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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 4.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 13 de diciembre, 1956

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  • Elven Chosen for 'Who´s Who' Honor By Bob Staut
  • Daring Places MCC Third Motorcyclist in Exciting Race By Sandy Johnston
  • Alumni Meet Held in Texas
  • Thirty-nine File for Degrees This Quarter

Pies de foto

  • Jolan Vaughn
  • Joe Hargety
  • Robert Barnett
  • Bruce Piner
  • Jeanne Larson
  • Charles White
  • George Koenning
  • Robert Brockington
  • Helen Vourvoulias
  • Sean Kelly
  • Curtis Caldwell - Marilú Pease Photos
  • WITH THE BACK WHEEL flying off the track, MCC's Kip Quint, number forty-one, takes third position in the La Morquesa race near the Mexico-Toluca highway.

Página 2

  • And So We Wait
  • Change Constitution!
  • Former Student's Book Applauded by Robins
  • We Are To Blame
  • Relief in Sight

Página 3

  • Student Delegates Sent To Texas Conference By Tom Henderson Council Elections Show Close Voting
  • Richardson For Board Elected Prexy of Trustees
  • Anthro Journey Being Planned
  • Cobblestone Paving Laid on Lower Road

Pies de foto

  • NEWLY ELECTED Student Council members include, from left to right: front row-Rus Kolemoine, secretary of the freshman class; Tamara Wenzel, tie for freshman class president; Shirley Patton, Jr. class vice president; Tom Held, sophomore class prexy. Bock row: Dick Johnson, freshman VP; Sonny Stribling, Jr. class president; Jack Condon, president of the freshman class. Doug Evans Photo
  • UPPER CLASSMEN recently elected to the Student Council include, from left to right: front row-Joe Hagerty, senior class president; bock row-Bob Almonzo, graduate school prexy; Ellen Hedin, grad school vice president; Norman Gilbert, grad school secretory-treasurer; Charles Stidham, senior class vice president. Doug Evans Photo
  • BILL CALDWELL AND FRANK KETTLES, look over the program of events for the second Student Conference of National Affairs. Coldwell and Kettles are now attending the conference at Texas A & M College. Marilú Pease Photo

Página 4

  • Frosing Tells of Denmark Christmas
  • North Woods Descrihed. by Fire Fighting Smoke Jumper By Ira Lewis
  • Little Jewels Of Wordly Wit By Bob Stout

Pies de foto

  • John Frosig
  • BILL KOEHLER DISCUSSES smoke-jumping in his Polanco apartment, surrounded by some artifacts that he has collected in his year and a half in Mexico. Doug Evans Photo

Página 5

  • Mexican Yule Season Lasts Months

Página 6

  • Canvas Of Life Reveals Character Of Lola Cueto By Jack Condon
  • Adventure Hero Becomes MCC Student
  • Eleven Chosen
  • First ''Happy'' Scripts Treasured by Mulford By Tom Henderson

Pies de foto

  • SEÑORA LOLA CUETO, MCC etcher, entertains her grandson with one of her many art interests, puppets. Doug Evans Photo
  • SMILING TRIUMPHANTLY, Paul Dix, Nyle Walton, and a German climber rest high on Mexico's 18,700 ft. Orizaba

Página 7

  • Scholarship Winners Extensive Interests, Illustrate Talents By Anne Lane
  • Six One - Man Shows Distinguish Artist Ray
  • Reporter Told Where To Go By Jack Condon

Pies de foto

  • "I SCULPTURED IT MYSELF!'' says Joanne Schneggenburger, to fellow scholorship winners (left to right) Richard Delgado, Frank Hursh, Karl Nelson, and Donald Diekelmon. Scholarship recipients not shown include: Martin Green, Thomas Griffith, Bobbie Kay Smith, and Tamara Wenzel. Ánne Kelly Photo
  • Robert Day

Página 8

  • Tramps Tighten League Lead; Take Four From Chicagoans
  • Form Varsity Tennis Team
  • Top MCC Golfer Has Had Long Athletic Career By Jim Monica

Pies de foto

  • John Farnam
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