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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 19.

México, D. F.

viernes 18 de agosto, 1950

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  • Council Meetings Open To Entire Student Body
  • A.B. Candidates File For Degrees
  • Tong Sponsors Dance Tonight
  • Exhibition Is Big Hit; Attracts Art Notables
  • Diverse Group In Grad School

Pies de foto

  • The eminent judges for the Art Show pose with Merle Wachter, director of the Applied Arts Department of the College. Left to right; Mr. Wachter; Margarita Nelkin, noted critic; Jorge Palomino, critic; Carlos Mérida, famous Mexican artist, teacher and author. They are discussing the first-prize-winning sculpture entry.
  • Dillis Knapp won second prize in the painting class with his well executed "Woman With Dark Hair". The judges found it extremely difficult to decide on the first and second prizes.
  • Bob Barkley, youthful Mexico City College student from Lancaster, California, poses with his prize-winning entrier in the Second Annual Art Exposition of the Mexico City College Art Center. Barkley won first prize in painting, and third prize and honorable mention in sculpture. He had not studied art before enrolling at MCC.

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  • Know Your Faculty
  • Tips On Mexico

Pies de foto

  • Henry Hagan, Pittsboro, N. C., split third place in painting with a highly interesting painting in Vinylite, an abstraction of a haunted house. This painting also won the popular prize.
  • David and Thea Ramsey, Mexico City College students from Chicago, were a prize-winning husband and wife team. David placed first with his drawing "Sleeping Mexican", and Thea took first with her fine etching of a head.

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  • Sidelights On Prize Winning Artists In Annual Show
  • Weckmann Leaves For France
  • Prof To Travel To Washington
  • Author Off To See Publisher

Pies de foto

  • Edward Gibbons
  • Leroy Smith, Mexico City College art student from Jamaica, Long Island, was in a tie for third place in the painting class in the Second Annual Art Exposition of the Mexico City College Art Center. He poses with his interesting "Water Power".
  • Officials of the MCC French Club who planned the recent reception in honor of M. Gabriel Bonneau, French Ambassador to Mexico, and Mrs. Bonneau. (left to right) Alicia Woodrow, food committee chairman; María Elena Zelaya, secretary; Hugh Harter, vice president; Madame Germain Dauchat, faculty adviser; Thomas Palmer, entertainment committee chairman; Yolanda Shad, welcome committee chairman; Louise Faucet, who gave two dramatic poem presentations in French; Margo Dávalos, president.

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  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Pepinazo Inaugurates New Field Of Humanities And Hard Knocks

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  • Student Of The Week
  • Endsley, Leader In MCC Athletics
  • Around The Campus
  • Carty Releases Co-Ed Data

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  • Leon Elie
  • Rear guard action. Nervous Artists, unable to wait for the decisions of the judges of the Second Annual Art Show, climb up on lockers to watch the proceedings -- and make a nice picture. Identification from this view is impossible.
  • Johnny Endsley
  • At the reception given by the French Club in honor of M. Gabriel Bonneau, French Ambassador to Mexico and Mme. Bonneau (Left to right) Dean Paul V. Murray; Mrs. Murray; Hugh Harter, vice president of the club; Margo Dávalos, president; Mme. Bonneau; M. Bonneau; Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford; and Mme. Germaine Dauchat, faculty adviser.

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  • The Collegian Sports Parade
  • MCC May Accept Shriners' Bid
  • Mexico City College To Meet U.N. This Fall in Liga Mayor
  • Hitless Wonders Again Walk To Victory Over American School
  • Tio Sam Calls Alex

Pies de foto

  • Here, in a picture taken before a recent game at American School, is most of the motley crew (technically known as the Mexico City College Aztecas) which won the first round softball championship of the Twilight League and is tied for the lead in the second half. Back row, standing, left to right, are: Ismael Valdivia, Alex Esquivel, Dean Murray, Ruben Carvajal, Dick Pierpont, Roger Brothers, and Ernie Brown. Front row, Johnny Endsley, Dick Clark, Hank Chávez, Al López, "Red" Mackey, Bill Berkenheger and Joe Plett. In the foreground, wearing the big "M" jacket, is "Pablito" Murray, mascot and son of the Dean.
  • Alex Esquivel
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