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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 8.

México, D. F.

viernes 3 de marzo, 1950

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  • College Matadors Face Bulls Tomorrow
  • Pay Homage To Masaryk
  • Increasing Enrollment Causes Course Changes
  • Four Gringos Try Luck At Rancho Del Charro
  • Toni Nigra Awarded Beauty Queen Title

Pies de foto

  • "Joselito" González, novillero who has been training the MCC bullfighters is wishing "Duffy" Rogers good luck when he enters the ring to kill his bull at the Charro Festival tomorrow.
  • Toni Nigra

Página 2

  • Fraternities Or Not?

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Von Wuthenau Visits Duke Of Windsor
  • B.A. Candidates Petition For March Degrees
  • Barrios Collects Old Tales Of Indian Beliefs In Magic

Pies de foto

  • Runner-up in the Campus Beauty Contest is Alda Zannoni
  • Photo by Brody. Professor Barrios collecting linguistic material from a native in Xaltocan.

Página 4

  • Popular Prof. To Return In Spring
  • Art Not Always Beauty - Amador
  • Entertain At Teas For Ohio Girls And Veterans' Wives
  • Students Edit Poetry Mag

Pies de foto

  • Alberto Amador
  • Engraving by courtesy of Novedades. A tense moment from the recent production of "Murder In The Cathedral" presented by Studio Stages. The scene depicts the tempters accusing the Archbishop of treason against the king. From left to right are: John Hermann, Ken Post, and James Connelly, priests; Abel Franco, Lowell Hurst and Chris Hamilton, tempters; Ruthann Franco, Titina Misrachi, Cleo Terrazas, and Selma Harris, women of Canterbury; and kneeling is Luis Unzueta, Thomas A. Becket.

Página 5

  • Exciting Show At Clardecor
  • Whitbourn Speaks On Shakespeare
  • New Legitimate Theater Going Up
  • Sennet Tells Festival Plans
  • Calendar Of Events

Pies de foto

  • "Nueve, Nueve, Nueve", oil on canvas. One of the delightful fantasies by the young English painter, Leonora Carrington, now on view at Clardecor galleries. The show will run for fifteen days.

Página 6

  • Poets, Athletes, Tourists Inmates Of Durango 93
  • Peterson Joins Exploring Unit
  • MCC Career Followed By Sanchez Sisters
  • Cressey Guest Of MCC Dept.
  • Enrique Rivas Publishes Poems
  • Hot-Shots Set For Varsity Go
  • Mexico Holds Definite Lure For Registrar

Pies de foto

  • Spectators, well-woshers, and bulfighters who will appear at the Rancho del Charro for tomorrow's bullfights.
  • Mildred Allen

Página 7

  • Extension For Social Research
  • Drama Lectures Precede Plays At Institute
  • Poverty Stricken Children Receive School Supplies

Pies de foto

  • Prominent professional women in Mexico, members of the Altusa Club, snapped in the patio after a conference with Dean Murray relating to arrangements for tomorrow's festival. Left to right: Eulalia Guzmán, Consuelo R. de Aldag, Estela Álvarez Gayou, Herlinda T. de Saenz, Judith Mangino. In center Robert Blanchard and Wayne Rogers, two of the four intrepid MCCers who will face the bulls on Saturday at the Charro Ranch.
  • Donlon Havener
  • Doroty Bourek
  • Parks Klumpp
  • A bevy of MCC coeds who will be cheering the four student-bullfighters in tomorrow's Charro Festival, the charity drive for the Otomi Indians. Alice Smith, Carol Cassler, Alicia Woodrow, Hannah Bach, Patsy Adam, Rosalee Hale, Tex Madison, Toni Nigra.

Página 8

  • Sports Editorial
  • Highlights Of Intramurals
  • Spinning The Sports Sphere With The Coach
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