; Fred Kemp, who served three years in the Canadian Army; Eve Parsons, St. John's, Newfoundland; J.E. Paul Jolicour, Montreal, Quebec; Abraham Ekstein, who attended McGill University; and Martin Tufts, London, Ontario.
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