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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. III, No 9.

México, D. F.

lunes 17 de abril, 1950

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  • Director Of Admissions Leaves For Convention
  • Reads Paper In Boston
  • Czech Leaders Thank College
  • Survey Indicates Women's Wants
  • Registration Breaks Previous Spring Record
  • President Cain On World Tour
  • Earl Sennett Plays Role Of Caligula
  • Old Students Lured Back

Pies de foto

  • Dr. Vaclav Laska, right, ex-minister to Mexico from Czechoslovakia, speaking at the Masaryk's celebration. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Philip Raine, wife of the Cultural Attache of the American Embassy and Dean Paul V. Murray.

Página 2

  • Jose Colegio Trapped
  • Skip Assembly This Quarter

Página 3

  • From The Dean's Desk
  • Lacamones Losing Lives
  • Aztec Tongs Form Here
  • Lowell Harmer Hits Big Time Markets
  • Pepinazo Publishes Doubtful Dictionary

Página 4

  • Drama Students Score Success
  • Art Triumph For Richard Ericson
  • Calendar Of Events

Pies de foto

  • Leon Abbey
  • Dolly Deady

Página 5

  • Spanish Instructors Granted Leave For Summer In Europe
  • Interesting Bridal Customs Of Indians Told By Barrios
  • The Gods Walk
  • Women's Survey
  • Semana Santa Celebrated By Prayer And Pageantry
  • Expert Instructs Course In Weaving
  • Cain's Trip

Página 6

  • College Doctor Versatile Man
  • Opportunities For Inexpensive Travel For Students
  • Youth Argosy
  • New Profs For Next Term
  • Former Students In Europe Under Fulbright Act
  • Anthropology Club Notes
  • Car Watcher In Need Of Centavos

Pies de foto

  • Dr. G. Nelson Furbeck
  • From: The Little Foxes. Left to right: Vic Morrow as Leo, Gene Gerzso as Regina, Abel Franco as Ben, Ed Torrence as Oscar and Titina Misrachi as Alexandra. Play was presented at Bellas Artes last month during the International Drama Festival.

Página 7

  • Brave Bulls Meet Gringo Brawn
  • North Americans Move Into Traditional Latin Art
  • Organize New AVC Chapter.

Pies de foto

  • MCC's student bullfighters just before their first trial of the ancient and misunderstood sport. Their uniform is that always worn at benefit fights. Carrying capes in the front row are the four matadors (left to right): Bob Blanchard, Duffy Rogers, Les Findlay, Wally Minard. Showing over Findlay's shoulder is the face of Morrie Burns, who did cape work.
  • GI Wally tests, with the cape, the first, roughest bull of the afternoon, to see how he charges. He charges beautifully. The white sticks in the bull's crest were placed from horseback.
  • Bob Blanchard makes a good "paso por alto" with the muleta and award. The bull jumps strongly, but Blanchard stands his ground, feet together, and the bull takes the cloth instead of the man.

Página 8

  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • The Boys On The Bowling Front

Pies de foto

  • As Joe Nash sets for a hopeful strike in the recently ended bowling tournament, some of the oter participants watch to see the pins fly. Left to right -- Tony Pinto, Bob Ellis, Ed Kujolic, Coach Dave Engman (at scorer's table), Oscar Kogan, Dennis Lazzarotto, Al Lorimer, Ralph Walters, Eddie García and Joe Nash.
  • Ray Kory, the sharp-eyed hoopster playing with William's Wildcats, is seen galloping his way downcourt in a game against Mullin's Maulers. Players see left to right, Dick Friedman, Moe Williams, Joe Cerra, Gerry Muesenfetcher, Bud Post, Paul Crowley, Ray Kory, Joe Prett.
  • Mullin's Maulers (Joe Cerra, Paul Crowley, Don Mullin, Ernie Brown, Bus Post) as they line up before one of their play-off games in the recent intramural league. All were later chosen by Coach Engman to play on the varsity team.
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