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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 6, No 14.

México, D. F.

jueves 20 de agosto, 1953

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  • "Skin Of Our Teeth" Now Playing
  • Etching And Textile Exhibit At Saloncito
  • Commencement Set For Next Wednesday

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Donna Postlewaite
  • Foto 2: Tom Finnegan
  • Foto 3: Jean O'Malley
  • Foto 4: Betty Smithers, Troy Williams
  • Foto 5: Dr. Robert G. Caldwell
  • Foto 6: Arranging fabrics and selecting prints for the silk screen and etching exhibit at the Saloncito are, left to right, Frank Wight, Rodger Brancato, etching instructor Lola Cueto, and Thea Ramsey.

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  • Sheepskin, Unique Graduation Feature
  • President's Desk
  • At Home... Abroad

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  • Allen Discusses Drama
  • Press Club Sponsors Literary Contest

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: At the Tourist Department of the Mexican Government, members of the MCC Workshop in Latin American Culture meet department heads, Alfonso Villaseñor (center) and Ezequiel Godínez who presented everyone present with pamphlets and literature on Mexico.
  • Foto 2: Pat McClatchey

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  • MCC Men Study Remote Area

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: On the typical trail the party enters the valley of San Felipe, near Valle Nacional in the northeast corner of the state of Oaxaca. Such splendid isolation has both charms and disadvantages.
  • Foto 2: Robert J. Weitlaner, left in the picture above, pauses for portrait just before leaving Chiltepec, which is accesible by car, for San Felipe de León, which definitely is not. Howars Manson is the center figure; at the right is the guide who accompanied them to San Felipe, Guadalupe Martínez of Chiltepec. In the picture below are the village officials of San Felipe de León holding their staves of office according to old indian custom.
  • Foto 3: San Felipe is a dispersed settlement; here is the uncrowded central plaza. From left: church, rectory, town hall.
  • Foto 4: One of the villafe personages is el brujo (the witch), to whom is entrusted medical care, largely of magical type, and probably also the casting of a hex upon an unpleasant neighbor if one feels the need of using such a procedure.

Página 5

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Below at left, a Chinantec fishing with a hand-made net. The fish are small but important in their largely vegetarian diet. Like most Mexican Indians who have abundant water, the Chinantec bathe daily.
    • Foto 2: Cotton is grown, cleaned, spun and woven in the village. Here, left, a vigorous 87 year-old lady beats it with sticks over a cylinder of reeds covered with leather; then, below, she spins thread. Below right, another woman weaves by hand. The gorgeous red-decorated huipil she wears is everyday dress in the Chinantla. In the burial at bottom right, hwoever, imported sheets are used for shrouds.
    • Foto 3: Suspension bridges made of vines like that at left now survive in Mexico only among the Chinantec and the Mixe. This is a private one, leading to a hillside cornplot (above). Brush and trees are cut and burned; their ashes enrich the poor soil enough for a single corn crop, after which it must be left 10 to 15 years to recover. Thus, remoteness and dispersion of the village are necessities. There is no surplus for trade, and a small village needs much of this poor land to live on. Below, the church is no fancier than the other buildings in San Felipe.

    Págia 6

    • Rice Professor Here This Term
    • "Seventeen" Features Study By Art Center Student

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Three faces, in which ex MCCer Peter Marks tried to capture the feeling of the Indians of Mexico, their characteristics and their heritage. In his works, he has used the reds -- "red at the bullfights, the red of the torero's muleta, the blood and the brilliant red blast of the trumpet. The browns–infinite shades from the chalky tan of adobe to the intense umbers and siennas of the Indian complexion. Yellows -- bright and dazzling sunshine, rich and antique gold of church altars".

    Página 7

    • Few Changes In Fall Faculty
    • Bolton Sisters Experts In Numerous Fields
    • General Is On Campus To Study Spanish

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Pausing on the homestretch are shown six B.A. candidates, from left to right, William H. Geppert, John Dewar, Roy Mason, Charles Berger, Halina Wainer, and June Williams.
    • Foto 2: Elizabeth and Mary Bolton
    • Foto 3: General C. S. Ferrin
    • Foto 4: A patio chat with Professor de Galíndez, second from left, includes seniors Ken Johnson, extreme left; Donald O'Malley and Stam Orrell.

    Página 8

    • Azteca Gridders Will Travel North

    Pies de foto

    • Foto 1: Al Lópezn
    • Foto 3: Head football coach Tom Chisari, who assisted Marvin Gray last year in the directional duties of the Azteca football team, is pictured above as he wil appear to the 1953 squad. Coach Chisari relates that he will be relying heavily upon the 60 minute lineplay of 200 pund guard Joe Rosales, one of the few veterans returning to grid play this year. Rosales, at the coach's side, has been a three-year selection in the Mexican All Star team that competes in the annual Azteca Bowl game against North American contenders.
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