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The Collegian

Vol. 24, No 4.

University of the Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

miércoles 17 de marzo, 1971

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  • Here's your free press

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  • Self-study or whitewash?
  • Don Mezcalito
  • Collegian poetry corner Tequila
  • Can you dig it? Two grocery stores , Popo and the Indians
  • Book Review. A drop-out looks at life In the USA
  • Letters, we get letters...

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  • 'Masks' are her theme
  • World's largest possum discovered on UA campus
  • Safari en las américas. Otra victoria para burocracia en la UA
  • YO YOs stage comeback at UA (No- - the other kind)
  • Coordinated community relations program needed

Pies de foto

  • MASKS is the theme of Marcella Slezak's latest painting exhibition, now at the UA Learning Resources Center. Miss Slezak, Assistant Professor of Applied Arts and Art history, "returned to color" with this exhibition, after leaving painting to take up sculpture and woodcarving restoration.
  • WALT

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  • Ballet to basketball, pot to protest: UA; 1970-71

Pies de foto

  • AVANT GARDE dance at the UA will comprise a special section of the Azteca. The fluid motion of the dance is caught in this timed exposure
  • APATHY? Well, yes, but there were moments when UA students decided to make themselves heard.
  • UP FOR TWO goes Fred Hare, one of the mainstays of the UA basketball team this year. The Poblanos excelled on the courts all season.
  • INTRAMURAL SPORTS went big at the new UA campus. UA students competed against each other in soccer, basketball, tennis and flag football, and also took on competitors from Mexico City and Puebla.
  • FRIENDS,ROMANS ... Philosophy Prof Don Davidson makes his point during a meeting \vith UA students.
  • INDIAN ART of the early post-conquest era is reflected in this cross at the famous convent of Acolman, near the ancient city of Teotihuacán, about an hour's drive from the UA.
  • "WHY," students asked in a series of meetings last fall in which some UAers tried to begin a dialogue with the Administration
  • GRASS MEANT TROUBLE for more than one UA student this year. The casualty rate was kept for a while on the bulletin board in front of the student center.

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  • Villagers give cool reception anthro major on Popo
  • San Miguel swings, but stays unspoiled
  • Arellanos named security chief
  • UA co-ed digs darkest Africa
  • BaiIa la Bamba: UA dancers visit the place where it all started
  • If this Is where It's at, I want to be somewhere else

Pies de foto

  • A STATELY cathedral dominates the zocalo of historic San Miguel de Allende, a favorite spot for UA students seeking an interesting off-campus weekend. San Miguel is one of Mexico's
  • TEOTIHUACAN, "The place the gods built,"an hour's drive from the University of the Americas, is one of many archaeological sites regularly visited by UA students. Those shown here are enrolled in the UA's Institute in Mexican Culture, a special program offered each quarter for students with a limited time to study in Mexico.
  • PAT

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  • UA art display opens
  • Students asked to join study
  • Embassy advice on campus
  • UA Joins AASCU study program
  • New degree offered
  • Students pay us a visit
  • Jump club to start
  • Alumnos observan Día de la Bandera

Pies de foto

  • UA ARTISTS put their work on display in Mexico City this month in the 22nd annual UA Student Art Show. Entries ranged from abstract
    painting to sculpture.
  • DESFILE DE PERROS - the annual initiation of freshmen from the Engineering School of the University of Puebla - took place on the UA campus last month, bemusin·g more than one UA student who had heard that the outlandish behavior of Americans had upset staid, conservative Puebla.
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