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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 16, No 5.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

miércoles 30 de enero, 1963

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  • Trip To U.S. Aids MCC
  • High Enrollment Tops Past Record
  • Profs Head Museum
  • Tharp Builds Growth Of WQIM
  • Utah To Send Spring Group

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  • LINING UP TO LEARN-MCC students are shown standing in line to register for the present quarter. Enrollment for the Winter quarter is the highest ever in the history of MCC. There are more than 900 students attending. Many of them part of WQIM.
  • MCC ANTHROPOLOGISTS - Dr. Ignacio Bernal, left, former chairman of the anthropology department is now head of the new National Museum of Anthropology. On the right is John Paddock, chairman of the anthropology department and recently appointed a technical advisor of the Oaxaca room.
  • WQIM SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS-MCC President D. Ray Lindley greets Dr. James Tharp along with students of WQIM who obtained scholarships. In front and to the right of Dr. Lindley and Dr. Tharp are Susan Everett, bus tour scholarship; Bonnie Smith, Ohio State winner of Mexicana Air Scholarship; Inge Skomme, Mexiohio Scholarship. In back are Eric Wagner, Ohio Scholarship given by MCC: and John Stitzlein. Mexicohio Scholarship.

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  • Editor Criticizes Atrocious Movies
  • Cosmopolitan Student Body Causes Exchange of Views
  • Current Exhibitions Reveal Promise And Disappointment
  • Contrast Shown Important In Understanding Mexico

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  • Greenleaf Wri tes Book
  • New Awakening Occurs For Drama Workshop
  • 'Los Pachangueros' Start Club
  • Dr. Stafford Goes To U. S.
  • Painting Exhibition Held By Artist-Poet
  • Delta Sigs Initiate, Plan New Activities
  • Esquivel Announces Total Participation Of Personnel
  • MCC Teacher Displays Art

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  • 100% PARTICIPATION - Andy Esquivel, chairman of the College Development Fund for non-academic personnel, is shown handing Dr.Richard Greenleaf the pledges from the staff. There was a 100% participation from the maintenance staff.
  • "ALL TOGETHER NOW"- For the past two quarters. Bob Vallejo, MCC student, has been teaching a
    class in typical Mexican folk dances. This term there are approximately 40 girls and eight boys enrolled. Valleio is also instructing a class in ballroom dancing on Thursday eevnings.
  • RECENT EXHlBlTION-Seated by one of her paintings recently exhibited at the Mexican-American Institute of Cultural Relations is Mrs. June Dukes. Besides being an artist, Mrs. Dukes writes poetry, some of which has been published.

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  • Students Informed Of Available Sports
  • Season's Champions Plan Soccer Season
  • Sign-ups Now In Progress For Football
  • By George...
  • Varsity Team Needs Pitcher
  • Expert Lion Tamer Writes Experiences
  • Intramural Bowling Ends Successfully

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  • DANGEROUS HOBBY - Hard at work on his book, lion trainer Pressley Guitar will relate his experiences in raising a three day old cub into a 530 pound lion. Guitar has considerable experience in this field from having performed in Jungle Land, California.
  • THE SEASON'S REWARD-Hector Rodriguez, captain-coach of the Aztec soccer squad, presents Dr. Mel McMichael with the first place trophy of the team's pentagonal tournament. Witnessing the ceremony is consistently high scorer George Holden.
  • BOWLERS RECEIVE AWARDS-Following a successful season, Dr. Mel McMichael presents trophies to members of the winning Shipers team. The champions, from left to right, are Dave Peterson. Kip Powers, and Scott McCane.



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