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The Collegian

Vol. 24, No 2.

University of the Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

viernes 12 de febrero, 1971

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Página 1

  • McBride honored by UA
  • New student dean named
  • UA joins honor society
  • Brita Bowen Dies
  • Porristas atacan alumnos
  • Voting here can be fun
  • Collegian seeks new name
  • 58 legal changes up for approval

Pies de foto

  • POBLANO Guillermo Marquez goes for two points against top ranked University of Chihuahua in the battle for the Mexican Intercollegiate Basketball Championship. The Poblanos took an early lead, but then trailed to the end, 82-70.
  • Miss Bowen
  • Sra. de Solórzano

Página 2

  • Government or folly
  • Names, please
  • An outside view: What IS a newspaper's role?
  • Opinion estudiantil Bienvenidos, UA
  • Student opinion Latins of the East By Francisco D. A. Mateo

Página 3

  • UA: focus of cultures, ideas by Marvin Bank Professor of Science and Mathematics
  • Dos culturas distintas se encuentran en la UA Por Felipe Cuazitl Teutli
  • Student opinion: Latins of the East
  • A student's view: Good neighbor policy needed
  • Experimento en educación

Pies de foto

  • U.S. AMBASSADOR to Mexico Robert H. McBride, right, is
    congratulated by UA President Dr. D. Ray Lindley after
    receiving an honorary degree at the Winter Convocation.
    (Story, p. 1)

Página 4

  • Past merges into present here

Pies de foto

  • GRINDING CORN for tomorrow´s tortillas, a Cholula woman works by the light of the fire where, below, she looks up to smile as she stirs the family's dinner in a clay pot. (Photos by Dana Millikin.)
  • AN ANCIENT CHURCH, built on the site of some now-forgotten temple, stands out against the Cholula sky. Below, a small boy stands in the gateway to the same church. (Kirt Olsen.)
  • A WOMAN ENTERS the gate of one of Cholula's 70-some as workmen, like the one below, right, work at reconstruction churches, while far beneath another one, three children watch of the great Cholula Pyramid. (Photos by Kirt Olsen.)
  • POPOCATEPETL, highest mountain in Mexico and a mystical symbol to every Indian civilization which has ever risen within sight of it, reaches its show-capped peak more than 17 ,000 feet against the horizon. (Photo by Yvonne Lausell.)
  • IXTACCIHUATL, sister volcano of Popo, street, which leads directly to the UA campus. rises against the foreground of Cholula's main (Photo by Dana Millikin.)

Página 5

  • Puebla rich in history
  • Mexico City scene New voice in town
  • visit to Papa's hangout
  • Dream come true 'Chapel' UA dance palace
  • Dorm regulations relaxed

Pies de foto

  • "PUEBLA'S MAJESTIC"cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous noted for it's colonial architecture.
  • FOLK SONGS of Mexico's Gulf Coast and the Caribbean are the specialty of Silvia Manrique, currently one of the top singing attractions in Mexico City.
  • QUETZALCOATL LEGEND is portrayed by Dance Instructor Constanza Hool and by UA dance students in a ballet choreographed performed on campus last quarter.

Página 6

  • El Tec mira hacia el futuro
  • Tech to be among best
  • False federal agents exposed in Cholula
  • Amendments pass
  • Administration rules SAUA officers out
  • SB officers reappointed
  • Gonzalo bids adios

Pies de foto

  • El INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO es uno los elementos más importantes de la Universidad, un centro de estudios tecnológicos principalmente para alumnos mexicanos.
  • UN PROBLEMA TÉCNICO es explicado por el Ing. Francisco José Orozco, Decano del Instituto Tecnológico, durante una clase para alumnos mexicanos.
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