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Vol. 16, No 11.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

martes 28 de mayo, 1963

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  • New Faculty Appointmentsn Made By U.A.
  • University Awards Two Honorary Degrees
  • Title Changes Of Officials Are Approved
  • Placement To Be Increased
  • Famed Mexican Author To Speak Today
  • Novelist To Lecture Here

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  • ARTIST AND EDUCATOR-Two great men, Mexican artist, Rufino Tamayo (left) and Dr. ferome Moore. Dean of Arts and Sciences and professor of Spanish at Texas Christian University, will be awarded L. H. D. degress at the fune 14 commencement. In accepting these degrees these famous men are honoring the University of the Americas.
  • MAN OF LETTERS-Juan Jose Arreola, who achieved fame for his book. Confabulario Total, will speak today in the theater. Arreo1a's writing has often been compared to that of .Franz Kafka and the Argentine author forge Luis Borjes. He has come to the school at the invitation of the Faculty Culture Group.

Página 2

  • Tamayo And Moore Awarded First Honorary Degrees
  • Various Opinions Given Concerning Name Change
  • Translation Center Needed To Advance Relationships
  • Amatora Work Discussed
  • UA Athletics Denounced

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Página 3

  • UA Offers Training In Library Science
  • R. Van Gunten Art Exhibit Opens Today
  • Dr. Rafael Núñez Assists Mental Hospital Programs
  • Grad Writes New Article
  • Butterworth Leaves To Do Research In Puerto Rico
  • Council Sells Sweatshirts

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  • Van Guten's "Retrato Caseina"
  • SPECIALIZED LIBRARIANS-Discussing plans for the library science course being offered at the University this quarter are some of the staff members, authorities in their respective fields. From left to right. Pedro Zamora R .. Dr. Maria Teresa Chavez. Pedro Velasquez. Raisa B. Dashkovsky. and Roberto A. Gordillo.
  • TOWARDS ADJUSTMENT-Art therapy for children at the Manicomio de Mixcoac was initiated by Dr. Rafael Nunez. head of the psychology department at U A. Artistic expression gives these mentally retarded children a chance to release feelings and thoughts in a tangible form.

Página 4

  • European Explores East-West Problems
  • UA Competes In Big League Against Puebla All Stars
  • Keggler Teams Vie For Top League Spot
  • Honorary Degrees ...
  • Letters...
  • UA Racers Win Nine Honors In Acceleration Contest
  • Placement Increased ...
  • Author To Speak ..

Pies de Foto

  • LAST MINUTE INSTRUCTIONS-Lothar Brautigam listens attentively during the pre-game briefing for the recent La Salle game. Basketball is only of a long series of exploits which have taken Brautigam around the globe.
  • SURGE OF POWER-Tom Geisler (left) and N oel Campbell (right) tip in a rebound during the second half rally which moment· arily put UA on top in the tense first game of the Puebla doubleheader.
  • RACING AGAINST TIME-Alex Rivera is shown here throttling down the track in his Alpha Romero at a recent acceleration meet held at Santa Monica near Ciudad Satelite.




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