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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 16, No 13.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

miércoles 17 de julio, 1963

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  • Fraternitas Award Presented To A LM
  • Summer Term Opens At Peak Enrollment
  • Dean Explains 'I completes'
  • G. Holden Wins Honor
  • Dr. Lindley Joins Frat
  • New System In Cafeteria
  • UA Receives Book Gift
  • Dept. Expands

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  • BUSINESS MEDAL - George Holden stands in front of the International Business Center.
  • ENROLLMENT SOARS - Students crowding at the registration desks for material are from left to right Jim Rogers (Atlanta, Georgia); Carol Serino (West Pittston, Pennsylvania); Susan O'Neil (Sacramento, California); Warren Talley (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Kathy French (Eastchester, New York).
  • RECEIVES AWARD - Adolfo López Mateos accepts the Fraternitas Award presented to him bu Dr. D. Ray Lindley in the name of the Admnistration and Board of Trustees of the University.

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  • Students Must Adjust To New Plans For University
  • UAWriters Succeed In Having Works Published
  • Summer Students Here State Reasons For Trip
  • Student Artists Exhibit Works Of Varied Merit

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  • Specialist Discusses Use Of Antibiotics
  • Gordillo Directs Librarians Many Latin Americans Attend
  • Workshoppers Plan Tours
  • University Offers Many Summer Trips
  • Student Working On M.A. Former Juvenile Officer
  • Eligio Arenas Chacon Show Opens Today

Pies de Foto

  • FROM MANY COUNTRIES-Professor Pedro Zamora is seen lecturing to his class in library techniques.The students participating in UA's first library course are, first roiv {from the left), Frances Brewer. Silvia Fuxet. Iris Viera. Angela Narvarte de Martinez. Maura Alvarado; second row, Emma Narvaez Manuel Uribe. Ivonne Abud. Esther Rabkin. Elsa Kloth; back row. Ofelia Hoepelman. Gassi Ayub
  • "ART CRITICS CONCLAVE"-The terrible art critic as seen through tire artist's eye-never satisfied. always negative. This is one of the drawings by Eligio Arena Chacon Whose one man show continues until August 7.
  • PEOPLE AND PSYCHOLOGY - Larry Miller, graduate student, is concerned with the problems of teenagers and feels that what they need most is to have someone genuinely interested in them.

Página 4

  • Basketball Squad Ties The Polvora
  • Clowns' Manager Meets To Discuss U A Sports
  • Champion Bowler Attends School Here
  • Controversial Cock Fights Are Traditional In Mexico
  • Fraternitas ...

Pies de Foto

  • RENOWNED BOWLER-Tony Kapt:an. champion intercollegiate bowler from the Uni11ersity of Pennsylvania, is pictured far right with his team the Split:. Left to right are Ray Skull. Steven Daniels and Steve Webster.
  • PLANNING AHEAD - Moe Williams (left), UA basketball coach; Dr. Melvin McMichael, physical education director; and Al Pullins, owner-manager of the Harlem Clowns basketball shows, meet to discuss the possibilities of increasing sports here and acquiring scholarships for athletes at the University of the Americas.
  • A FLURRY OF FEATHERS - Two fighting cocks engage in battle ni a typical palenque.

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