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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 4.

México, D. F.

miércoles 18 de enero, 1950

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  • Big Enrollment Brings Changes
  • Prominent Educators Visit Local Campus
  • Dr. Stafford Placed On Cultural Commission
  • Read Papers At Congress

Pies de foto

  • Young, attractive and -- bright! Here on scholarships with the Ohio State Group, Marilyn Ritchie, at left, is utilizing the Mexico - Ohio Scholarship given by the Ohio "Winter In Mexico Club". At the right, Joan Youtz is on an Ohio State Scholarship awarded by Dr. Henry L. Cain, Dean Paul V. Murray, and Dr. James B. Tharp, Director of the group.

Página 2

  • Discussion Group Takes Second Step
  • Library Service News
  • Diplomat Heads New International Relations Dept.
  • Econ. Club Asks Aid In Drive
  • Senate Makes Winter Plans

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Feder Gives Course On Marriage, Family
  • New Courses And Instructors At MCC
  • Zamora Aids Library Project
  • Failure To Register With Mexican Govt. Brings Heavy Fine
  • Tips To Students

Pies de foto

  • One of the many stone abstract pieces of sculpture by the famous Mexican sculptor, Prof. German Cueto, now on exhibit in the Art Department through January 27.

Página 4

  • Pepinazo, In Sedan Chair, Accosted By Teetotaler
  • MCC Student Sells Stories
  • Bosch Writing Scholarly Book
  • Survey Of Grad School Alumni
  • Yale Man Here To Head Dept. Of Education
  • "Murder" Postponed Until February

Pies de foto

  • By John C. Williams

Página 5

  • Sculptor Added To Art Faculty
  • Drama Festival Set For March
  • Scientist turns to Philosophy

Pies de foto

  • In Ohio State University's fifth annual "Winter Quarter In Mexico" pilgrimage, a majority of the 50 students in the group are pictured. Sitting, from left: Hy Eisenbert, Bill Wallace, John Hummon, Robert Buyer, Marvin Kelner, Jimmy Page, Richard Booher. Second row: Dr. James Ed Tharp, Group Director; Catherine Mahoney, Mardty Huske, Betty Zeidner, Irene Orthwin, Nancy Goodman, Joyce Madison, Inez Okun, Pat Foy, R. Barchert. Third row: Mrs. James B. Tharp, Marilyn Ritchie, Joan Youtz, Marynor Mieding, Betty Yavorsky, Dick Friedman. Fourth row: Mrs. Davis, Paul Widmar, George Jouriles, Bob Swisher, James Scheiman, Richard Rice, Robert Maier. Fifth row: Harry Draxler, Barry Staup, Jerry Scheiman, Tom Ostrander, Paul L. Wilson.

Página 6

  • Trip To Yucatan Shows Unusual Side Of Mexico
  • Sees Country On Horseback
  • Students Receive M.A.'s With Honors
  • For Your Information

Página 7

  • Campus Clubs Plan Varied Activities For Winter Term
  • Investigate Ancient Legend
  • New York Palls After Mexico

Página 8

  • Pirates Win Post Season Game
  • Liga Mayor Champions Of 1949
  • Strong Trinity Squad Defeats Mex. All-Stars
  • Instructors Complete New Spanish Books
  • Note The Bell
  • Champs To Tangle With St. Ambrose
  • Sports Spots

Pies de foto

  • Football Squad: Back row: Coach Engman, Gordon Metz, Oscar Cruz, Rog Brothers, Joe Smith, Jack "Soldado" Arriola, Alex Esquivel, Fernando Lara, Rodger Anderson, Ernie Valdovinos, John Lectka, Bob Schilling, Don Mullin, Belmar, Manager John Hoffman. Center row: Jerry Muesenfechter, Joe Rosales, Roy Reich, Larry Mertz, Buz Sonnier, Clyde Fluitt, Victor Sosa, Joe Roldan, Jorge Marena, Charles Lectka, Manuel Pastor. Bottom row: Don Goza, "Bo" Oliver, Fernandez Mathey, "Moe" Williams, Gene Lepper, "Macho" Galnores, Earl Votaw, Alf Lopez, Henry Sroka, Sal Zavala.
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