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Vol. 17, No 2.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

miércoles 13 de noviembre, 1963

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  • Student Elect Eleven Officers
  • González Collaborates In Education Project
  • Land Donated To University
  • Dyer McEvoy, Wright Lead New UA Council
  • Descendant Of Dynasty Found
  • West Indies Painter Receives Scholarship

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Council Officers—Winners of the recently held student government elections are siting. From left to right Inez Connor, representative: Bill Dyer, president: Cheryl Navarro, representative; and Ferry Russell. representative. Standing from left to right are Terry McBvoy, vice-president: ferry Kutz-Clreraux. representative; Chips Wright. secretary-treasurer: Ned Mufioz, representative: and Steve Daniels, representative. Not shown are representatives fohn Thompson and Lynne Cochran.
  • Foto 2: Exhibit Of Pastels—"The Dead Swallow" is one of the paintings by Irene Becerril now is being shown in Saloncito VIII, the works of the young Mexican artist who is a graduate of Sam Canomcademy fleet the subtlety of the medium and the artists senstvify to natural form. The show will run through December.
  • Foto 3: On Pilot Project.

Página 2

  • Council Requires More Than Campaign Talents
  • Stimulating Latin Rhythms Spike International Jazz
  • Capital's Charm, Hospitality Intrigue New Arrivals At UA
  • Student Officer Predicts Real Results From Plans
  • Image Building Important For UA's Valuable Role

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Presenting Mexico - Through The Eyes Of A Child Anyone who has ever watched a bullfight with an artist's eye why have surely, now and then, forgotten the spectacle as such, and mar veiled at the plasticity of every movement, the grouping of man and beast, the swirl of the cape, even the moment of truth when the word sinks in deep to climax what some call "a ballet of death."

Página 3

  • Volumes Added To UA Library
  • Stateside Hoote.nany Craze Gains Following Among Students Here
  • All , American Award Won By UA Collegian
  • International Relations Club Hears Israeli Embassy Official
  • Mayan Well Recent Topic Of Assembly
  • Bidwell Announces Latest Dean's List

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Winning Staff—Shown are some of the members of the Collegian staff that helped to attain All American status for the fifteenth time. From left to right are George Rabasa. Sandra Bates, Alan Knight, and Nancy Westfall.
  • Foto 2: Three Peseros–UA's addition to the interest in hootenany ineludes from Left to right Chris Manion, Sally Gurnn, and Frank Woodard.
  • Foto 3: Speaker–Mordechai Palzellr,First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy,spoke recently at the International Relations Club's first meeting of the quarter.
  • Foto 4: Scholars–Shown are four of the the twenty-two students who achieved positions on the honor roll of the summer quarter. Prom left to right are Michael Witting, Diana Vidarte. Astrid Klavins, and Gail Derby.

Página 4

  • Motorcycling Trip Proves Exciting
  • Aztecas Bow To Laguna, Trip Up Pegasos, 45-40
  • UA Foul Shot Def eats ESCA In Politecnico Tournament
  • Keglers Tie For Top Spot In Tight Race

Pies de Foto

  • Foto 1: Familiar Vehicle – Dave Pearson reminisces about his Central American motor cycle adventures during tuhich he has aided by missionaries and Indians.
  • Foto 2: Go! Go! Go!
  • Foto 2: Small Margin – Hugo Lezama drops in a neat jump shot to pur UA back in the lead in the Politecnico Tournament. The closely fought game was tied up seuen times during the second half including four times during the last three minutes.
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