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Mexico City Collegian “The American College South Of The Border”

Vol. 9, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 28 de junio, 1956

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  • To Present "Antigone"
  • Student Center Fiesta Today
  • Award B. A.'s To Large Class
  • Summer Enrollment Heavy from California
  • Berroa on Leave To Go to Cale
  • July 4 Celebration Being Held June 30
  • Workshops Begin Tours
  • Dr. Murray To Address Garside Graduation

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  • THE STUDENT CENTER will be the scene today of the first social event of the summer fiesta arranged by Student Council members to welcome new students and to introduce to them the facilities of the Center which is located on the lower rood.
  • A STATELY PROCESSION of graduates files through the front patio from President Murray's office to the main terrace where the commencement exercises were held Marilú Pease Photo.
  • SUMMER QUARTER OFFICERS of the Student Council are grouped around President Tay Maltsberger (seated) for the Collegian photographer. From left to right: recording secretary Jim Graves, vice president Walt Crites, Maltsberger, corresponding secretary Jack Farris and treasurer Chuck Hedin.

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  • A Communal Effort
  • From The President's Desk
  • Students Unanimous México OK!
  • Stewart Hired By Pan American
  • MCCers Elected To Legion Posts

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  • México has a great wealth of archeological monuments, but perhaps one of the most impressive is the Pyramid of Cholula, in the village of the same name near Puebla. In ancient times Cholula was a religious center of great magnitude and, following their usual custom, when the Spaniards conquered this region, they built a Chrtistian shrine wherever they found a pagan shrine. The Pyramid of Cholula embodies various different periods of Mexico's ancient history of wich only the Toltec and Aztec have so far been discovered. Partially up the Pyramid some of this old construction has been uncovered. A tomb was also discovered holding the remains
    of what is thought to be a lord and his wife, and a dog.

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  • Anthropology Club Hears Spicer, Wicke.
  • Williams Heads Explorers
  • MCC Librarian Travels To Miami, Cuba Meetings
  • Veep, Wachter Give Lectures to Oaxaca Group
  • Notre Dame Has Group on Campus
  • Rivas Son Elected To Phi Beta Kappa
  • MCC Graduate Blizzard Weds

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  • "WE'VE FINALLY ARRIVED," sighs Alice Graham, while behind her other Indiana University students Pat Moore, Jane Gregory, Phyl Spalrz, Carole Millikan and Anna Burr wait for their luggage.
  • BAYLOR UNIVERSITY student Eli Takesian arrives with books and baggage to study Spanish during Summer Quarter in México.

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  • Medical Facilities Impress MCCers By Bob Stout Photos By Marilú Pease

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  • VACCINATIONS AND INNOCULATIONS are given on campus by nurse Hertercene Turner. Above, John O'Malley receives a typhoid injection as part of the College's preventive medicine program.
  • EXPLAINING his duties as Chief of the Sanatorio Dalinde laboratories, Dr. Ernesto Cervera talks with Student Council member Sara Shaffer. The student council visit to the Dalinde hospital preceded a banquet given at MCC in honor of the nineteen specialists affiliated with the student health program.
  • STUDENT COUNCIL members Walt Crites, and Tay Maltzberger receive a demonstration of the "seriografo XRay" from Mrs. Elizobeth Loewe, wife of the inventor of the machine. The "seriografo", onlyone of its kind in the world, takes rapid series X-Ray pictures much as a movie camera does.
  • THE POLIO WARD of the ABC hospital is new and fully equipped. The ABC Hospital, one of the three modern medical centers associated with MCC, specializes in handling contagious diseaseases. Nurse Ilse Heilbronn explains some of the complexities of iron lung treatment to visitor Tom Gibson
  • THE SANATORIO DALINDE is located in Colonia Roma at Tuxpan 22. Dr. Costañares, Sra. Farfán, hospital supervisor, and student council member Tay Maltzberger pause outside the main entrance.
  • RECUPERATING in the Sanatorio Dalinde, MCCer John Dillon talks with his wife and Tom Held during the student council visit. Both Dillon and the council members were high in their praise of the facilities and service rendered by the Dalinde.
  • X-RAY FACILITIES at the Central Medical Laboratory include portable equipment which is used at the nearby Sanatorio Dalinde. Dick Nolan and Tom Gibson, during. their recent tour of the medical centers associated with MCC, discuss the Central Medical's part in the student health plon with X-Ray specialist Dr. Pedro Aguirre Ramos
  • IN ORDER TO fully understand the college health facilities the student council talks with Dr. Castañares and Miss Turner in a question and answer session. Pictured above, left to right, are Tom Held, Tay Maltzberger, Dorothy Lenz, Chuck Sherrill, Tom Gibson, Sara Shaffer, Dr. Gustavo Castañares, and Hertercene Turner.

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  • Paddock To Spend Nine Months at Stanford
  • Chun Fat Holds Black Belt

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  • John Paddock
  • JUDO WRESTLER, Frances Chun Fat (left), has the situation well in control while exhibiting a police hold on an obliging friend, Bob Taylor. Anne Kelly Photo

Página 7

  • Examining the Weekend By Sean Kelly
  • Alma Schweide Lectures in German By Anne Kempton
  • Co-eds Illustrate Various Types of Hair Styles

Pies de foto

  • Alma Branta Schweide
  • Bobbie Eynon ... long bob
  • Dorothy Lenz... pony tail
  • Bicky Otero Marcia... braids
  • Greta Berg... bun with floral crown
  • Lane Giese... Italian boy
  • Eleanor Wilson... semi-short bob (bun effect)

Página 8

  • THE SCORE BOARD By Jim Monica
  • Summer Bowling Underway By Jim Monica
  • MCC Athletic Director Called ''Grand Old Man'' By Jaime Monikawa
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