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Mexico City Collegian

Vol. 15, No 1.

Km. 16, Carretera México - Toluca; México 10, D. F.

jueves 26 de octubre, 1961

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  • Cine Club Offers Great Film Series
  • Poet's Voice Marks Third Anniversary
  • Kinsella Shows Work At Cultural Institute
  • Student Council Elects New Slate Of Officers

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  • Student council -- New officers of the Student Council discuss the business at hand this quarter.
  • Devoted to the written word -- Members of the "Poet's Voice" plan a program to celebrate the third year of the club's activities.
  • Brown officials feted -- During their recent visit to Mexico, representatives of Brown University, including Dr. John Elmendorf, vice president of Brown and formerly vice president and dean of faculty at MCC, were entertained at a University Club reception.

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  • Parallelisms Reflect Juvenile Delinquency
  • Music For Concentration Not Just Background
  • Gilmore's Thracian And Jimson Weed Called Poem Of Beauty And Originality

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  • The Day of the Dead
  • Tom Gilmore
  • Gene Gerzso

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  • Former Stagehand Recalls Movie Days
  • College Alumni Assist Peace Corps Program
  • Belain Completes UNESCO Grant

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  • On stage -- MCC's Stan Keller recalls his days as stage hand as he looks at the theater announcement on the campus bulletin board. Drunken cowboys and missed cues are part of Keller's experiences.
  • Where the twain finally met -- The East and West met artistically as Fernando Belain, of the MCC Art Center faculty, visited the Orient. Shown (left to right) are the Mexican Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Castro Volle, Mrs. Castro Volle, Mrs. Belain, and Mr. Belain
  • Staying right near home -- Pictured above ore recent graduates of Mexico City's American High School, now attending Mexico City College. Most of them are in the freshman class, representing 25 percent of the total freshman enrollment of 79. Shown (left to right) ore: Sitting: Marujo Barreiro, Priscilla Garibay, Dorothy Clevett, Richalene Groetchen. Standing: Carol Anne del Valle, Eli zabeth Despins, Ricky Garibay, Juan Lopez, Linda Ca lderon Ann Sullivan, Leslie Robbins, Sergio Portal

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  • Bowling Teams Swing Into Action As Pong Dongers, Machos Battle
  • MCC Magician Prefers History To Trick Trade

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  • All smiles -- Glenn Beaudry, left, coptoin o f the Los Machos bowling team, winner of the Summer Quarter Intramural League, accepts the Challengers Trophy from Rudy Monzo.
  • Food for thought -- Stephen Kinsella is in deep contemplation about his exh1b1t1on at the Mexican-North Americon Cultural Institute, where he hos an ambitious one-man show of twenty-five paintings. Viewers con see the exhibit for the next fv:'o weeks. Kinsella plans to graduate from MCC in December
    with o BFA degree.
  • Smoking less but enjoying it more --john z novicki who enrolled this semester for nine months of spanish studies at mcc, could mafe a comfortable living by sawing a woman in half
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