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The Collegian

Vol. 24, No 3.

University of the Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

miércoles 17 de febrero, 1971

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Página 1

  • You can ship Joe out of the country, but...
  • UA study to chart curriculum changes
  • Recibira nuevo equipo el "tec"
  • Enrollment jumps again
  • UA sets art show
  • UA Revenges Dorados takes tourney second

Pies de foto

  • SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION is made much easier in the Tech with the acquisition of new equipment through a series of gifts. Here one of the many chemistry students is seen perforn1ing a class experiment. (Photo by John O'Leary.)
  • GIFT TO ORPHANAGE. Richard Raskins presents a shoe making machine to Señora Alicia Arojo, head of the Lopez Mateos orphanage in Puebla. (Photo by John O'Leary.)

Página 2

  • Gringo Alley... a bad trip
  • Don Mezcalito
  • Witty, weeful yarn of modern South A Drive With Ossie
  • From our readers
  • Advice, dissent y relajo
  • On-campus bust...
  • one student's 86-hour nightmare

Página 3

  • Cholula shrouded in prehistoric mystery
  • Music, food, beer & thou provide scene at Animo
  • Poblano arts. La Luz... favorite tourist spot
  • Con nuevos estudiantes, mayor interes en deporte y cultura "SAFARI EN LAS AMERICAS''

Pies de foto

  • ONE OF THE LATE NIGHT sights seklom seen by UA students is the "Pancake Lady" of Cholula who sells her wares at the many circuses and fairs that come to town. (Photo by John O'Leary.)
  • THE ANIMO RESTAUNT seen in one of its off days is an evening favorite for those who like to get the most for their money. A speciality of the house being beer by the pitcher and the famous "comida corrida". (Photo by John O'Leary.)

Página 4

  • UA goes intramural

Página 5

  • Cool reminder Swim pools near campus
  • Gringas: proceed at own risk
  • Veteran racer. Biker freak cruising UA scene
  • Stas. say 'No' But mean ...

Pies de foto

  • UA STUDENT Jim Redfern tries to make a date with a senorita while customary chaperon looks on. (Photo by John O'Leary.)
  • LIFE AND LEISURE. Frolicsome UA students take time out to enjoy the heated pool of "El Balneario San Juan," a favorite meeting place for students. (Photo by John O'Leary.)
  • WHEELS OF FIRE! Student Mark Azierski takes a short pause in his swift pedaling on the UA campus. (Photo by Dana Millikin.)

Página 6

  • Debts freeze vet loans
  • Poster contest for students
  • Experimental this quarter. New grading system for art majors
  • Students aid suffers blow
  • Tapes to aid linguistics study
  • UA "hippy" invasion angers, bewilders Cholutecas
  • Student club in Cholula
  • Groups explore Mexico

Pies de foto

  • THE HEAD OF QUETZALCOATL in the foreground is one of the many sights seen by the Ohio and AASCU groups on a recent tour of Teotihuacan. Mr. William R. Swezey is seen with outstretched arm as he conducted the tour of the Pyramids (Photo by John O´Leary.)
  • RELAXED INTENSITY- Art students enjoy working in the Cholulan sun and grass in the courtyard of the UA art center. (Photo by John O'Leary.)
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