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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 15.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 26 de julio, 1956

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  • New Building Will Be Finished by Fall
  • 'Antigone' To Be Staged in August By Ward Sinclair
  • Illinois Art Authority Gives Guest Lecture
  • Intersession Plans Now Completed
  • Dr. Yamuni Back For Next Session
  • Los Angeles Alumni Expands
  • Gourmands Enthuse Over Mexican food
  • Information Available For Absentee Voting
  • Campus Federal Post Office Open
  • June Grad Hired As State Archivist

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  • CONSTRUCTION ON the new science and psychology classrooms passed the 60 percent-finished-stage last week. Officials have promised that the building will be ready for occupancy for the first classes of the fall session. Marilú Pease Photo
  • MEMBERS OF THE Indiana University summer session group at MCC are shown here being serenaded by a trio at Hotel Los Arcos in Taxco before returning to the Hoosier state. From left to right: Anna Burr, Mary Statz, Shelby Hiatt, Alice Graham, Carole Milliken, Phil Ehlers and Jane Gregory.

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  • Studying Goes Beyond Campus
  • From The President's Desk
  • Pocket Books Rare Jewels In Reckless Color Covers By Wiliard B. Bennett
  • MCCers Are Doubtful of Ike's Chances

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  • LUNES DEL CERRO It is in the State of Oaxaca where one can possibly see the most colorful native costumes in all of Mexico if one has the time to visit the seven different regions which comprise this state. However for those who do not have that much time, and happen to be in Mexico during the latter part of July, they can see it all in Oaxaca City, during the yerly Lunes del Cerro. This is a pre-harvest festival which always takes place on o Manday. This year it will be held Monday, July 30th. . . Groups of men, women and children from each region congregate in Oaxaca City, all in the costumes of their part of the State. They bring along their own music, and perform their own dances. Truly something to see, and to photograph.
  • Perrin
  • Travis

Página 3

  • Three Former Students Publish Books
  • Privette Now Editing Boston U. Register
  • Byerly on Staff of California Daily

Pies de foto

  • Donald Demorest
  • True Bowen
  • James Norman

Página 4

  • Cafe Devotees Given Tips On Where To Find Good Food By Denos P. Marvin Photos by Jesse Smith

Pies de foto

  • THE RINCON DE GOYA is a picture of the 1800's, and one of the few restourants in Mexico with an authentic Spanish atmosphere. The management offers special student prices between one and six p. m.
  • THE "BARON" himself is seen here as he attends personally to an MCC co-ed and her date. Joy's boosts a special and unique recipe used in charcoal broiling hamburgers.
  • HOYO 19 on Reforma 432 has fast become a popular student center. Manager Carlos Ochoa personally supervises the flame and temperature of the charcoal grille.
  • THE WHOLESOME Danish atmosphere of the Konditori has made it a popular coffee stop with people who know their way around Mexico City.

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  • studio stages presents ANTIGONE. Anne Kelly Photos

Pies de foto

  • Bill Caldwell... chorus
  • Marian Barlow... Nurse
  • Pat Caldwell... Antigone
  • John Nulty... Creon
  • Anita Field... Ismene
  • MAurice Sonnenberg... Guard

Página 6

  • Central Illinoisans "At Home"
  • Brooklynite Lerner Avid Fan of Japan
  • Lomas Land Going In Development
  • Cheap Weekend Returns
  • By Sean Kelly
  • Pocket Books

Pies de foto

  • Paul Lerner
  • CENTRAL ILLINOIS' contribution to the MCC campus is shown in front of a Covarrubias mural in a downtown craft shop. From left to right, Mrs. Mary Parker (associate professor of art' at Illinois State Normal University), Jo Anne Linnemann, Tom Griffith, Phil Ehlers and Judy Busick.

Página 7

  • Colonel Samson ·Smith Is Ex-Jungle Fighter
  • Cannon on reaching Staff of Fullerton J.C
  • George E. Smith Now Teaching at Purdue University

Pies de foto

  • COMMANDER of an American glider and ground support force in Burma, Colonel Samson Smith is pictured above on the right, worked with the famous British commander, General Wingate, in attacking and capturing Japanese bases in central Burma.
  • Jack Cannon

Página 8

  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • Aztecs Crush Garmel Nine
  • Evil Eyes Win Two Games
  • No Football Team For MCC Quring 1956 Season

Pies de foto

  • THIS IS the Mexico City College varsity team which has all but clinched the 1956 Senior League softball pennant. They have won 20 in a row. In the photo, left to right, front: Les Koenning, George Zeilinski, Al Woog, Jerry Ralph, Jorge Woog, Eddy Aguirre. Back row: Earl Votaw, Sonny Stribling, Larry Mertz, Pierce Travis, Al Lopez, Pete Redulovic and George Keonning. Doug Pawley and Charley Guijosa were not present for the picture
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