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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 18.

México, D. F.

jueves 10 de agosto, 1950

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Página 1

  • Famous Artists Choose Entries For Exhibition
  • Carrasco Publishes History of Otomies
  • MCC Men Called To Armed Service
  • "Madwoman Of Chaillot" Opens Next Tuesday
  • Notre Dame Prof. Will Visit Here

Pies de foto

  • Gloria Sokol - Constance. "Who me? Why, I'm as sane as...?"
  • Ruthann Franco - Gabrielle. Timid, shy, gracious, nuts.
  • Elsie Escobedo - The Madwoman. She's got lots of company.
  • Selma Harris - Josephine. Did someone say fruitcake?
  • Earl Sennett - Director. Also mad...
  • Ed Torrance

Página 2

  • Campus Personalities
  • Know Your Faculty
  • Tips On Mexico

Pies de foto

  • Eugene F. Deutsch and William Geiger are here from Rutgers University.

Página 3

  • AHS Alumni Star In Play
  • Final Round Of Golf Tourney On August 14
  • Dr. Ernest Shearer Enjoying Faculty And Students Of MCC
  • Reaney Winner Of Scholarship
  • Working On New Constitution
  • Finds Sociology Vital Subject
  • Barlow Honored By Franciscan Academy
  • To Belgium For Ph.D.
  • Exhibit By Faculty Of Art Department

Pies de foto

  • Dr. Ernest C. Shearer, head of Latin American Studies at the University of Houston (Center) with Dean Paul V. Murray and Dr. H. L. Cain. Dr. Shearer is giving a series of lectures here on "The Impact of World Trends on the Americas".
  • Walter Reaney
  • Faith Ryan

Página 4

  • Current Activities In The Arts
  • The Story Of Mexican Music Is The Story Of Song
  • Cine Club Shows Excellent Films Of All Nations
  • Sculptress, 16, Enters Works
  • Pulitzer Award Winner In Cast
  • Climent Joins Art Faculty

Pies de foto

  • Señora León Ortega
  • Helen Escobedo
  • Enrique Climent

Página 5

  • Shaw Will Teach At Cal.
  • Local Students Have Varied Experiences
  • Students Who Want Transcripts Forwarded Must Comply With Grad School Regulations
  • Varied Career For Writer

Pies de foto

  • Students from the Empire State, New York, are: front row; Armand Cocco, Elizabeth E. Wachtel. Anne M. Garges, Milt Lampell, Edna Minsky, Kathleen Easling. Back row; Charles J. Omana, John P. Barrett, Ray Crooke, Ted de Lyra, Fred Reilly, Burton Feiner.

Página 6

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Woman Mad Has Play Cast Glad
  • Psychiatrist To Address Center On 'Machismo'

Pies de foto

  • From California, the state that has sent the greater number of students to MCC are: front row left to right: Victor H. Morales, Grant W. Miller, G. Rahm, James P. Carter, Edmund J. Robins, George Booth. Center row; Kay Dunn, Frank de Luna, Alma McCormick, Bob Barkley. Top row; Joseph Long, George Wright, D.W. Berry, Anne Dorsey.

Página 7

  • Pleasure Dog
  • Cueto Etchings Going To Press
  • Knock Knock Who's Where
  • All The Bull

Pies de foto

  • At a recent luncheon at the University Club given by the directors of the College in honor of Dr. Jerome Moore, Dean of Texas Christian University. Left to right: Mrs. Paul V. Murray, Dr. Manuel Martínez from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Dr. Moore, Dr. Henry L. Cain, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas de López.

Página 8

  • The Collegian Sports Parade
  • J.D.E. Utters Last Words On Parting
  • Aztecas Are Champs Of Primera Vuelta
  • Incidentally Speaking...
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