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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 10, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México-Toluca; México 10, D. F

jueves 18 de octubre, 1956

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  • Record Number for New Students Here for Fall
  • Classes Held for First Time in Science Building
  • Norman Thomas Gives Address By Jack Condon
  • MCCers Make Two Big Finds at Oaxaca By Dale Young
  • Various Art Work Now on Display
  • Form Political Campus Groups
  • Auditorium Packed At Recent Graduation
  • Musicians Asked To Organize Dance Band

Pies de foto

  • THIS BAFFLING STONE IMAGE found in Jamiltapec by MCC anthropolobists on the Costa Chica trip is an enigma. Its significance and age are as yet unknown.
  • A STILL LIFE IN OILS BY DANlEL LEAVITT evokes admiration from Pat Murphy and Sandy Schick, Spanish majors from Columbus, Ohio, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, respectively. This and other student painting are on exhibit along the cafeteria balcony Anne Kelly Photo

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  • Living ln A Foreign Land
  • Collegian Will Be Reviewed

Página 3

  • Dr. John Furbay Discusses Future By Al Wilson
  • Frosh Aid Orientation: to Neophytes By Jack Condon
  • Students Invited To Newman Club

Pies de foto

  • DR. JOHN H. FURBAY, America's top interpreter of the Air Age, was a recent guest speaker at the College. His lecture was sponsored by the L. A. E. S. and arranged by club member Chuck Hedin (left). Marilu Pease Photo

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  • MCC President Reviews 20 Years Of American Education in Mexico By Paul V. Murray President of Mexico City College

Pies de foto

  • MANY ADDITIONS HAVE BEEN MADE to the present campus ,since this picture was taken in the spring of 1954. The walk now bordered by roses, delphinium, and daisies leads to the Graduate School office.
  • THIS PHOTOGRAPH of Dr. Murray was taken during his fint year as principal of the American School-1940. The fint classes that developed into the present Mexico City College originated that year.
  • THE AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL football team was the first squad from a school located south-of-the-border to defeat a school from the United States. ' Dr. Murray, co-coach, is standing at the far left (back row). War heroes Henry Filsinger (top row, third from leh ) and Arthur Rider (top row, second from left) starred in the upset over Laredo (Texas) High School.
  • MEXICO CITY COLLEGE'S first real home was San Luis Potosi 131. The student body was outgrowing the limited classroom space provided by this Colonia Roma structure, located near the present site of Sears, Roebuck and Company.
  • SEARS AND ROEBUCK on the corner of Insurgentes and San Luis Potosi, now occupies the former location of the American School (above). Dr. Murray Was principal of the school for seven years. MCC classes were given here after school students had left the building for the day.
  • MEMBERS OF THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS of Mexico City College received their degrees at commencement exercises in June, 1943 held in the auditorium of the American School
    building at the corner of lnsurgentes and San Luis Potosi.
  • THE MURRAYS NOW. Dr. and Mrs. Paul V. Murray are shown above discussing, perhaps, new editions of their series of widely-used text books on the teaching of English to Spanish speaking people.
  • SAN LUIS POTOSI 154, location of Mexico City College from 1946 until 1954, is now occupied by the Extension Division. Seen descending the steps are Dr. Henry L. Coin and Dr. Paul V. Murray.

Página 6

  • Stu'dents Required.To Read Notices Daily
  • Logan Receives Short Story Award
  • Anne Kempton, Lonnie Lane Wed
  • Clement Likes Local Drivers By Wesley Lane
  • Earring Hobby Proves Prettily Practical
  • Norman Thomas
  • Grad Teaching In Kalamazoo
  • Earring Hobby Proves Prettily Practical By Bob Stout

Pies de foto

  • RETIRED COMMANDER PAUL CLEMENT and wife Kitty take a break from their Spanish class. MCC is their first stop on a planned tour of Latin America. Anne Kelly Photo
  • HOBBYIST ANNE KELLY displays world collection of earrings which are attached to a screen in the background. Sean Kelly Photo

Página 7

  • Efficiency Expert Mackey Impressed by MCC Campus By Anne Lane
  • Dances Spark All-Day fiesta
  • Regulations Regarding Class Attendance Announced by Administrative Council
  • Student Government Committee Stimulates Interest Elections
  • Clases de Ingles Schedules Masquerade Party
  • Visitors Former Include Editors

Pies de foto

  • AT THE OPENING OF HIS EXHIBITION at the Pan American Union in Washington, D. C., MCC Assistant Professor of Painting, Fernando Belain (extreme left) talks with Mrs. Sara Quintanilla; Manuel Tello, Mexican Ambassador to the United States; Mrs. Tello; Dr. Jose A. Mora, General Secretary to the Organization of American States; Geles Cabrera, a Mexican sculptor whose works were shown with Belain's; and Dr. Luis Quintanilla, Mexican Ambassador to the Organization of American States.
  • Gale Mackey.
  • CANNIBALS WIELDING BONE CLUBS and wearing jaguar teeth necklaces enhanced a hilarious evening at last year's Clases de Ingles Halloween Dance. This year's shinding will offer even more elaborate masquerades and a night of fun and dancing to be remembered for years to c~me.

Página 8

  • MCC Loses Twin Crushers In World Tournament Play
  • Impressive Keg Triumphs Scored in First Night
  • Lindley Directs Sports Agenda

Pies de foto

  • A ROYAL WELCOME was given the Azteca softball squad when the Mexico City champions visited nearby Folsom while in Sacramento, California, for the World Softball Tournament. They split a double-header with the famous Represa Hawks. Those who made the trip are, left to right, front row: Falo Rosas, Humberto Encinas, Jorge Woog, Al Woog, George Zeilinski, Les Koenning. Left to right back row: Cerillo Mariscal, Sonny Stribling, Earl Votaw, Cuca Vogt and George Koenning. Missing from the photo are Enrique Ainslee, Eddy Aguirre and Pete Redulovic.
  • TOM GIBSON, all-around sportsman, demonstrated his fishing skill recently at Mazatlan. He was credited with catching two healthy sailfish and as many dolfins.
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