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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 3.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 15 de noviembre, 1956

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  • Faculty To Show Works
  • Cholula Campus Tour On Schedule Tomorrow
  • Gala Banquet Given
  • For New Ambassadors
  • 3-Day Week Petitioned For Puebla
  • Business Department Announces Contest

Pies de foto

  • DAIRY QUEEN FANTASY?-Nope, it´s one of art intstructor Mario Pérez fantasy canvases which combines both landscape and figurative painting Titled "The Crow", it will appear in the faculty art show which begins Tuesdat in the cafeteria building. Photo by Adrián Acevedo.
  • LIKE PSYCH?-- Don´t miss the psychology symposium-workshop here February 24-27 which (l-r), graduate student Lillian Dubson, Dr. Rafael Núñez, UA psychology department head, and Mrs. Nella Smith, psychology teacher, are enthusiastically discussiong above. Photo by John O´Leary
  • INFORMAL MOMENT-- Dr. Ray Lindley, UA president, seizes a chance to enjoy the joint charms of secretary Nancy Harding and Mrs. Lindley during UA´s festive Order of the ambassador´s banquet held recently at the American Club. Photo by John O´Leary

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  • Artist Tells Fairy Tale of the Future By Merle Watcher
  • What Constitutes A Revolutionary? By Audón Coria
  • Campus Cinderellas Miss Ball
  • 'Hair' Goes Bald In Acapulco

Página 3

  • Vols Reach Peak on Road Tour
  • Basketball Revision Requested
  • Magicians Wipe Out Puebla in Re-Match
  • Cine Club Projected
  • UA Terrace Rocked By Washboard Band
  • Artist Tells

Pies de foto

  • NET RESULTS- Greg Bravard, 6'5'' forward of the Mexico City Magicians, releases the roundball fot two in recent action against Puebla. Following the fast play is Pancho Solórzano. Photo by John O´Leary.
  • AERIAL ACT- Fred Hare of the UA´s Vols snatches rebound out of the hands of a Durango player while several teammates await the outcome of the wrestling match. Looking on from left are Pancho Solórzano, John Chamberlain and Rich La Bare.
  • SOUNDS OF RASKIN- Sweet sounds filtered through the microphone when Dick Raskin sang his interpretation of Donovan´s 'Universal Soldiers' and Leonard Cohen´s 'Suzanne' during UA´s first annual folk festival. Photo by John O´Leary.
  • SHOOT THAM MAN!- Alex Lippert and Bill Aronson, joint inspiration behind the new cinematography club, eye the future optimistically through their new super 8 mm all-porpuse multi-media viewfinder. Photo by Adrián Acevedo.

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  • Vision of Founders Flowers in Puebla

Pies de foto

  • The Roaring Fifties
  • Co-Founders Cain and Murray
  • The Conservative Sixties
  • Construction Begun
  • Round Pyramid of cholula
  • President D. Ray Lindley
  • The Current View
  • Vice President Elmendorf
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