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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 6.

México, D. F.

miércoles 1 de febrero, 1950

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  • Swetheart Dance Coming Up Soon
  • T.S. Elliot Drama Set To Open On February 21
  • Witty Remarks Characterize Student Assembly Speeches
  • Profs To Attend Chicago Meeting
  • Visiting Registrars Make Survey Of College
  • Mambo Popular At Mixer Party

Pies de foto

  • The student body of MCC turned out en masse for the student assembly held at the Ritz theater on January 19. Dr. Cain, President of the college, Dr. Tharp of Ohio State, and Ricardo Camargo, business manager, at the extreme right, listen intently to the student speakers.
  • Gathered around a table at the University Club during the Student Mixer Dance, from the left in front are: Mrs. James B. Tharp, Mrs. Henry L. Cain, Mrs. Salvador Martínez de Alva, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Stafford and Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Lopez. In back, engaged in conversation are: Mrs. Elena Picazo de Murray, Dr. James B. Tharp, founders of MCC Dr. Cain and Dean Murray are evidently discussing business.

Página 2

  • M.A. Candidates Prepare Papers
  • Chairmen Call Dept. Meetings
  • Institute Invites Local Students To Varied Programs

Pies de foto

  • An interesting view of an iceskater made of wire and copper. One of the many pieces on exhibit in the art department made by the well-known Mexican sculptor, German Cueto, who is instructing Advanced Sculpture.

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Library Gets New Magazines
  • "My Son, Pablo" Now Member Of MCC Faculty
  • Lincoln Story Illustrates Greatness Of American Hero
  • Library Gets New Magazines

Pies de foto

  • Members of the Student Senate making merry at the Student Mixer Dance they sponsored at the University Club on January 20. Left to right in the rear row: Justin A. McKeever, Cleo Terrazas, Henry A. Watson, Sara Emily Watson, Sal Zavala, Mrs. R.F. Pelissier and Prof. R.F. Pelissier, the Student Senate Faculty Advisor. In the front row, left to right: Stanley Berngart (not a member of the Senate don't know how he got in), Pat Pease and "Red" Mulligan, the dance chairman for the Student Senate.

Página 4

  • Choose Pepinazo Half Man Of Half Century
  • Fernandez Writes History Of Art
  • Novelist To Begin Writing Center Here This Summer

Pies de foto

  • Thinkers all! The photographer caught students deeply absorbed in thought while listening to one of the speakers at the student assembly held in the Ritz on January 19.
  • Margaret Shedd

Página 5

  • Campus Clubs Indicate Variety Of Interests
  • Radcliffe Grad Heads Bureau

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  • At the convent of Acolmán, a group of MCC students saw century-old religious relics during a pleasant day's outing sponsored by MCC Tours. From left to right, first row: John McDonald, Lucie Fitzpatrick, Joyce Apte, Barbara Skinner, Ruth Ann Zeune, Madelaine Cooke, William Herbert, Mary Gaughan, Catherine Mahoney, Colen Thomas and Marth Michaels.

Página 6

  • For Your Information
  • Barlow's New Book Is From Paris Plates
  • Mexico By Motor Tour To Start February 8

Página 7

  • On St. Valentine's Day Not All Are Gay
  • Camaro Calls Cash Case Critical
  • Spanish Maestro Publishes Works
  • Prof. Prefers Philosophy To Domestic Problems
  • Heiliger Made Library Head
  • Licenciada Allen Offers Course In U.S. Law

Pies de foto

  • Adela Artola de Allen
  • Moods from gay to philosophic are reflected in the faces of this group of MCC students as they faced the camera at the Mixer Dance held at the University Club on Friday, January 20.

Página 8

  • Sports Spots
  • States Pass Bonus Laws for EX-G.I's
  • Psychology Major Compiles List Of Employment Opportunities For Graduates
  • Mme. Dauchet Reveals War Experiences

Pies de foto

  • Germaine W. Dauchet
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