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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 9, No 16.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F

jueves 16 de agosto, 1956

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  • Summer Commencement Set for August 24
  • Pre-Engineering On Fall Agenda
  • Council Arranges Picnic for Study-Worn This Saturday By Chine Smith
  • 'Antigone' Has Three More Performances By Sean Kelly
  • Anthropologists Investigate Streets of Ancient City

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  • A GROUP OF GRADUATING seniors gather to discuss commencement exercises which will take place a week from Friday. They are, left to right, Percy Norris, Birhimington, Alabama; María Luis Sánchez Lara, Sán José, California; John Levan, Springfield, Missouri; John Farris, Seattle, Washington; and Victor Delgado, Jr., San Antonio, Texas. Marilú Pease Photo
  • "Forgive me..."
  • "I am not here to understand..."
  • "I am here to say no to you and to die..."
  • "...you would have been so happy, except for Antigone..." Anne Kelly Photos

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  • The Moment Has Arrived...
  • From the President's Desk
  • Graduating Seniors Have Varied Plans for Future
  • Willa Cather's Biography Relates 'Small-town Girl Makes Good' Tale By Jim Holman
  • MCC Alumni Busy In ''Village"
  • Ten Are Candidates For M. A. Degrees

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  • The Evangelista

Página 3

  • Eighty Students On Dean's Honors List
  • Dancers Aztec's To Mark Capture
  • Hunter Fights Off Jobs To Return
  • Higher Education Costs in U. S. Show Nation-wide Increase
  • Alumni Drive Gets Hearty Response
  • Ex-Student Bob Davis finds It's A Small World By Sandra Johnston
  • Positions Waiting In Foreign Trade
  • René Solís Awarded Harvard Scholarship
  • Former Students on PAA Duty Tours
  • Fall figures Indicate Rise in Attendance
  • Wright's Art Work Being Displayed
  • Volkswagen Purchased For School Business

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  • SPECIAL INDIAN DANCERS pay tribute to their martyred emperor Cuauhtemoc, at festivities in his honor at the glorieta on Paseo de lo Reforma and Avenida lnsurgentes. The annual homage will take place next Tuesday.

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  • Jungle Trip Planned By Six Explorers By Sandra Johnston
  • Czech UN Expert Lecturing at MCC By Sean Kelly
  • Hand Woven Sarapes Are Popular By Eleanor Wilson
  • Dancer Dale Young Featured In Bellas Artes Performance

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  • PERRY DUNCAN, RALPH HERR, Bill Folan, John Nulty, Fred Wilson, and Tay Maltzberger view on a globe the regions of relatively unexplored Venezuelan jungle where they will spend six months, making invaluable notes for future excursions along the Ceroni River. Marilú Pease Photo
  • Dr. Syrovy
  • ONE OF THE highlights of a trip to Mexico is always a buying trip to one of the many shops that specialize in selling native craft items. Here two MCC students are told of the merits of a sarape produced in one of the country's smaller native towns. Marilú Pease Photo

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  • Summer Students See México. Marilú Pease Photos

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  • IN TAXCO, buying silver jewlery in: quaint, tileroofed shops and exploring the winding cobblestone streets of the town are favorite pastimes for summer students, Alice Graham, Phil Ehlers, and Mr. and Ms. John R. Andrew.
  • THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH OF SANTA PRISCA (below) combines old-world grandeur with the simple reverence accorded it by visitors and residents.
  • DOES QUETZALCOATL HAVE A TONGUE? Phyllis Spahr of Cincinnatti, Ohio, is intent on finding out during her visit to the ancient Aztec monument at San Juan Teotihuacán.
  • PERHAPS AN AZTEC PRINCESS once sat on the steps (below) where Alice Graham and Carole Millikan, both of lndianaplia, lndiana, now sit, far behind them is the ancient monument to Quetzalcoatl, most popular of the Aztec gods.
  • ATTIRED IN THE feathered costume of his Aztec ancestor, a dancer (left) pauses to smile for pretty Patricia Marie Moore, a student from De Pouw University in lndiana.
  • THE INTERIOR TRANQUILITY of the Monastery of San Agustín Acolman, its rich gold leafing, shrines and paintings, are admired by. MCC students, making a Sunday visit to the old church.
  • NOW, WHAT IN THE world is it, with a head like a cow and a sacrificial bowl on its stomach? Noami Simpson of Christmas, Florida; Helen Cain of Lonesville, Louisiana;. and Lois Thompson of Sciotoville, Ohio, study the stone figure of a chocmool at the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City.

Página 6

  • People Interesting To Writer Ayala By Willard B. Bennett
  • Econ Prof Menz Is Ham By Bob Stout
  • Grads To Get Real ''Skins"
  • Papier Mache Knight Made by Wasson
  • Explorers Go Into Grottos
  • Weitlaner Involved In Ship Collision
  • New Travel Book Aid To Students

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  • Pete Ayala
  • TALKING TO AUSTRALIANS Hawaiians, or maybe Canadians, John Menz, chairman of MCC's Econ Department, spends his evenings conversing with people all over the world.
  • Borney Wasson and knight

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  • Sound Engineer Has Siberian Assistant By Sean Kelly
  • Aldrich Discusses Living in Europe By Anne Kempton
  • Colonel Berzunza Makes Geography Course Exciting By Elizabeth Bogard
  • Paddock Speaks On Cloud People

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  • ON THE JOB WITH HOUND, sport shirt and recording equipment, Joe Quinn, provides sound engineering for a special radio broadcast from the MCC faculty lounge. Marilu Pease Photo
  • Earl Aldrich and daughter
  • "All THE WORLD'S a stage," for Colonel Carlos Berzunza as he explains the earth's structure and peoples to students in his Economic Geography classes.

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  • The Score Board
  • Cachorros Shut Out by MCC. Les Koenning Wins 25th Game George Koenning, Jorge Woog, Sonny Stribling Also Shine By Jim Monica
  • Fencing Class Unique By A. G. Farnworth
  • Women's Judo Offered

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  • EDDIE AGUIRRE is one of the mainstays on the Mexico City College softball team who has helped earn an invitation to play in the World Softball Tournament. He is shown swinging away in characteristic style
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