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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 14.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 10 de agosto, 1962

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  • Glen Ross' Novel Published By Harper
  • 'MCC Unlimited,' Says Dr. Lilldley
  • Tiny Tots Eat Ice Cream, Drink Pop, Sample Future
  • Scientific Honor Society Recognizes John Paddock

Pies de Foto

  • RECEPTION FOR PRESIDENT -During the reception on the college terrace for the new president recently, Dr. D. Ray Lindley and Mrs. Lindley talk with Mrs. Gertrude Frissell.
  • WRITING LECTURE-The Creative Writing Center was the scene of a Writing lecture given by Glen Ross recently. Robins, chairman of the center introduced Ross. From left to right are Mr. Robins, Glen Ross, Ed Guidotti (foreground) and Chet Taylor.
  • WHAT CAN THE FUTURE BE LIKE?-Visiting the campus from the Westminster School are children who are getting a taste of college life (mainly the ice cream in the cafeteria). President Lindley welcomed the students during their tour of MCC.

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  • Student Character Changes Over Years
  • Dr. Lindley Encourages Give-Take Relationship
  • Appearance Of New Face In Mexican Art Exhibits?
  • Academic Achievement Reigns As Contemplation Is Negated

Pies de Foto

  • PIGSKINS FILLED WITH PULQUE-This photograph taken by Martin Koczinski is in the permanent collection of the Mexico City College art department.

Página 3

  • Drama Workshop Presents Plays By Eugene Ionesco
  • Fraternity Raffles Trip To Acapulco
  • Temporary Librarians Are Honored By MCC
  • Lecture Given About Sales

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  • EYES OF YOUTH-Students from high schools in the states are showing their photography work in the theater lobby on campus. The
    show is arranged by Merle Wachter, chairman of the art department.
  • ACHE! ACHE!-Peter Montague is giving off with with some toothy advice in this scene from the "Lesson" by Eugene Ionesco. The student. Peggy Baird Henriksen. is taking it in with great pain.
  • IF YOU'RE IN SEARCH of a book planning to pay library fines, or merely seeking a bibliography for a term pape,. you're likely to be helped by either Berta Ornelas or Donald R. Ryan who are working in the library this summer.
  • LUCKY ACAPULCO WINNER - Joe La Cascia holds in his left hand the winning ticket of the Delta Sigma Pi raffle. From left to right are Dr. Frank Brandenberg, Joan Alper, George Hockley, Joe La Cascia, and Emilia López.

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  • Summer Workshoppers Visit Sites Touch Mexico's Heart

Pies de Foto

  • LIKE PRESIDENT KENNEDY-When he was here, these girls from the summer workshop are being photographed in the open plaza of the Independencia housing complex. Left to right are Marilyn Reiver and J udiruth Perry (both from Vancouver, British Columbia) while Herschel Sessions, Jr., (Adel, Georgia) does the work.
  • THE PALACE OF CORTES-Coyoacan means 'Place of the Coyotes'. and the site of Cortes' palace is in Coyoacan, where summer students visited recently. Here from left to right are: Barbara Simons from Maryland; Nell Wren and Susan Haden from Houston; and Mary Galen Thomas of Kerrville, Texas.
  • INSPECTING A DOLL COLLECTION-A favorite i:astime is enjoyed by many pretty girls, Jan Craig (San Rafael, California) on the left and Margaret Calderon (Lafayette, California) on the right. The dolls were dressed by school children and were on display for President Kennedy when he visited the Independencia housing unit.
  • RUNNING HAPPILY DOWN-On the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun at San Juan Teotihuacan are the workshoppers Dick Bilsburrow (Chicago) and Kathy Riggs (Buffalo, New York.)
  • IN THE TEMPLE OF QUETZALCOATL-Stanqing before the heads of the ancient serpents at San Juan Teotihuacan are from front back, Lee Friberg, Ruth Burke. Suzanne Germain, and Beverly Yeger .
  • INVESTIGATING THE INDIAN MARKET-In San Juan Teotihuacan are. left to right, Donia Harsch (Modesto. California). Asinete Mellis (Modesto), Ken Blain (Spokane, Washington), and Mary Katherine Myers (Pasedena, Texas).
  • AZTEC FIRE DANCE-As guests of the Benito Juarez secondary school, workshoppers see a performance of the Fire Dance put on in the court by the school children.

Página 6

  • Learning Spanish Can Be Embarrassing, Students Relate Their Funny Blunders
  • Samuel Exhibits Scupture, Versatility His Trademark
  • Grad Finds Job Worth-While Challenge

Pies de Foto

  • NAIVETE AND WHIMSY-Add up to beautiful design in this striking concrete sculpture by Rafael Samuel. The hummingbird sipping nectar from the giant blossom might very well be viewed among the flora and fauna of Samuel's adopted land, Trinidad, a tropical paradise which inspires many of his works. Besides cement, one of his favored media is leather.
  • CHECKING UP ON THE COMPETITION-George A. Miller, director of public relations for Colorado College in Colorado Springs, looks through the MCC files of printed publicity to see how the department is operated here.

Página 7

  • Poetry Inspired By Love For America
  • Canniest Canine Cases Classrooms
  • Finn Sails Among 70,0 00 Islands In Homeland
  • New Face in Exhibits ...

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  • DOGGlNG THE BOOK-MMC's Canine student 'dogs' the books for coming finals. A liberal arts major, this canny student cases classrooms daily in his search for knowledge.
  • SKIIERS VIEW NORTHERN LIGHTS-Besides sailing in Finland MCCer Jarl Storgards enjoys skiing. Here with two companions, he watches Finland's Northern Lights.

Página 8

  • Potential Still
  • Clay: Unbloodied, Unbowed
  • Squibbmen Bisect Double-header With Aztecs

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  • NEAR NO HIT-Frank Cox shows one of the fast ones that won him a place in the All-Star Finals beginning in August.
  • NEAR HIT THIS TIME-All-Star Cox gets his licks off slow stuff in recent Squibb win.
  • SCHOLARS REWARDED-Congratulating each other as they relax on the lawn are Dean's list recipients Kathleen Winnett. Anita de Kock, Lilia del Villar and Ruth Denton.
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