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University of the Americas Collegian

Vol. 16, No 12.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

lunes 10 de junio, 1963

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  • Lopez Mateos To Accept Fraternitas Award
  • June Is Set Commencement For Friday
  • University Lauds Great Administrator
  • Grads Receive Jobs
  • Five UAers Candidates For Master Of Arts Degree
  • Six Students Exhibit Works
  • Fraternity Donates Grant

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  • FAMED STATESMAN-Decause of the poiverful influence of President Adolfo López Mateos in promoting inter-American understanding and good relations beltveen Mexico and the United States. the University of the Americas is presenting him ivith the Fraternitas Award.
  • CANDIDATES -Five UA seniors gather in front of the post office to discuss their plans for the future. They represent only a small segmenl of the total of thirty five candidates for the B.A . degrees to be conferred on June 14. They arc from left to right; Arthur Krumholz. George Holden, Carol Anne Cota, James Jagou, and Jose Luis Gutierrez.

Página 2

  • Mexico's President Honors University
  • New Literary Magazine Worthy School Venture
  • Frank Gonzalez Exhibits Painting At Gallery
  • Utah Students Talk About Spring Quarter In Mexico
  • Editor Quoted By The Wichitan

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Página 3

  • Largest Group Registers For Mitla Study
  • Jose Cuevas Attains International Fame
  • Talented South Dakotans Find Studying Here Stimulating
  • Election Of Officers Held
  • Grad Returns For MA Degree

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  • EARLY CUEVAS DRAWING - Reprinted from The Collegian of July 27, 1950, the artist depicts the crowd of critics, art enthusiasts, and well wishers who attended the second annual show of the Art Department. The exhibit was held at the Reforma Hotel.
  • SOLBERG BROTHERS-Taking an interest in each new venture they undertake. John and David Solberg plunge head on into the study of the Spanish language. as well as the study of Mexico and its culture.
  • DISTINGUISHED STUDENT-Andres A. Bacosa, present charge d'affaires at the Philippine Embassy. is doing graduate work in international relations at UA. He is enthusiastic about the University's role and potential.

Página 4

  • Park Ranger Tells Summer Experience
  • Cagers Overwhelm Halcones, Deportivo Israelita Teams
  • Sports Sketches
  • Aztecs Win First Game
  • Talented South Dakotans....

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  • CALIFORNIA RANGER-Ron Ladreclr. a senior' fromSan Francisco, ren1inisces about the summers Ire has spent ivorking at Lassen National Park. Some of Iris varied duties were patrolling tire park area and preventing and controlling fires.
  • DRIVING IN- A UA cager drives in for a lay up in the recent Halcones game Which deloped info a decisive victory for the Aztecas
  • NEW BASKETBALL LEAGUE - from left to right are Coach Moe Williams, Professor Constancio C. Córdoba, basketball coach of the U. of La Salle, and Dr. Melvin McMichael, who recently met at UA to discuss the formation of a new collegiate basketball league to include UA and La Salle.


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