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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 16.

México, D. F.

jueves 13 de julio, 1950

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  • Cain Returns From Europe
  • Martha Pauley Dies Suddenly
  • Barn - Dancing Storms Campus
  • MCC - Occidental Scholarships
  • Distinguished Officials Make Inspection Tour
  • Chicago Visitor Meets Faculty
  • Prof. Barlow On Sick Leave

Pies de foto

  • Dr. J. M. Godard, executive secretary of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Institutions of Higher Education (right), chatting with Registrar Mildred Allen and Dr. Albert Bork Dean of Men. Dr. Godard is one of a committee of three educators from the Southern Association who visited the campus last week.
  • Mary Pollock
  • Malú Block

Página 2

  • Cain's Trip
  • AVC Members See Documentary Films
  • Know Your Faculty
  • Many Mambo At Mixer Dance
  • Tips On Mexico

Página 3

  • Library, Under Direction Of Alice Dugas, Makes Impressive Strides Forward
  • Noguera Speaks To Anthro Club
  • Report By Chancellor Hutchins Of Chicago

Pies de foto

  • A group of those who celebrated at the mixer dance held recently at the Club Hispano-Mexicano where everybody had a marvelous time and new and old students enjoyed getting acquainted.

Página 4

  • Current Activities In The Arts
  • Coward Play, "Madwoman" To Form Comedy Festival
  • Leonora Carrington Designs "Madwoman" Sets And Costumes
  • Calendar Of Events
  • Drama Of The Barrett Family Revived By Mexican Company
  • Writing Center Students Of Promising Calibre

Pies de foto

  • Leonora Carrington, young English artist, who is donig the stage sets for the "Madwoman of Chaillot". Miss Carrington's paintings have been exhibited in numerous cities in the United States as well as in Mexico.
  • Clustered about Margaret Shedd are a small number of the fifty students enrolled in Mexico City College Writing Center.

Página 5

  • New Equipment Purchased For Science Dept.
  • Information Gals Hold Up Under Question Barrage
  • Artists Plan Second Annual Exhibition
  • Novilleros Mourn Joselito's Death
  • Education Prof Praises College

Pies de foto

  • Not all of the students here this summer from the great state of Texas appeared to have their picture taken, but shown here are a few boosters: first row, left to right, Billy Poindexter, Miriam Vann, Robert Clark, Vivian Orr, John Thornton, Nell Parmley, visiting professor of education from the State Department of Education: second row, Virginia O'Bryan, Lawrence O'Bryan, Gerald Holloway, Robert Oliver.
  • Shown here are 33 of the 47 Georgetown Foreign Service students studying here for the summer quarter. They are, left to right, first row: Alfred Porrazzo, Cecil Barr, Thaddeus Sieron, Harry Freiter, Robert Weber, Bernard Poirier, and James Clancy. Second row: James McMillen, John Boyle, George Varros, Arturo Martínez, James Taylor, John Ragland, and Ed Rapechi. Third row: Edmond Morrisey, Eugene Byrne, Charles Omans, Donald Burton, Robert Blacke, Brewer Newton, Donald Regnell, George Olsen, John Belder, Leon Draps, and Homer Davis. Fourth row: Louis Wolcott, Edward O'Brien, John Courtney, Harry Jacobs, John Stahl, George Linabury, Joseph Ferruai, and Bob Zimmerman.

Página 6

  • UNESCO Director Explains Organization's Objectives
  • Campus Personalities
  • Spanish Idioms Slay Newcomers
  • Dauchat Tells Tales Of Trip

Pies de foto

  • Some of the hundreds of students who danced to Larry Son's music at the recent Mixer Dance.
  • Doing the "aleman left" are part of the 150 MCC students and their friends who turned out for the first Square Dance Party held in the patio on June 28. Similar dances are being held every Wednesday evening in the patio, under the supervision of Coach Engman and sponsored by his Recreational Leadership class. Several new square-dances are being taught at each get-together.

Página 7

  • The Collegian Sports Parade
  • MCC's Bullfighting Expert Explains What It's All About
  • Aztecas Continue Their Sloppy Ways But Win 2 Of 3 To Prove It Pays
  • New Mentor Arrives
  • Keglers Move Out In Front

Pies de foto

  • Coach Byerly
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