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Mexico City Collegian - Alumni Edition

Vol. III, No 7.

México, D. F.

miércoles 15 de febrero, 1950

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Página 1

  • Prettiest Girl For Entrant In Spring Fiesta
  • Local Actors In Two Plays
  • Students Learn Ancient Speech
  • Sweethearts Dance To Son's Music At Bugambilia Club
  • "Murder In Cathedral" Opens On Wednesday
  • Expect "Janus" This Week
  • Latin Rhythms In Patio Class

Pies de foto

  • Earl Sennett, Director
  • Edward Torrance
  • Christopher Hamilton, Third Tempter
  • Luis Unzueta, Thomas A. Becket.
  • Lowell Hurst, First Tempter
  • Abel Franco, Second Tempter

Página 2

  • On Air Tomorrow
  • Club Round-Up
  • Plan Complete Village Survey

Pies de foto

  • George Washington, at heart, was an MCC'er (at least our cartoonist thinks so).

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Mrs. Carty Plans Women's Social And Athletic Program
  • Prodigious Pepinazo Publishes Dictionary
  • Rodeo "A Las Tejas" Is Exciting For Buckeyes

Pies de foto

  • Friendly Rivals in the news paper game, above are members of the Economist staff, MCC's economiscs journal - Standing: Prof. Raymond Pelissier, faculty adviser; Hank Watson, editor; Prof. John M. Ryan, faculty adviser. Kneeling are: A. Blair, circulation manager; Justin McKeever, executive aditor; Stan Berngartt who is contributing aditor, busines manager, and staff photographer. Not pictured are: Don Patch, feature editor and Frank Kalmbach, Joe Modelski, and Rueben Salcedo, research adtios. Foto por Stan Berngartt

Página 4

  • Alumni Engage In Travel, Work, Study
  • Maestros Pioneer In Growth
  • Sketch Early Days When MCC Was At 131
  • Theater Group Studies All Phases Of Experimental Drama
  • Former Student Plans To Become Medical Missionary

Pies de foto

  • At a banquet in the old days of June 1946 at the Chapultepec Restaurant. Students feasting here have vanished from the present classrooms, but scrutiny reveals a few familiar faces of administrators and faculty -- Dr. and Mrs. Henry L. Cain, Elena Picazo Murray, Dean Elizabeth López, Carmen Ibáñez de Rivas, Carlos Bosch García, Dean Murray can be recognized at the extreme left.

Página 5

  • Donations Aid In Growth Of The Library
  • American High Graduates Now On MCC Roster
  • MCC Enrollment Now Over 900
  • Graduate Alumni Found In Many Professions

Pies de foto

  • Gathered informally on the Cain building roof are Student Senate officers. Standing, from the left, are: Sal Zavala, Mr. Gagnon, Frank Hyde, President Justin McKeever, Cleo Terrazas, Jim Smithers, and Prof. Raymond Pelissier. Kneeling: Hank Watson, Pat Pease, and Red Mulligan.

Página 6

  • College Personalities Snapped In Action On The Campus

Pies de foto

  • The growth and expansion of cosmopolitan Mexico City College during its ten-year existence have necessitated four buildings, additional personnel, and new activities to accommodate its continually increasing student body. Viewing from left to right, at the top: (1) Vice President and Dean Paul V. Murray confers with his secretary, Mary Meyers. (2) Mrs. Elizabeth T. de López who is now Dean of Undergraduate Studies. (3) President Henry L. Cain is dictating a letter to Pat Olson. (4) Discussing an application for registration are Registrar Mildren Allen and Anamaría Gómez. (5) In their Cain building offices are María Elena Quijada, Treasurer Mildred Rowland and Griselda Mejéa. (6) Under the co-direction of Dr. Lorna L. Stafford (insert), and Dr. José Gaos in the Graduate Office are Mary Price, Roy Packard and Chela Jones. (7) The quartel sharinf offices in the patio at the Murray building are Sra. Angela Gaos, Housing Director; football coach Dave Engman, Ana Elena Ogarrío, Placement Director; and Dr. Luis Weckmann, History Professor and assistant to the Dean. (8) "Business as usual" finds Ana Elena Elías Villasante, Armando Haro Guzmán, College Business Manager Ricardo Camargo, and Roberto de la Peña discussing the budget. (9) Between classes finds the usual rush to the patio snack bar, now under the management of Roberto de la Peña, for coffee and a doughnut. (10) The trio of beauteous brunettes who keep the records straight in the Undergraduate offices are María Sánchez Mejorada, Luz María Magallón and Anamaría Gómez. (11) The general view of the "biblioteca", under the direction of Chief Librarian Alice M. Dugas (insert), does not show the Periodicals, Circulation and Reference sections. (12) Part of the "gang" that helps to put out the Mexico City Collegian (the others must be camera-shy) are Faculty Adviser Brita Eowwn, Toni Nigra, Paul Malia, Gordon Metz, Kenneth Sorenson, John C. Williams, John Endsley, Alice N. Smith, James Goodwin, Sylvia Maltzman and Laura V. Smith. (13) Last but far from least is Frank Hyde peering over the counter of the Bookstore he manages.

Página 7

  • Current Activities In The Arts
  • Calendar Of Events

Pies de foto

  • Merle Wachter, art instructor, explains some of the line points of painting to Ralph Gray of Broken Bow, Nebraska, as he puts the finishing touches on his abstraction of a girl and a crown.

Página 8

  • Student Mutiny Launches Good Ship "Bounty"
  • New Buckeyes Join Returnees
  • Former Grads Study In France
  • Aftosa Lures MCC Students
  • Club Members Visit Ruins
  • Muncey Prefers "Horsey Set"
  • Studying in the Libe

Pies de foto

  • Of the seven MCC Collegiennes who are competing for the title at "Reina de los Estudiantes" in conjunction with the Mexico City Spring Festival from left, Shirley Crane, Patsy Adam, Toni Nigra and Alda Zanoni. Not pictured but in the running are: Lee Makinson, Rae Howells, and Pat Eñelaski.
  • Students concentrating on heavy tomes in the college library which now consists of well over ten thusand volumes, an increase of about two thousand over last year. Total expenditure for the past fiscal year amounted for approximately 120,000 pesos.

Página 9

  • Studio Stages' Play
  • Artists Plan Club Opening
  • Reporter Makes Survey Of Campus Married Couplets

Pies de foto

  • A rehearsal scene from "Murder In The Cathedral" showing the Archbishop of Canterbury, portrayed by Luis Unzueta, being greeted by the women of Canterbury, enacted by Cleo Terrazas and Selma Harris, at left, Ruthann Franco and Titina Misrachi, at right. Playing priests in this 12th-century drama are James Connelly, Ken Post and John Herman.

Página 10

  • Spinning The Sports Sphere With The Coach
  • High-lights Of Intramurals
  • The Passing Review Of MCC's '49 Sports Feats
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