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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 14.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 12 de julio, 1956

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  • Rehearsals for Jean Anouilh Play, "Antigone", Underway By Ward Sinclair
  • Pan American Union Gives Belain Show
  • González on XEL Show This Evening
  • Paintings Show Various Types Of Modem Art
  • Dr. Pinero Returns To Teach at MCC
  • Bad Weather Hinders Popo Climbers
  • History Writer Is Visitor Here

Pies de foto

  • RICHARD POSNER: (right), director of MCC's Studio Stages, goes over some technical points of Antigone with prospective cost members during one of the readings for the next campus theater production. Anne Kelly Photo
  • FERNANDO RICARDO BELAIN, associate professor of pointing, is shown with one of his works during a recent exhibition. The young MCC artist has been invited to exhibit at the Pan American Union in Washington, D. C., during August and September
  • DON WILLIAMS, president of the Explorers Club, at the crater of Mexico's second highest mountain, Popocotepetl. The mountain has been successfully scaled by many parties of MCC Explorers

Página 2

  • Others Agree with Us...
  • From The President 's Desk
  • Drama Upsurge Reveals Wealth in MCC Library By Willard B. Bennett
  • Alumni Notes
  • Gormly, '.48 Grad, Publishes in D. C
  • González Has Second Son

Página 3

  • Fred Lauerman New Alumni Chief By Sandra Johnston
  • Four Students Now in Yucatán
  • Librarian is Host to Mexican Experts
  • Local Praise High For Studio Stages By Ward Sinclair
  • Mortgage Plan Now in Effect
  • Notre Dame Men Feel at Home By P. J. Hunter
  • Spanish Major To Be Enlarged
  • Desert Magazine To Publish MCCer
  • Collard Returns To Visit Campus
  • Grad is Insurance Manager

Pies de foto

  • GATHERED in the Mexico City College library are, from left to right, Dr. Armando Sandoval, president of the National Commission of Bibliography, Dr. María Tereza Chavez Campomanes, president of the Asocioción Mexicana de Bibliotecarios, Mrs. Jarita Zabaran, treasurer of the Asocioción Mexicana de Bibliotecarios; and Mr. Roberto A. Gordillo, associate librarian of Mexico City College.

Página 4

  • Campus News Presented in Pictures

Pies de foto

  • LATEST IN A SUMMER quarter crop of Collegian newshens is this young lady who covers the form angle at Km. 16. Flanked by Dorothy Lenz (left) and Eleanor Wilson, the newcomer seems to arouse only the concern of Sean Kelly. Anne Kelly Photo
  • DISCUSSING MEXICO and what they've seen here is this group at a recent summer workshop "coffee" in the Student Center. From left to right: Viletto Hutchinson, San Diego; Virginio Weinshank, New Castle, Pennsylvania; Mary Frances Paye, Coalinga California; Margie Mohr, Milwaukee; and Marilyn Weir, Denver. Anne Kelly Photo
  • FIESTA DAY at the Student Center found the students in the left photo enjoying the free refreshments. From top to bottom in the usual order are: Helen Vourvoulios, Milt Bernstein, Carmen Egelhoof, George Beattie, Sue Moon, Bobbie Braley and Bryon Watson. In the center photo, the Foreign Policy Group is caught by the photographer at a party given by Dean López. From left to right: Alice Murray, Bobbie Braley, William Cozart, Bryon Watson and Phillip Sandy (seated). In the right hand photo, Nancy and Don Carrigan look over antiques in the Monte de Piedad (national pawnshop) during one of Dr. Charley Lindley's Saturday morning tours of Mexico. Lindley looks on at right. Anne Kelly Photo
  • MEMBERS OF THE University of Notre Dame's summer aggregation at MCC are posed above with their counselors, Father Robert Peyton and Dean. Luke Judd (seated). From left to right: Frank Manzo, Stark Sanders, Jack Haugh, Graham Nugent, Ernesto López, John Casey, Alan Reed and Lawrence Kruppenbocker. José Milmo and Donald Rollins are not shown. Marilú Pease Photo
  • AN UNUSUAL WAY to spend the American Independence Day was the one experienced by members of the summer workshop. The group, led by Don Brockington, spent part of a day scaling the Pyramids of Teotihuacán north of the city. This was one of the special field trips held twice weekly for the studehts, who will be here on the MCC campus until July 20. Marilú Pease Photo

Página 5

  • Air Problems Of Trying To Speak Spanish By Bob Stout
  • Anthro Course Deals With Primitive Rites By Elizabeth Bogard
  • Home-town· Names Make Good Reading By Sandra Johnston
  • Murray Invited To Scout Group

Pies de foto

  • FERNANDO HORCASITAS (right), anthropology instructor, shows graduate student Maurice Grahl and Eula Lee McBride some excavated anthropological finds.
  • Sari Myers
  • Dana Waldron
  • Willard Bennett

Página 6

  • Bahamans Mix Study With Fun By Don Williams
  • Education Head Has Helped College Grow By Bob Stout
  • Expert Gives Advice on How To Manipulate Cars in Capital By Edwin Ross
  • Dean López Entertains foreign Policy Group
  • Cassidy Now Editing Indiana Trade Journal
  • Schilling Now in Dakota

Pies de foto

  • A LONG-PLANNED DREAM has finally materialized for MCC summer students Renee and Aline McLaughlin, who find México even more alluring than their own home in Nassau, Bahama Islands.
  • Mrs. Jaclyn Price

Página 7

  • Econ Major Former Keeper of Monkeys By Willard B. Bennett
  • Friedl Impressed By Changes Here By Anne Kempton
  • Roy Armstrong Visits Campus
  • Octopus, Cocoa, Rum Available to Daring By Sean Kelly
  • Xirau 's Illnes Changes Class
  • Clases de Ingles Will Show Films

Pies de foto

  • BACK TO VISIT the "new" MCC campus, graduate Eugene Mack Friedl and his family look over a copy of the Collegian, which was El Conquistador when Friedl attended the school in 1947. Marilú Pease Photo
  • Joe Law Anne Kelly Photo
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