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Vol. 14, No 13.

jueves 10 de agosto, 1961

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Página 1:

  • Arts Forum Presents One-Act Play Today
  • Thirty-Five To Receive Degrees
  • Vivaldi Orchestra to perform August 17
  • August Grads Vote Change
  • Gilmore, Sidney To Direct Dramas
  • Representative Chosen For Canadian Meeting

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Saturday Night—Shown giving pointers for the one-act ploy Helen's Husband is Tom Gilmore ( left). Members of the cost ore ( left to right from Gilmore) Bobby Hopkins, Robert Hubbell, Linda Tempest, and Jim Hodge.
  • Foto 2: Best Orchestra
  • Foto 3: Death In The Morning—Linda Tempest continues breakfast and Thomas Crowford his heated words despite two bodies on the table. The "dead" in Ario de Capo are Luis Muñóz (top) and Robert Hubbell (bottom).
  • Foto 4: Trustees Entertain

Página 2

  • Two U. S. Magazines Show True Mexico
  • MCC Moviegoers Pick Best Of Recent Films
  • Student Involving Discusses Communist Issue China
  • Documentaries Present Fine Art

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Presenting Mexico: San Miguel de Allende, in the State of Guanajuato, is considered to be the birthplace of Mexico's fight for independence. It was here that Don Ignacio Allende y Unzaga was born in 1779, and it was here where this scion.

Página 3

  • First-Timers Head MCC's Dean's List
  • Young Spanish Major Possessed By Love Of Foreign Countries
  • Amazon Adventure Lures Gold Seekers
  • Unique Exhibition Of A rt Displayed
  • 'Twink' Hawley Feels More At Home Abroad

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Intellect And Hard Work— High academic standing placed a number of students on the Dean's List for the first time, including (left to right) John Delany Sevier, Charles Patrick Macaulay, Victoria Verrinder, and Maynard Gus Clayton.
  • Foto 2: Joan Silverlieb
  • Foto 3: How To Make A Daisy—Marian Adams draws a design for two of her pupils at the children's word of the Manicomio General de Mixcooc, a mental institution. Miss Adams and Manuel Hernandez, MCC art students, are sponsoring on exhibition of prints, paintings and drawings mode by manicomio patients. This art will be shown at the Mexican-North American Cultural Institute until September 2.
  • Foto 4: Mixed Cultures—Wide traveler "Twink" Howley models a Burmese costume, a souvenir from Rangoon. This Spanish major has lived in six countries and seems right at home behind a Mexican metate.

Página 4

  • Softhallers Lose 13-12
  • Beauty Queen Mixes Charm With Talent
  • Second Generation Faced With Problem
  • MCCer John Patrick Holds Dual Career As Bull-fighter
  • Close Race Burns Alleys

Pies de foto

  • Foto 1: Olga Singer
  • Foto 2: Horrible Situation—Three second generotion students are discussing the problems of equoling their parents' academic records here on the campus. (Left to right) : Josefinao Garza, Louise Ross, and Ian Halsemo. Helen Grimse, extreme right, is trying to keep up with her daughter who was here last fall and will be back next quarter.
  • Foto 3: Get That Ball—The newly- formed Mexico City College soccer team is seen in qction aganst the lbero-Americano soccer team. The highly successful MCCers, playing on the American High School grounds, captured the game 4-3. To date the MCCers boost of two wins, no losses and one tie.
  • Foto 2: Cape Pass—MCC student John Pat rick Jocobes, originally from Kansas City, Kansas, demostrotes the style which has distinguished him with honors in the traditionally Latin art of bullfighting.
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