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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 6, No 13.

México, D. F.

jueves 6 de agosto, 1953

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  • Anthropology Program Undergoes Realignment
  • U.S. Teachers Studying Here In Workshop
  • Newman Club Will Hold Summer Dance
  • Press Club To Present Medea
  • Alumni Post To Be Headed By Joe Nash

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Planning activities for the students who will attend the Newman Club Summer Dance are club dance committee members who will welcome guests at the August 8 fiesta. Left to right, seated, Julie Rasplock, Betty Ann Burdick, Mary de Booy, Ann Seminara. Standing, Al Haddad, Dick Parthenais and Red Mulligan.
  • Foto 2: Rehearsing a scene set in Atlantic City, members of the cast of "Skin of Our Teeth" are preparing for the show which will play August 19, 20 and 21. Standing, Jean O'Malley and Tom Finnegen. Seated, Trov Williams, Donna Postlewaite, and Betty Smithers. Earl Sennett is directing the play which will be presented in the round.

Página 2

  • Student Council, MCC Coordinator
  • President's Desk
  • Music In Mexico

Página 3

  • Rossi-Lemeni Grants Exclusive Interview
  • All Girl Cast Appears In Three Act Comedy

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Sara Chieurel
  • Foto 2: Inge Heilbronn
  • Foto 3: Maria Cristina Gurria
  • Foto 4: Chris Muñoz
  • Foto 5: Lilia Anaya
  • Foto 6: Rossi-Lemeni shown in role of Boris Gugunoff
  • Foto 7: Mary Bolton

Página 4

  • Summer Workshop At MCC

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: At Teotihuacán – "the place where all go to worship the gods" – is the Pyramid of the Sun, one of the most impressive monuments in the Americas. Almost 700 feet at the base, it rises to a height of over 200 feet. Built of adobe bricks from refuse of an earlier epoch, the exterior is faced with volcanic stone and covered with plaster, or pre-Spanish cement (Photo by John Paddock).
  • Foto 2: Wherever one focuses a camera in Mexico, spectacular pictures are the result, and for movies and color shots the whole country is exciting subject matter.
  • Foto 3: Prize-winning scrapbooks on Mexico are dispayed by the winners in the workshop sessios just closed. Left to right, Barbara Houston, Lena Reed, Frances Frané and Catherine Frané.

Página 5

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Handwoven scrapes made of bright wool, gray jackets embroidered in yarn are bought from street vendors.
    • Foto 2: In the National Museum of Anthropology teachers from San Diego are impressed by an 800 year-old statue which formerly held up a temple to the Toltec gods.
    • Foto 3: Aztecs carved this figure out of solid stone five centuries ago. Now MCC summer students marvel at its splendid design and expert workmanship.
    • Foto 4: On their trip around Mexico City, Workshop students stop to admire the Churrigueresque facade of the Sagrario Metropolitano just east of the Cathedral on the Zócalo.
    • Foto 5: After five weeks of studying Mexican folk dancing, students perform the Jarabe Tapatío before an interested audience in the MCC patio.

    Página 6

    • LAES Offers Varied Program To Members
    • Librarian Park Impressed By High Standards At MCC

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Wilmer E. Park, visiting librarian, gives instruction in the use of periodical indexes to Alicia Perales who will enter the library school of Kent State University, Ohio, in September.
    • Foto 2: Ken Johnson
    • Foto 3: Jack Miller
    • Foto 4: W. Stanton Forbes shown with some of his works exhibited at a recent one man show at the Mexican-Northamerican Cultural Institute.

    Página 7

    • Betsy Smith Learning Art Of Bullfighting
    • Spanish Major Lauds Unique MCC Methods
    • Student Tells Of Berlin

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Betsy Smith practicing capework with instructor, Joe Rosales, right, and a visiting novillero, center, assisting.
    • Foto 2: Dr. Shubael Beasley
    • Foto 3: Alexander Tscherney

    Página 8

    • Azteca Gridders Open Practice Next Week
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