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Vol. 15, No 15.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

viernes 24 de agosto, 1962

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  • Thirty-Two Will Receive Degrees
  • MCC Helps Plan Anthro Congress
  • Lindley Sets Future Goal
  • Students Aid Health Study
  • Dr. Stafford Entetains At Luncheon, Frank B. Baird Honored For MCC Grant

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  • TEACHING AN ANTHROPOLOGY CLASS-Dr. Ignacio Bernal, president of the Organizing Committee for the thirty-fifth International Congress of Americanists, is co-chairman of MCC's department of anthropology. Dr. Bernal hopes that the Congress will bring new light to the always present problems in American linguistics, archeology, history, and ethnology.
  • AUGUST GRADUATES - Nearing graduation these members of the group of August graduates are seen on the MCC campus. From left to right are David Lindahl Hopps, Isaura Matilde Cobo-Frade, Karen Oss, Lester Myers, Sidney Harding and Robin Wiseman.
  • BAIRD GRANT RECIPIENTS-At a buffet luncheon. given by Dr. Lorna Lavery Stafford, dean of the graduate school, in honor of Frank B. Baird Jr., MCC faculty members who are recipients of Baird Grants gathered to discuss their plans with the donor of the grants. Left to right are, front row, Charles Wicke, Esperanza Bolivar, Carmen Guzmán, Sra. Esther Sellares, Sra. Maria Solá, Frank B. Baird. Jr., Sra. Carmen Rivas, Sra. Josefina Mariscal, Sra. Maria Elena Alemán, Arturo Souto, Srita. Carmen Arizmendi, Sra. Concepción Angulo. Dra. Martha Cándano. Back row, Saul Reyes, Horacio López Suárez, Otis Brake, Toby Joysmith, Angel Gonzfllez and Henry Steiner. Also a grantee, but not shown, is Ramon Xirau.

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  • Freedom And Responsibility Must Necessarily Co-Exist
  • Importance Of Religion Questioned
  • What Image Do Students Want For MCC?
  • Critic Disappointed By Poetry, Congratulates Editor of Review

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  • Lake Chapala

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  • Townsend Teaches Indians To Read Own Language
  • Prof Given Study Grant
  • Navajos Award Scholarship To MCC Student of Art
  • Former MCCer Aids 'Sister City Project'
  • Faculty Congress Announces Goals

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  • IN THE STYLE OF THE MURALISTS-The paintings above are of a type with which R. C. Gorman is currently experimenting. He hopes to return in the future to study the Mexican muralists, a field to which he is strongly attracted.
  • '2,000 TONGUES TO GO'-Following a recent lecture Dr. Cameron Townsend discusses points of his talk with MCC students Randolph Berry, Jean Henry and Ralph Ayers.
  • 'SISTER CITY PROJECT' CHAIRMAN - Former MCCer Joe Cadena heads an international group of the Chamber of Commerce of Massachusetts. Puebla, Mexico and Worchester, Massachusetts, are the two cities with which Cadena is working.

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  • 1000 Years In Ruins And Still Growing

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  • THE AVENUE begins at the spacious plaza in front of the "Moon" pyramid, now being excavated. The plaza is surrounded by small pyramids. A lime-cement floor in one of the columned rooms at center has scratched on it a game something like tic-tac-toe wiith which a Teotihuacan loafer of over 1000 years ago whiled away a few idle moments.
  • MCC ARCHEOLOGISTS, suspecting that the broad avenue which is the main axis of Teotihuacan's city plan was much longer than the mile or so now exposed, have traced it out well over another mile in their 1957 and 1962 surveys.
  • CONSULTING AIR PHOTOS that guide them in their hunt for the unnoticed extension of the Avenue are John Paddock, co-chairman of the MCC anthropology department, and Bob Dukes and John Carr, graduate anthropology students.
  • SEEN FROM ITS NORTH END-The "Moon" pyramid- the Avenue extends all the way to the foot of the hills at the upper right of the photo. Its often supposed end is in front of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, center, with its 16 small pyramids.
  • REPORTED ALL OVER THE WORLD was the discovery this summer of this palace in ruins. The elaborately carved and painted stone columns show the goddess Obsidian Butterfly as well asbats and other animals.

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  • Drama Workshop Offers Vaeriety
  • European Movement Offers Hope To Spain Movimiento Europeo Y Efectos En España
  • Critic Disappointed With Poetry ...

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  • THE FABLED MINOTAUR-This woodcut in its semi-abstract treatment captures the aggressiveness of the animal and illustrates the influence of materials and technique on any given subject. This is typical of the fine work done by Marcella Slezak, an outstanding student in the Art Center. She is versatile in all media with
    a remarkable drawing facility and great promise of artistic growth.

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  • Joe LaCascia's ''Son '' Has Wandered Far
  • Visiting Anthropologist Says He's Dirt Archeologist
  • Educator Returns To Second Home, MCC And Mexico Still Impress Him

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  • "FATHER" AND "SON" - Joe LaCascia and his "son" Champ have spent many happy hours together visiting interesting places.
  • DIRT ARCHEOLOGIST-Dr. Adan Treganza, California archcheology professor is lecturing at MCC for the summer session.
  • AS BEFORE - Roy Packard studies again in his favorite second home, Mexico, and his college of choice, MCC.

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  • Yankees Growl As Tigers Yap
  • Rotos Rap Rats
  • Soccer Team Ends Successful Season
  • MCC Helps Plan Congress . . .
  • Critic Disappointed....
  • Students Aid Study...

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  • GALLOPING FOR GOAL-Arturo Allen on his way to paydirt against Colonia Narvarte in recent rematch. MCC came from behind with excellent play to even up with their former conquerors, 1-2.
  • "PUCHI" PICKS PINS - Maruja Barreira displays pulchritude and punch plowing on to women's individual bowling honors.

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