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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 16, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 25 de octubre, 1962

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  • Renowned Minister Lectures On Campus
  • College Initiates 1962 Fund Drive
  • Dr. Lindley Addresses First CCFM Meeting
  • Fall Enrollment Up Fifteen Percent
  • Tlacuilo Club Starts Anew
  • Dr. Bernal To Head Museum

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  • FUND CAMPAIGNERS-Dr. Richard Greenleaf discusses plans for the student aspect of the present fund raising drive with MCCers Winston-Morris, student chairman, and Jean Jacques Hane, publicity manager.
  • IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE LECTURE - Dr. Evans talks to enthusiastic students. From left to right are Dr. Louis H. Evans, Dr. D. Ray Lindley, Carol del Valle, Dottie Clevett, and Vicky Lopez.
  • A LONG WAY AHEAD- Members of one of MCC's largest freshman classes begin their walk to ward a destiny devoted to knowledge and improvernent of life.

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  • Student Participation Goal Of Fund Drive
  • Education Involves Body, Mind, SouI
  • Realism Characterizes Work Of Former MCC Student
  • Pacifist Strongly Believes That Bomb Should Pe Banned

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  • PRESENTING MEXICO- DAY OF THE DEAD IN JANITZIO: Nippy air, a harvest moon overhead, ghostly figures flitting aroun in the dusk, chattering voices made unrecognizable by the sheets,which envelope the figures, golden pumpkins sending out the gleam of a candle through the cutouts which turn them into death's heads usher in All Soul's Day back home. Fun, laughter, simulated fright. How different it is in Mexico.

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  • Autographs Unite Feuding Statesmen
  • Graphic Art Exhibit Opens Tomorrow In Saloncito
  • Engineering Program Mexican Students Sends to US
  • Past Editor Studies Anthro
  • Mrs. Parsons Leaves Post
  • Gerzso Starts Choral Group
  • Mural Planned For Cafeteria

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  • UNUSUAL HOBBY-Donald Alducin, collector of famous autographs, shows some of his priceless possessions to an admirer. In his collection are signatures of Kennedy and Lopez Mateos.
  • "THE JAZZ MAN"-The picture above is an aquatint appearing in the current graphics exhibit. The artist is Russel Woody, a '61 graduate of MCC.
  • MURALL INTERESTS STUDENT-Mrs. Gail M. Bendow studies a wall mural on the wall of the Creative Writing Center. She is the past managing editor of New York University's literary magazine and will study anthropology and improve her knowledge of Spanish.

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  • McMichael Plans Program, Country CIubs Cooperate
  • Soccer Team Joins League
  • By George...
  • Bowlers Sharp As Tournament Achieves Form

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  • POWERFUL AZTEC ADVANCE.-Speed and coordination are important, as the MCC offensive brings about an effective break through. The Aztecs will be playing on the Amrican High School Field, Saturdays at 12 noon.
  • MCC'S FEARLESS FUND RAISING PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN - Jean Jacques Hane (the man with the fork) demonstratcs allegorically the pangs of conscience that will overtake the student who doesn't contribute to the fund raising campaign. Jean laughingly says, "There's still a chance for 100% participation since the other student in the picture is no longer enrolled at MCC."

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