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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 6, No 12.

México, D. F.

jueves 23 de julio, 1953

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  • Texas Honor Received by Dr. Murray
  • Press Club To Publish View Book In August
  • Calif. Accepts Studio Stages to Present MCC Masters "The Skin of Our Teeth"
  • Annual Photograph Exhibit At Saloncito

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Donald Sanborn, MCC photography instructor, third from left is shown explaining photographic techniques to Harold Rudel and Constance Parsons, on the right, as the photography class made preparations for its annual exhibit which opened Monday night at the Art Center's Galeria Saloncito. George Hempe and Eve Parsons are standing to the left of Sanborn (Photo by Dick Potts).
  • Foto 2: Members of the Latin American Workshop Group are shown on their recent trip to the Pyramids at San Juan Teotihuacan (Photo by John Paddock).

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  • Books Need Pages
  • President's Desk

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  • Authorities Lecture On Psycghology Of Mexican People
  • Elena Picazo Murray Returns From Tour Of Europe

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Student Council members for this term gather in the student lounge of the patio. First row, left to right, Barbara Grey, Gilbert Layton; second row, Dick Parthenais, John Ford, faculty sponsor Mrs. Lou Carty, Randy Miller, Hertercene Turner; third row, Ramón Alvare, and Jay Wilson (Photo by Dick Patts).
  • Foto 2: Members of the Latin American Workshop having lunch in the nearby picnic grounds after climbing the Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Photo by John Paddock).

Página 4

  • Man Against Beast In The Art Of Bullfighting

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: The hours of training for a bullfighter are long and arduous. Here Miguel Ángel, the popular blond novillero, practices the beginning movements of a pase de pecho with the muleta or red cloth used during the last part of the fight. Carlos Monter, himself a brilliant young novice, uses the training horns. The scene is the ring of the Plaza México, biggest bullring in the world (Photo by Marilu Pease).

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    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Alfredo Lezama, one of this season's top novice stars, performs a derechazo, right-hand muleta pass. The bull follows through the cloth, horns ready to pass Lezama's legs, missing him by a fraction of an inch. The man's body leans into the pass, but the feet remain planted firmly on the ground.
    • Foto 2: John Fulton Short is the outstanding North-American novillero in action on this side of the Atlantic. Here he performs a verónica, basic cape pass. The suit he wears in this picture is the one worn by bullfighters for benefit fights, exhibitions, and appearances in small bullrings as well as the testings of the bull -- tientas -- on the breeding ranches themselves.

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    • Rotary Fetes Distinguished Guests
    • Mixer Dance A Success
    • Northwestern Professor Interested In Mexico
    • Forbes Opens One Man Show
    • Guest Lectures For Music Class

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: At the famous old fountain on Chapultepec Avenue are students here for the summer with Miss Alma Phillips of the teaching staff of Peabody College. Back row, left to right, Frank Maxwell, Wayne Gill, John Bilgere, Medora Irion; second row, Jean Evans, Iris Scheriher, Gladys Bryant, Sara Whitten, Gladys Gooch, Janille Costner, Alma Phillips; first row, Evelyn Wilson, Kay Winter, Joan Sanford, Laura Brown; seated, Billie Kugkendall, Consuelo Hidalgo, and Jackie Anderson.
    • Foto 2: Dr. James N. Murray

    Página 7

    • Frané Sisters Plan Study In Various Countries
    • Traveled Parisian Prefers American Type Schools

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Edgar Nixon
    • Foto 2: Odette Richard

    Página 8

    • Former Maryland Gridder Appointed Azteca Coach

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Jai-Alai player hits ball with fingernail-shaped woven basket known as cesta.
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