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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 16, No 6.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 15 de febrero, 1963

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  • Light Effects Tested
  • MCC College Theater Presents 'Our Town'
  • Dean's List Published
  • Multilith Now In Use
  • Clubs Unite, Form Council
  • Load 'n Lock
  • Avoid Crowds
  • Books Given To Library

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  • IN WONDERLAND?-Actually what is illustrated is an example of the art department's 311, Design: Light and Projection Experiments. This is a new field of study based on actual images as well as pure illusion. The field is being pioneered by Merle Wachter, chairman of the fine arts department.
  • A BUDDING ROMANCE - George, played by John West, talks to Emiy, Susan David, about his homework in a scene from "Our Town." The ladders, which represent facing windows, are an example of how Thomton Wilder causes extraordinary suspension of disbelief by his use of sparse stage setting.
  • HOT OFF THE PRESS-Expert printer, Ruben Quezadas Soto, is shown operating the recently acquired multilith duplicator. The multllith is able to print in four colors and is used to produce many MCC publications.

Página 2

  • Latin Ideas Of Value To World's Culture
  • Tribute Paid To Scholar For His Dedicated Life
  • North American Students Should Learn Languages
  • Why Did You Come To Mexico City?

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  • GREAT MAN - The death of Pablo Martínez del Río is mourned by all who knew and loved him. A man of such great qualities and devoted work will long be remembered for his vital roles in Mexican life.

Página 3

  • Newmanites Sponsor 'Kermes' On March 9
  • Major General Brewer Attends Class At MCC
  • Peace Corps Praised
  • Salesman Says Women Best Buyers
  • At U.S. Univ.
  • Talk Planned For Tuesday
  • Changes Made For Library

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  • VISlTlNG TEOTIHUACAN- Major General and Mrs. Brewer supplement their learning of the Spanish language with various visits to sites of historical interest. Future plans include a trip to Spain.
  • LIFE OF A SALESMAN-Though many a prospective customer may resist and a spoken "NO!" may be firm, the successful salesman has always his foot to rely on. Shown is Bill Harrison in action.
  • UNUSUAL WORK - By training with the first Peace Corpsmen to be sent to Brazil, Susan Schmidt gained valuable experiences. During this time Susan learnedmuch about Brazilian culture.

Página 4

  • Bullfighting Expert Discuses 'Corrida'
  • Aztec Squad Loses Three
  • Aztec Cagers Prove Ability, Will Join Recreation Leagues
  • Chachalacos Lead Bowlers...

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  • UNDER A WATCHFUL EYE-Members of the MCC basketball team are shown scrimmaging under the guidance of Coach Moe Williams, center. The squad is preparing fot entrance into local recreation leagues al the YMCA and the Chapultcpec Deportivo.
  • BRUTE FORCE-The picador, on a padded horse, goes through the process of weakening one of the bull's most vital nerves to make the kill easier for the matador.
  • THE RIGHT EFFECT - Joe Holerman, one of the top men bowlers of Last quarter, gets off to a good start with a 193 average during the first few weeks of competition.

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