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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 17.

México, D. F.

jueves 27 de julio, 1950

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  • Annual Art Show Set To Open At Reforma
  • Noted Scholars Honor Murray
  • Officials To Set Standards
  • Catalogue Out Next Week
  • Discipline Committee Recently Organized
  • Shearer Will Give Lectures
  • Gonzalez Acts As Dept. Head
  • TCU Professor To Visit Here

Pies de foto

  • The 1000th student to register at MCC this summer is Flora Elizabeth Stafford pretty co-ed from SMU, Dallas, Texas.
  • "Six days out of this world". One of the exciting sets designed by Leonora Carrington for "The Madwoman of Chaillot", which opens August 15. The Carrington decor creates a penetrating mist-mood with extra dimensions. Studio Stages is justifiably proud of this new addition to stage art.

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  • Know Your Faculty
  • Ortega Renowned For Her Musical Accomplishments
  • Tips On Mexico

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  • Seen at a reception recently given at the University Club by the Directors of MCC honoring representatives of the Southern Association of Colleges are: first row, left to right, Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. J. M. Godard, Executive Secretary of the Association; Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas de López, Director of Admissions at MCC; Dr. L. H. Hubbard, chairman of the Association Commission on Institutions of Higher Learning; Dr. H. L. Cain, President of MCC; Dr. M. C. Huntley, Dean of Faculties at Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Dr. Pedro Bosh-Gimpera, Director of the Division of Philosophy and Humanities of UNESCO; second row, Dr. Pablo Martínez del Río, Director of the National School of Anthropology and member of MCC's Anthropology Department; Paul V. Murray, Dean of MCC and Mrs. Jack Richmond, Mexico City newspaper woman.

Página 3

  • Pepinazo Proves That Old Soldiers Never Die

Pies de foto

  • A group of MCC's visiting faculty members gathered at the University Club reception. They are, left to right, Dr. H. V. Williams from Baylor University; Dr. Melville J. Ulmer, Editor of Survey of Current Business, in Washington D.C.; Prof. De Flores from the University Of Washington; James Warnock, from Stanford, Margaret Shedd, head of the Writing Center; Nell Parmley from the Texas State Department of Education; and C. A. Boehrer, well-known specialist in Brazilian History.
  • They may be studying for the summer at MCC, but their old Indiana spirit still thrives. These three Indiana University students looking forward to the annual Hoosier vs. Purdue Boilermakers classic football battle aer Jack Wade, Alfred Hee and Les Morris.

Página 4

  • Current Activities In The Arts
  • Calendar Of Events
  • Writing Center Notes
  • "Mad Woman" Plays August 15, 16 and 23

Pies de foto

  • Cartoonist Cuevas indicates the crowds of critics, art enthusiasts and well wishers who will undoubtedly be present at the second MCC annual art show to open August 14 at the Reforma Hotel.

Página 5

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Legends Of The Streets Of Mexico

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  • From Denver University are pictured (first row, left to right) Hugh Davis, Louise Fauset, Florence Cronin, Harry Mallot; (second row) Dan Blount, Lillian Walsh, Alfred Morgenroth, David Cronin.

Página 6

  • MCC's Bullfighting Expert Explains What It's All About
  • Life At MCC Agrees With Students
  • Enlarged Anthro Publication
  • Jiménez Moreno Will Speak Of August 9

Pies de foto

  • Shown here are some of the students from Illinois College who are studying here for the summer. They are (l. to r.), first row: Jack Wilson, Paul Clavey, Arnold Rosen, and Joan Clymir. In the second row (l. to r.) are Bob Murrin, Dick Clark, Larry Miller, Roland Kriznecky, and Bill Leahy.

Página 7

  • Archaeology Group Visits Teotihuacan Site
  • MCC Students In Accident
  • Martínez Arrives From Georgetown
  • Embassy Speaker At Newman Meeting
  • Grad Directives In Booklet Form
  • New Grammar Is Off Press
  • College Club To Entertain French Ambassador

Pies de foto

  • A very much alive group of Mexico City College students are seen listening to Dr. Pedro Armillas on the Street of the Dead at Teotihuacan. The group is on one of the numerous stairways of the Citadel surrounding the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.
  • Nanying Stella Wong, of San Francisco, Caif., who recently won the Richard Raoul Duval scholarship to the Writing Center.
  • Some of the visitors from Notre Dame at MCC for summer quarter include the above group snapped in the Patio. Front row: John R. Barrett, Florence Clarke, Charles Crowley; back row: Dennis Crowley. Theodore DeLyra and Riley Bell.

Página 8

  • The Collegian Sports Parade
  • Keglers Hold Tight In Boliche League
  • Incidentally Speaking...
  • Aztecas Complete Undefeated Round
  • Twilight League Re-Organized
  • You Looking For Something To Do?
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